Aria E-Road Ultegra Di2

Written by Robb Dorr
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60 mi


15 mph


4 hrs


26.6 lbs


Rear Hub


Aria E-Road Ultegra Di2 Review: Takeaway

More of an all-out racing machine (with a small motor and battery) than an e-bike with a big motor and battery, the Aria E-Road Ultegra is ideal for expert road riders.

With its Shimano Ultegra electronic gears and carbon frame, this is a lightweight and quick thoroughbred machine best ridden by those who know what they’re doing.

Weighing in at just 26.6 lbs and with a small, 250W rear hub motor, this bike won’t feel much different from your usual competition bike.

Ideal For...

Training before a big race
Club or group rides
Recovering from injury
Older serious racing riders

E-Bike Overview

Whatever your reasons for wanting an e-bike, the Aria E-Road Ultegra is a very lightweight, fun machine with a small motor and battery for that extra little kick. Weighing in at just 26.6 lbs, it’s a featherweight as e-bikes go. Bianchi has kept the weight down, biasing this more toward those who can cruise at high speeds with leg power alone.

The Ebikemotion rear hub motor and 250 Wh in-tube battery are designed to help you get up those climbs, putting in extra watts when you need them to. The motor cuts out at just 15.5 mph so much of the time you’ll hardly take power from the system except on climbs.

There are e-road-bikes with big batteries and motors out there that might even cost a little less than the $5,800 you’ll have to find for this. They won’t ride anything like a traditional road bike and aren’t for the purpose this has been designed for. This is specifically for serious road racers who want to give 75% of their legs to achieve 100%.

Reasons to Buy

If you want to enjoy spending the weekends riding long distances through most of the year, this E-Road Ultegra Di2 is for you. It’s an ideal racing machine with its lightweight frame and a comfortable riding position that’ll allow you to put in less wattage per mile as you ride.

It’s also a good choice if you live on the top floor of an apartment building and will need to carry your bike up the stairs after every ride. Also, if you’re self-conscious about making the switch to an e-bike, fret not — the Bianchi Aria E-Road Ultegra Di2 looks just like a regular old bike with its in-tube battery and concealed motor.

Things to Consider

Being primarily for experts in training, this e-bike lacks a big motor and battery. This means that if you’re looking for long range and lots of power from the battery, the Aria E-Road Ultegra Di2 probably isn’t the bike for you.

Since they’re made for experts who need top quality components, the Ultegra Di2 electronic gears need charging after every ride so they won’t let you down.


Frame and fork
Ebikemotion 250W rear hub
In-tube, 250 Wh
Pedal drivetrain
Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic gears, 11-42t cassette
Shimano hydraulic discs, 160mm rotors
Alloy rims, 700x28mm Vittorio Rubino Pro road tires

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



You’ll be a powerful rider already if you are looking at this e-bike! From an electrical perspective, it offers a small kick, and the motor cuts out at just 15.5 mph. That might mean you slow down to those speeds just as the climbs get tough. This isn’t a Class 3 e-bike designed to get you to high speeds and keep you there.


Range is a difficult thing to assess on a bike that might only use its motor on starts and climbs, with the rider cruising above its cut-out speed. Bianchi claims it’ll let you have 60 miles, but riders have reported 70+ miles per charge — likely because they have only rarely slowed to 15.5 mph. We have given the range a low score as the battery is small compared to other e-road bikes.


Sat in a semi-aero road racing position, you’ll soon be comfortable riding this bike if you come from a road racing tradition. Lightweight and easy to accelerate, it should feel just like the full carbon traditional bike you’ll have ridden before you move to this. The 700×28 road tires will eat up the miles and offer great comfort as long as they’re kept on the road.


Maintenance-wise, the Shimano Ultegra electronic gear system battery will need charging after every ride. The chain will need replacing every 1,000 miles or so due to stretch, and the brake pads also at a similar distance.

Bianchi offers a five-year warranty on its frames and two years for all other components, subject to fair wear and tear.


Bianchi undoubtedly makes beautiful bicycles, and the Aria E-Road Ultegra is no exception to this. The color scheme is soft yet will turn heads, and the well-proportioned wheels and frame absolutely scream that this is an expert’s road bike.

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Written by Robb Dorr
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