Ghost E-Square Trekking Universal U Review

Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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45 mi


15.5 mph


4.5 hrs


55 lbs




Ghost E-Square Trekking Universal U Review: Takeaway

The E-Square Trekking Universal U is just one model in Ghost’s huge lineup of hybrid trekking bikes, so what makes it stand out from the pack? It’s the ultimate compromise between a sophisticated city bike and a sporty mountain bike. This allows you to enjoy the e-bike for everyday rides, like commuting to and from work, while taking advantage of its mountain-biking qualities for off-road adventures on the weekend.

The men’s version is available in four different sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra-large, to cater to riders of all sizes. It’s this extensive customization that makes Ghost stand out from its counterparts and appeal to riders who are serious about purchasing an e-bike that feels like an extension of their own body.

Ideal for...

Long Biking Trips
Mountain Biking

E-Bike Overview

Within the E-Square range, there are three different categories: Essential, Universal, and Advanced. Essential is for the occasional hobby biker, while Advanced is for demanding bike lovers. The Universal e-bike, however, sits perfectly between these two rider extremes. It’s designed for the active hobby biker who intends to use the e-bike on a daily basis.

The Ghost E-Square Trekking Universal utilizes internal cables and routing to create a streamlined appearance while protecting against the elements. The model also comes equipped with a Yamaha drive unit, as the brand is passionate about only using trusted materials from the most reputable brands.

The use of hydraulic disc brakes is another high-quality feature. They provide a secure and quick grip even in wet weather. Plus, they’re simple to operate and aren’t susceptible to debris or performance loss.

Additional features include front and rear fenders, a rear rack, and front light. Fenders are great additions for preventing mud or water from spraying onto your clothing or other key components while riding. The rear rack is a helpful addition for carrying small loads, while the front light provides enhanced safety at night.

Reasons to Buy

If there’s one thing that makes Ghost stand out from its competitors, it’s the brand’s ability to tailor its products toward just about every individual type of rider. Shorter or taller riders in particular will love the e-bike’s wide range of frame sizes for ultimate comfort.

The E-Square Trekking Universal also utilizes what the brand calls SuperFit Geometry. This ensures optimal posture, total control, and that your legs always pedal in the best possible position — something many other e-bike models can’t guarantee.

Like many of Ghost’s e-bike models, this product is available in both a men’s or women-specific version. With the women’s — or “W” — model, female cyclists find the frame geometry more comfortable, making the mount and dismount easier.

Things to Consider

While the provided 2 Ah Bosch charger provides ample charging for the model’s battery, some competing electric bikes within this price range provide the faster 3 Ah variety.

Additionally, if you’re looking to buy a one-size-fits-all e-bike, this isn’t it. You’ll need to measure yourself and use Ghost’s size guide to ensure you choose the right frame for you.


Blue of gray-blue
Yamaha Drive Unit
Bosch Power Tube 500 Wh
Bosch Charger 2Ah
E-SQUARE Trekking aluminum
Load Capacity
Approximately 265 lbs
WTB Groov-E 2.4
Tektro HD-T275 180 mm Disc
Bosch Purion
Integrated rear and front lights

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The Bosch Performance Cruise mid-drive motor can offer as much as 65 Newton meters of torque, or up to 300% of the effort of the rider (whichever is less). This is ample for most pedal-assist riding and would flatten out all but the biggest hills. Being pedal assist only, this bike might leave you breathing quite hard on journeys through cities like Portland, Oregon.

Topping out at 20 mph before the speed limiter cuts the power, this e-bike is a perfectly decent commuting machine.


With a 500Wh Bosch PowerTube battery, the e-bike will have a realistic range of 45 miles when flipping between power settings for economy. Do remember that rider/cargo weight, wind conditions, and the number of hills can impact the distance you’ll reach per charge. With a maximum payload weight of 265 lbs, you may only get 30 miles on hilly terrain.


In a trekking position, you can do reasonably long distances in comfort on the E-Square Trekking Universal U. Its 80mm travel SR Suntour Trekking forks will take rougher terrain without exhausting your upper body. The amply-sized wheels will roll over bumps with minimal impact on your arms. As a tip, try to get the right size bike for your height, as this’ll impact how comfortable you feel riding it.


If properly maintained, the E-Square Trekking Universal U will last you for many years to come. Mid-drive pedal-assist electric bikes require more maintenance than those with throttles and a rear-hub motor. Too much use of the highest power setting and changing gears a lot in a hilly city may result in chain stretch and natural wear and tear to the cassette/front chainring. This is part of owning what is otherwise a very good electric bike.

The Ghost warranty on the frame is five years, while Bosch guarantees the motor, controller, and battery for two.


With a neat, almost European look to this e-bike, it’s pleasant to look at. The in-tube battery and compact Bosch Performance Cruise motor are subtle additions to the overall appearance of this machine, while the wheels and forks round things off.

We like the included fenders and rack — working additions to this bike that look good while carrying cargo and keeping road dirt from hitting the rider. We also like the color scheme for it — ideal for a utility/commuting bike.

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