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Overview of DŌST E-Bikes

Founded in Canada in 2014 by Sam Atakhanov, DŌST makes high-quality long-range electric bikes for the U.S. market. Just how far can its bikes go? In 2022, a couple rode two DŌST e-bikes over 7,000 miles from Florida to western Canada — the longest recorded journey ever made by e-bike.

DŌST claims that its electric bikes can do up to 120 miles per charge on the dual battery version, which has an in-tube battery with a range extender attached on top. Though 120 miles is rather fanciful, one can expect 70-80 in real-world riding.

DŌST’s two e-bikes — the Drop and the Kope — are available as Class 1, 2, or 3 variants. There are also two versions of each e-bike: the CVT version and the standard chain version.

DŌST is pretty good about giving back to the cycling community. In 2021, it sponsored a campaign called Ride Some Good that raised money for Velo Canada and People for Bikes.

Our Review of DŌST E-Bikes

This boutique Canadian e-bike brand makes very high-quality electric bikes at an affordable price. Unlike some quality brands, you won’t be scratching around for similar money to a decent used car. It’s no wonder that DŌST has won a series of awards for its designs.

One cool part of its designs is how its bikes are created to be durable. Part of the brand’s mission is to reduce waste. If something does go wrong with your e-bike, the brand carries all of its parts in stock so it’s an easy fix. Bikes also arrive assembled, so you don’t have to fuss around building your new ride.

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