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45 mi


15.5 mph


4 hrs


35 lbs


Front Hub


Brompton Electric P Line Urban Review: Takeaway

One of the smallest, lightest, and most compact folding electric bikes ever built, the Brompton Electric P Line is an eccentric English invention that has taken the world by storm.

Folding down to just 25.3” x 23” x 10.6”, it weighs a featherweight 34.7 lbs. Ideal for multimodal commuting or living in a small space, it’s a high-quality electric bike backed up with a seven-year warranty on its frame and an industry-leading three-year warranty for its electrics.

Ideal for...

Multimodal commuting
Small space living
Utility runs

E-Bike Overview

Made by the world’s leading folding bike company, the Brompton Electric P Line bulldozes into the U.S. market with one of the best folding e-bikes ever made. 

Why do we say this? Both models are extremely lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for multimodal commuting. Though a bit slow by U.S. standards (limited to 15.5 mph) and lacking a throttle, the P Line range is ideal for small space living or commuting with a bus/train as part of the journey. 

Folding down to a very small 25.3” x 23” x 10.6”, the e-bike weighs just 34.7 lbs with the battery. Part of the weight saving is the rear frame being made of titanium — one of the strongest, lightest metals available. 

The main difference between the two models differ is that the more expensive version has trolley-style wheels on the rack. When folded down, you can push/pull the bike using the extended saddle as a handle. This makes it a little heavier, at 35.6 lbs.

The small wheels make the e-bike very nimble and agile, while the punchy front-hub motor gives a great boost when you pedal off. Comfort comes from a suspension system linking the front and rear frame, and this adds to the rideability with both wheels on the ground most of the time.

Reasons to Buy

You may be a commuter who takes the train to the city and needs some wheels for the final mile to your workplace — perhaps in Washington, D.C., or New York. Or, you may be someone living in an apartment with very little space to store an e-bike. Thanks to the compact size when folded, the Brompton Electric P Line is ideal for both of these. It folds in less than 20 seconds, meaning getting it packed up won’t slow you down on a busy day.

Another selling point? It charges in just four hours. You can reduce that to two hours if you splurge on the Brompton SuperFast Charger.

Things to Consider

Two British problems with this e-bike: firstly, the UK limits its e-bike speeds to 15.5 mph, which is 4.5 mph slower than e-bikes in the U.S. Brompton is selling its UK machines here with no allowances for our slightly less stringent speed regulations.

Being pedal assist only, it lacks a throttle, and with many e-bike users largely only riding around using a throttle, this may be off-putting to some.


Front Frame
Rear Frame
250W front hub motor
Smartphone app
Wheels x tires
349 x 35c
4-speed, 11-18t cassette
Caliper, front and rear
Fenders, rack, 4-hour charger
2-hour fast charger

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Compared to most U.S. Class 1 electric bikes, the Electric P Line is quite slow. Limited to 15.5 mph, the 250-watt front-hub motor nevertheless gives a nice little kick when you pedal.

The gear system, four-speed with an 11-18t cassette, is a little limited for riding in cities with big hills like San Francisco.


As ever, a big battery can mean a big weight, as you’re carrying a lot of lithium. Brompton has limited the size of the battery to just 300 Wh with this in mind. Being a folding electric bike that is designed to be carried regularly, this sacrifice is deliberate.

Rather than ride it 30 miles to empty, carry it onto a train and let that take the strain. If you’re a lightweight rider, you might get up to 45 miles on this e-bike — but heavier riders will see less.


Sat in an upright, city bike position you’ll be comfortable in the saddle for many miles of riding. The Electric P Line has a dual frame linked with a suspension system that, while not rivaling an electric mountain bike for comfort over rougher terrain, is certainly a lot more comfortable than e-bikes with rigid frames and forks.

The lightweight saddle features barebones padding, so one way to upgrade the comfort here is to install a new seat.


Brompton offers a seven-year warranty on its frames and forks and an industry-leading three-year warranty on its electric components. If the chain is oiled regularly and the bike is kept clean, there is every reason to believe you will be riding the P Line for many more years than the warranty allows.


Bromptons are as recognizable as a double-decker bus or Mini car. They are as stylish as a Saville Row suit too, and riding one will give you a certain cachet. Though some may call their dinky wheels comical, when they understand the slick engineering behind this folding e-bike, they’ll soon get it!

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