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80 mi


15.5 mph


7 hrs


79 lbs


Rear Hub


Himiway Zebra Review: Takeaway

When a brand like Himiway takes one of its popular, existing products (the Cruiser) and makes additional upgrades to it, you know you’re in for a quality e-bike that reaches new heights. With a more powerful motor, longer range, and additional design enhancements (like an integrated battery), the Zebra certainly doesn’t disappoint.

With a price tag of just under $2,000, the Zebra belongs to a more affordable category of fat tire e-bikes. However, it’s still equipped with some helpful features (like an LCD display, rear rack, USB port, and front and rear lighting) to help it compete with more expensive models.

While it’s not exactly designed for moderate or intense off-road use, it’s certainly a powerful, reliable, and safe electric bike for urban biking and commuting. Shorter riders will love the option of a step-thru frame, while taller riders up to 6’4” will still find both frame options comfortable.


Ideal for...

Long biking trips
Urban biking
Light off-road use

E-Bike Overview

The redesigned 6061 aluminum frame can support greater weight and pressure, and the hydraulic disk brakes significantly outperform the mechanical disk brakes on the previous model.

With a load capacity of up to 400 lbs, the Himiway Zebra provides a comfortable ride for larger riders. Plus, with the option of a step-thru frame, the model also caters to smaller-statured riders of 5’1” and above.

The new 48V 20AH Samsung/LG battery technology also doesn’t just provide an excellent range, but it also offers greater stability and safety in comparison with standard 3500mAh cells made of nickel, cobalt, and manganese.

Finally, the 26″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires are cushiony enough to provide great suspension. Like most fat tires, they also provide ample traction on a variety of terrain, which can be particularly helpful when encountering sand, snow, or mud on your commute.

Reasons to Buy

The Himiway Zebra is the updated version of the Himiway Cruiser, so the brand has included some great upgrades to make this a superior product. This includes a heavier-duty frame, as well as an integrated battery for a more streamlined finish and protection from inclement weather.

With a price of $1,999, the Himiway Zebra is one of the more affordable e-bikes on the market. With its wide range of features and included extras, it offers good value for money.

This e-bike provides up to 80 miles of range with pedal assist or 60 miles with electric power only. This is significantly higher than the average e-bike range, which is typically between 25-45 miles.

Himiway also paid attention to the small, but convenient details when designing the Zebra. The inclusion of a rear rack, integrated tail light, headlight, and USB charging port on the LCD display isn’t common across all mid-tier e-bike models, yet they greatly enhance usability.

Things to Consider

Although the Himiway Zebra is marketed as an all-terrain fat tire e-bike, its handling of off-road terrain is limited. Anything heavier than light off-road use proves a little difficult, so we recommend sticking to urban surfaces and bike paths. Riders wanting an e-bike capable of heavier off-road use should consider the brand’s electric mountain bike range, including the Cobra ($2,399) or Cobra Pro ($3,999).

Riders may find the steering profile of this e-bike takes some getting used to, as it can be prone to understeering.


Grey (step over) or white (step-thru)
750W upgraded brushless geared hub motor
48V 20Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery
US standard 3.0 A smart charger
Upgraded 6061 aluminum
Load capacity
400 lbs
26" x 4" Kenda fat tires
Alloy pedal with reflectors
Tektro 180MM hydraulic brakes
LCD display with USB charging
Integrated taillight, 48V LED front light, heavy duty aluminum kickstand, rear rack

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



A 750W geared rear-hub motor delivers quite a lot of power, but this is limited in output by the 26″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires and 79 lbs riderless weight of the bike. Designed to have presence on the road — to be seen — the Himiway Zebra sacrifices available power for the rider to have more confidence.



The battery has a huge 960Wh of energy available, giving you an amazing 60-80 mile range. Obviously, 80 miles would be in ideal conditions on a flat, smooth surface, where 60 miles is on bumpier and hillier terrain. That said, because this bike is heavy and saddled with fat tires that have a lot of friction with the road surface, it can go a far lower distance than a more expensive Cannondale or Giant equivalent with a large battery.


Riders will be sat in a comfortable city-bike position with the back leaning slightly forward, providing a good posture for riding big mileages. The makers say this is suitable for off-road use, but we would disagree, as its heavy weight and geometry won’t make for a good ride on anything bar gravel or paved bike paths. It does come with a Alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment, however, which should offer nice cushioning should you hit a bump in the road.



Himiway has a strong reputation for lower-priced electric bikes, and as such, you can expect the Zebra to give you many thousands of miles of use. It has good quality components that will last with regular servicing and maintenance. Though the KMC chain will require more maintenance than a belt drive, as long as you keep it clean and oiled, there is every reason you should expect a quality e-bike that will serve you for many years.



Though the Himiway Zebra looks the part of a quality trekking electric bike, the look may be a little dated. It looks more like a machine of the last decade as opposed to one of today’s era. This isn’t to say that the Himiway Zebra is ugly — just a little more like a generation of e-trekking-bikes before its time. The muted color scheme is good enough, but if you want a more modern look, there are models out there for a similar price that will be more what you seek.


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Written by Robb Dorr
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