Overview on Canyon E-Bikes

Originally founded as an MTB and gravel bike company, Canyon has recognized the need to change with technology. That’s why, since 2018, it makes some of the best electric bikes on the market. It’s been a long journey since the brand’s inception in 1985 in Roman Arnold’s garage in Koblenz, Germany.

Canyon doesn’t make ridiculously expensive electric bikes like German rivals Riese & Muller, but for one of its top-end machines, you’ll have to find over $5,000. For this, you might get a dual suspension, carbon eMTB that has a basic frame weight (without battery or motor) of just 6 lbs.

As well as making featherweight frames, the company has focused its engineering skills on battery construction. In the case of the carbon Spectral:ON CF8 eMTB, it uses a standard Shimano Steps motor with its own battery so the weight is almost at the same level as the motor. This weight distribution makes for cat-like agility that rivals almost every other enduro e-bike on the market.

Along with its downhill and enduro electric bikes, Canyon specializes in making top-quality gravel e-bikes that are lightweight, blisteringly fast, and designed for near-riding perfection.

At the mass-market end of the spectrum, Canyon also sells a range of e-trekking and e-commuter bikes that are both very comfortable and fun to ride. Though its cheapest lines don’t have the dazzling design of its eMTBs and gravel bikes, you can be assured of the quality and comfort of buying from a premium brand like this.

Our Review of Canyon E-Bikes

This relatively boutique e-bike brand is one of those companies that deserve greater recognition outside of the global cycling community. Those looking for a precision-engineered, beautiful, and fun electric bike in the mid-price band of e-bikes will find legendary German design and outstanding quality. Not all electric bikes are the same, especially when it comes to Canyon e-bikes.

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