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40 mi


20 mph


3 hrs


33 lbs


Rear Hub


Orbea Vibe Review: Takeaway

Possibly the most beautiful e-bikes ever made for city use, the Orbea Vibe can be customized according to your needs, from color to racks, fenders, battery capacity, and drivetrain. If you want the perfect e-bike for you that screams style like a tornado siren, you won’t do badly in looking up the Orbea Vibe range of e-bikes.

Ideal for...

Getting Around the City with Style
Cafe Hopping

E-Bike Overview

Orbea e-bikes have perfect 10 looks with engineering that rivals almost every other machine in their segments. There isn’t just one Vibe available, but closer to 14 that can be further personalized to your requirements. They all have the same 250W rear hub motor and in-tube battery, but you can even personalize the color scheme and choose between frame types and accessories as part of your individual package.

One of the big engineering challenges of e-bikes today is to make something that balances lightness and power. With Orbea Vibe e-bikes averaging just 33 lbs, you’ll hardly know you’ve got electric support when dashing around a city’s streets.

There are components common to all the Vibe range that contribute to this lightness. All these e-bikes have carbon fixed forks, recognizing that most city riding doesn’t involve off-road sections yet being flexible to absorb the bumps you do encounter. Their tires are tubeless, adding to the ease of maintenance and lower weight.

Reasons to Buy

If you want the most stylish city electric bike in your suburb — or even in the city itself, the Orbea Vibe has got to be top of the list. Lightweight, beautiful, and a very accessible price, this e-bike doesn’t have any American e-bike competitors at this price point.

If you’re looking for a step-through, try the Mid models — these come with a frame that’s easier for shorter riders to mount. The EQ models come with a rear rack attached — great for carrying groceries or other cargo. And finally, the MUD models come with front and rear mudguards to keep your back dry if you hit wet ground.

Things to Consider

Being European e-bikes modified to American regulations, the Orbea Vibe models don’t have a throttle. They also only do 20 mph, which might impact your decision if you want a Class 3 e-bike.

The bias toward lightness comes at a small cost of range and power. The basic Vibe models have a 250 Wh battery that won’t get you marathon distances, but given most city rides are under six miles, that’s not a problem. For another $600 or so, you can get a range extender battery that’ll extend your range by 70%.


Mahle 250W rear hub, 40 Nm
Internal in-tube 250 Wh
Carbon, fixed
Tubeless 700c road wheels
Personalized colors, range extender battery

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The rear hub motor offers up to 40 Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 20 mph. This is a cyclist’s e-bike — those coming off quality traditional bikes will immediately understand the power-to-weight ratio offered. Those coming from more powerful e-bikes may find it a little underpowered, but the agility and lightness will balance this out.


Thanks to the low weight, range is extended proportionally. Thirty miles may well be possible, especially if you choose the $3,799 Vibe H10 EQ version thanks to its wider gear ratios. If you want to add the $600 range extender, then a 50-mile range could be possible if you choose a lower pedal assist setting.

As with all e-bikes, range is impacted by terrain, weather condition, and payload weight. A heavier rider on big hills will get fewer miles than a lighter rider on the flat.


Orbea’s engineers have made rider comfort core to the Vibe design ethos. You’ll be sat in a slightly forward riding position to help you use your bodyweight to maneuver quickly and comfortably. Being extremely light as e-bikes go, the Vibe doesn’t feel heavy under you as you make swift turns.

Lacking a suspension fork for lightness, the Vibe range instead has slightly flexible carbon front fixed forks that’ll soften the impact of bumps on your arms. The 700c wheels are made for sprinting through city streets — not for gravel or mixed use paths.


As is to be expected from one of the world’s leading quality cycling brands, this e-bike will last for thousands of miles of use. All Orbea bike frames come with a lifetime warranty, and quality is core to the proposition of buying from this brand.


Have we said these e-bikes are beautiful enough in this article? The slim downtube that contains the battery is almost too small to appear to contain one. You can choose from an almost endless range of colors, and the cockpit is refined and simple. The proportions and geometry could have almost been designed by a top artist, let alone a cycling engineer.

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