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40 mi


28 mph


4 hrs


52.5 lbs




Canyon Precede:ON Review: Takeaway

At the lower-mid-priced end of the e-bike spectrum, Canyon presents an extremely credible electric commuter and all-terrain e-bike. With a top-class pedigree, this is a machine with some excellent qualities and components. 

It is quick with its Bosch Performance Line Sport motor allowing speeds of 28 mph. The motor offers up to 65 Nm of torque, which is plenty for most hills, especially with the great ratios from the 11-51t cassette. 

The e-bike is relatively lightweight for a full-powered e-bike and is comfortable both on the road and off, thanks to its 2.2-inch, grippy tires that will handle gravel or wet road surfaces like a chief. 

Finally, for commuting and utility runs, this is equipped with fenders, a rack, a bell, and a kickstand that make for a quality electric all-terrain bike from end to end. 

Ideal for...

Day touring
Light off-roading
RVing if you have a big enough bike rack
Cafe hopping

Canyon Precede:ON Review

Canyon is known for its cutting-edge eMTBs and road racers that blow the competition away. What about the Precede:ON with the commuter or touring electric bike world? Though nothing as earth-shattering as its range of all-out electric mountain bikes, this has the pedigree that should knock hard at the lower-mid price end of the electric utility bike market.

So, what do you get for around $2,500? A very creditable, off-road capable commuter and touring electric bike with a whole load of great components. It’s a Class 3 speed pedelec that, with its Bosch Performance Line Sport motor, can cruise happily at 28 mph. Per Class 3 regulations, it lacks a throttle, but thanks to the ratio offered by the 11-tooth small cog on the cassette, a fast cruise doesn’t require a silly pedal cadence to manage it.

Staying with the drivetrain, the 11-speed cassette has a giant, 51-tooth cog for those slow grinds uphill. This is amply supported by the maximum torque of 65 Newton meters available from the motor. Though not top of the class in terms of grunt, this is very creditable, and together with the very low gearing, you will handle almost any ascent short of a muddy cliff you try to conquer.

From the outset, we’ve said that this is capable of some off-road forays. The 2.2-inch Schwalbe G-one All Rounder tires are grippy off-road but are only designed at most for dry gravel. That means it would be stretched too far if you tried a muddy track in winter, but during a dry spell, you can follow a deer track into the woods to see the world from a different perspective. Offroading is limited, too, due to the Precede:ON only having a fixed fork. So high speeds and long treks away from the paved roads could be a bit too bumpy. And we mean bumpy.

For commuting and touring, this is a very creditable electric bike. We’ve touched on the transmission that allows for very economical riding and low battery use as you ride. This could mean the 500 Wh battery might allow a sensible 40-50 mile ride if you put the legwork in and don’t use the highest PAS setting too much – even longer if you’re fit.

At 52.5 lbs, the weight is right at the low end of full-powered electric bikes. They could have dropped 5 lbs at the cost of 250 Wh of battery, but that would kill the range and put it in the low-powered e-bike category. They could have gone for carbon instead of aluminum on the frame, but that would add 5,000 greenbacks to the price. With the relatively low weight and excellent power, you’ll find it fun to chuck around curves and, if you’re so-minded, dance through the traffic on a busy road, too, thanks to its agility.

As standard, this comes with a rack, fenders, lights, and a bell. All allow for year-round cycling, and the tires we touched on earlier will grip the road well even in a heavy rainstorm. The rack will take 50 lbs of cargo, which could mean your work gear as well as the night’s dinner as you cycle home via the shops.

As a whole, though not one of Canyon’s extreme engineering feats, the Precede:ON is worthy of the brand name and will be everything you expect from one of the leaders in the eMTB world. That’s not a mild compliment!

Reasons to Buy

In buying a Canyon e-bike, you’re investing in a machine that comes from a stable of world-class competition bike builders. From end to end, though not at a silly price point, this is a high-quality machine. Among other components with a great pedigree, you get:

  • A frame and fork with a 6-year warranty
  • A Bosch mid-drive motor
  • Quality Shimano gears and hydraulic brakes
  • Tubeless-ready tires and wheels
  • Great geometry for comfort
  • Superb and well-tested drivetrain

All put together by the same experts who blow the competition away on their top-end models.

Things to Consider

Having this amazing gear may tempt you to go too far off-road or too fast while out there. Component failure would likely result in a voided warranty as it is designed for light off-road use, not jumps and turns on a downhill or enduro course!


Bosch Performance Line Sport mid-drive
500 Wh in-tube
Bosch Purion
Shimano Deore M5100, 11-speed, 11-51t cassette
Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes
Schwalbe G-One All Rounder, 57mm
Accessories as standard
Rack, fenders, lights, bell, kickstand

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The Bosch Performance Line Sport motor offers up to 65 Nm of torque and a top assisted speed of 28 mph. This is supported by the 11-speed drivetrain that has great ratios thanks to the 11-51t cassette. This facilitates economical riding. Limiting acceleration is the Schwalbe G-One All Rounder tires that are very grippy but will slow acceleration down compared to narrower, more road-oriented tires.


As with the power, the ratios offered by the 11-51t cassette will allow for economical riding as far as the battery is concerned. A realistic range of 50 miles per charge is possible, even with your lunch and repair kit for the ride on the rack. The 51t low gear will keep you riding economically even on big, nasty ascents too.


Sat in a slightly forward, trekking position, you will be able to use your body to shift your weight around for corners. This is a more comfortable position for longer distances. Lacking a suspension fork, this limits the e-bike’s capabilities off-road, but the 2.2-inch Schwalbe tires will make some light off-roading comfortable enough.


Canyon is one of the world’s leading brands of quality e-bikes and traditional bikes. This immediately leads you to expect high standards of manufacture, backed up by a six-year warranty on the frame, fork, fenders, wheels, pedals, and handlebars. All other components are backed with individual manufacturers’ warranties. In addition, should you have a severe crash within three years of purchase, Canyon will offer a new frame and fork for a significantly reduced price.


We love the proportions and looks of the Precede:ON. Together with the champagne color scheme and relatively fat tires, this all comes together as a thoroughly aesthetically pleasing piece of quality engineering that you’ll be proud to ride.

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