Top 5 Tips for Students to Choose Electric Bikes

two students on ebikes
Choosing the right e-bike can be daunting for students juggling budgets and commutes. That's why we've shared five e-bike tips tailored for the student lifestyle.
two students on ebikes
Written by Robb Dorr

Commuting to college on a bike gives you an unforgettable experience due to the ease of maneuvering through traffic and the exercise it provides. If you are used to riding manual bikes, an electric bike will add to your experience and comfort and ensure you turn up for class less sweaty after an extra smooth ride.

The market offers students a wide variety of electric bikes, making it difficult to know the best brand or model to buy. Besides deciding whether you want a road or a mountain electric bike, you also have the option of a hybrid, folding, cruiser, urban e-bike, and more.

How To Decide Which E-Bike Is For You

Choosing between this wide range of e-bike models will depend on where you’ll be riding, the terrain you’ll cover, and how far you live from your college. Below we’ll run through some of the considerations to have in mind and some top tips for choosing your perfect e-bike.

How Often Will You Use The Pedals?

Electric bikes offer a little extra assistance on hills and an extra punch to hit higher speeds with the assistance of a motor. So how often you plan to use the pedal assist, crucial for tackling tougher hills, will decide which e-bike you need.

E-bikes are divided into classes, typically classes 1, 2, and 3, depending on the level of assistance they offer. Class 1 e-bikes are limited to 20mph, and the motor kicks in when the rider pedals. Class 2 e-bikes also have a maximum speed of 20mph but use a throttle that lets you power the bike when you’re not pedaling. Class 3 e-bikes pack a little extra punch with a top speed of 28mph and come with or without a throttle.

What Will You Use The E-Bike For?

In addition to the different classifications, electric bikes are also divided into various categories, such as mountain, hybrid, cargo, road, and folding e-bikes. Some e-bikes are designed to cruise around the city, take short trips to the ships, go hunting, or cruise along the seafront, and have specific designs to suit those requirements.

For example, the benefits of electric mountain bikes include offering greater performance in rough terrains and tricky, hilly treks. So decide if you will be purely commuting to college on your bike or if you plan to go off-road.

Explore The Battery Quality

A vital component of your e-bike is its battery, which affects the distance you can cover on a single charge. Battery strength may not be a huge concern if you live near college and only plan short rides. However, if you live far away and need to cover longer distances or ride more frequently, you’ll need a high-quality battery. An e-bike with a smaller battery will also demand more work from you, making it a key consideration.

Check The Motor Power

The power of your e-bike motor will also affect the range you can cover on each ride. The motor determines the quality of charge your e-bike battery receives, and a stronger motor ensures you can ride longer distances on a single charge. That said, if you buy an e-bike with a motor that’s too big, the bike will be too heavy, making it more challenging to navigate through heavy traffic and difficult to carry around.

Consider The Cost

People can be put off considering an electric bike due to e-bikes being more expensive than regular bikes. Furthermore, the cost of an e-bike will vary based on the brand, model, quality of build and components, classification of the vehicle, and the location of the store you’re buying from. It’s therefore important to take the time to research which e-bike you want to buy and check which types of e-bike align with your budget will also determine because you can only buy an e-bike you can afford. Check how much you want to spend and go for a brand you can afford.

Go Electric On Your College Commute

There are many advantages to buying an electric bike, from doing your bit for the environment by removing the need for a car or motorbike to staying fit and healthy. With an e-bike, you’ll pedal less, move faster, and ride longer distances, reaping the health benefits while enjoying sweat-free rides. When choosing an electric bike, consider your budget, what you’ll be using the bike for, weight, battery life, and motor power.

Ready to join the e-bike revolution for your commute to college? Explore your options in our guide to choosing an electric bike and explore the pitfalls of choosing a cheap electric bike.

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