DŌST Drop CVT Review

Dost Drop CVT
Written by Richard Shrubb
Expert Reviewer, Contributing Author
Dost Drop CVT
Edited by Kristy Snyder
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100 mi


28 mph


6 hrs


75 lbs




DŌST Drop CVT Review: Takeaway

Sold as a long-range, low-maintenance utility and touring electric bike, the DŌST Drop is exactly what the makers claim. We advise you buy the dual battery setup to allow for big daily mileages and the optional fast charger to keep it on the road doing the miles.

Ideal for...

Touring - Day or Multi-Day
Long Commutes
Utility Where You're Planning Big Mileage
Family Rides
Cafe Hopping
Seniors Returning to Bikes

E-Bike Overview

The low-step version of the DŌST Kope, the Drop is a low-step long-distance e-bike. The single-battery version has a 672 Wh battery, but we suggest upgrading to the dual battery system with 1.34kW of battery. Even with the increased weight that brings the bike up to 75 lbs, this setup can still give you a 100-mile daily cycling range with a lighter rider and flatter terrain.

A 750W Bafang motor offers up to 120 Nm of torque and should still be able to kick like a mule even on a steep hill, even if you’re maxing out the 100 lbs payload on the integrated rack.

The transmission is another interesting element of this electric bike. It’s an Enviolo continuous variable transmission (CVT) system that offers an unlimited set of ratios. At the same time, the carbon belt drive requires almost no maintenance relative to that of a chain drive system. The sealed hub gear system is one of those parts that might outlast the bike with zero maintenance.

As a commuter or long-distance trekking bike, the DŌST Drop has a rack capable of carrying a good load, fenders, and lights for riding in low light and in inclement weather. It can be set up as a Class 3 speed or a Class 2 throttle-supported e-bike according to your needs.

Reasons to Buy

Though not the most efficient electric bike on the market in terms of battery power to range, the DŌST Drop is up there among the longest-range street-legal e-bikes. That’ll allow those who enjoy long rides at weekends or over a holiday to maximize their mileage. For those who might want to commute 40 miles to work at higher speeds, this is also a serious electric bike to consider.

Things to Consider

As a low-step electric bike, the lack of a crossbar should enable you to get your foot easily through the frame. However, in dual battery mode, the second battery may impede easy movement of the foot without a little twisting. Other than that, this is a very easy e-bike to maintain and will do thousands of miles without much looking after.


Frame Type
Low step, 6061 aluminum
Bafang 750W mid-drive, 120 Nm
672 Wh standard. Dual battery upgrade ($599) 1,344 Wh total
LCD e-bike control. LCD gear system control
Power Delivery
Carbon belt drive/ Enviolo CVT sealed rear-hub
Sealed cylinder DŌST suspension fork
27.5 x 2.4” Schwalbe Super Moto road tires
Rack, Fenders, Lights
4A fast charger, alarmed disc lock, bike lock

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Thanks to the Bafang, 750W mid-drive motor, the e-bike will deliver enough power to meet all street legal limits. It can be configured as a Class 2 (20 mph/throttle) or Class 3 (speed pedelec, 28 mph) electric bike with up to 120 Nm of torque — more than enough for most inclines. The Schwalbe Super Moto X road tires offer little rolling resistance, so you may accelerate like a stabbed rat when you pedal hard.


Range is the big selling point of this electric bike. Offering up to 100 miles of real-world cycling distance in the dual battery configuration, this is one of the biggest ranges offered on any road-legal electric bike. The low rolling resistance of the tires and great ratios offered by the sealed rear hub gearbox make this ideal for undulating countryside, too.


Thanks to the adjustable stem, you can ride this electric bike in a fully upright, city bike position. The 27.5” x 2.4” Schwalbe Super Moto tires and Dist front suspension fork will bounce over the bumps in the road and make for great overall comfort, no matter the miles you put into it. There’s also a wide comfy seat to keep your bottom supported during long adventures.


Compared to most electric bikes, there’s very little to go wrong on the DŌST Drop CVT. The chain is replaced with a carbon belt drive, and instead of a cassette, you have a sealed rear-hub gearbox. This means zero maintenance on the bit you’re usually taking most daily care of on a chain-drive bike. The sealed cylinder fork is another element that requires little to no annual servicing.

Our chief criticism of this machine is that if something big goes wrong after the warranty expires, it could be expensive. Cassettes can be changed for a couple of hundred dollars including fitting, but the Enviolo hub gear system will cost far more.


With the range extender battery attached, this e-bike could look dated. However, you may be able to fool onlookers with the single battery, as it’s stored in-tube! Another style criticism: the second battery impedes your foot traveling through the frame when mounting and dismounting. Otherwise, this is a good, well-proportioned, and modern electric bike with a simple black-and-white color scheme.

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