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120 mi


28 mph


5 hrs


65 lbs




DŌST Kope CVT Review: Takeaway

Possibly the best mid-priced long-distance e-bike on the market today, the Dōst Kope CVT has a tried and tested 750W motor, a CVT transmission, and a dual battery option. It can be ordered as a Class 1, 2, or 3 electric bike (throttle fitted on request) to suit your needs.

Ideal for...

Long Distance Commutes
Regular Utility Riding
Long Distance E-Bike Trekking
Family Rides

E-Bike Overview

The Dōst Kope CVT breaks new ground with its Enviolo continuous variable transmission (CVT) gearing and dual battery configuration. Ideal for long-distance trekking, commuting, or replacing the second car, the Dost Kope is the multi-tool of electric bikes.

Let’s take a look at the CVT transmission. A sealed rear hub, allows an infinite amount of ratios to be used for optimal comfort on climbs or descents. This can mean eradicating the creeping pain of false flats or gentle ascents by choosing the perfect ratio. Unlike with derailleur and cassette gears, the CVT lets you change gears while the e-bike is still.

The Dōst Kope also comes with a dual battery option ($699 extra). The 672 Wh in-tube battery is supported by a 500 Wh on-tube battery that — while adding 20 lb to the bike’s weight — almost doubles the range to a claimed 120 miles. In all reality, you could achieve 80 of those miles in typical riding, but that’s still a huge distance for a mass-produced mid-range e-bike.

A 750W mid-drive motor, rack, lights, and fenders round off a very good electric bike that, even with dual battery and extended warranty, will cost just over $5,500.

Reasons to Buy

For those into longer-distance commuting, you could consider a 30-mile one-way commute on a regular basis. In a Class 3 configuration, the Dōst Kope can travel at 28 mph, meaning you’ll get to work in a jiffy.

This is also a very good long-distance trekking electric bike. If you plan to plug it in every night, then there’s no limit as to how far you can go. Fancy a Coast-to-Coast cycle ride? The 3,000 miles wouldn’t be the farthest people have ridden on a Dōst e-bike!

Thanks to lacking a derailleur and chain, this is also a very low-maintenance e-bike — you won’t have to send it to have a new chain or cassette fitted every thousand miles or so.

Things to Consider

Thanks to the complex, if tried and tested components of this machine, there’s a lot that can go wrong that can’t be fixed by an average Joe local bike shop. Dōst offers good warranty terms, and its machines have been ridden long distances, but after the warranty runs out, you could have a fine old time getting it repaired if something big breaks.


Bafang 750W mid-drive
672 Wh as standard, 500 Wh extender ($699)
Full-color Dōst display + CVT display
Power Delivery
PAS — throttle fitted as requested
Enviolo CVT SP Heavy Duty + carbon belt drive
Dost Air fork, lockout, 100mm travel
Dōst hydraulic disc
27.5” x 2.4” Schwalbe Super Moto road tires
Lights, fenders, rear rack
Front rack, fast 4A charger, alarm disc lock, lock

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Thanks to the 750-watt Bafang mid-drive motor, the bike is road legal in most states. It offers 120 Nm of torque that with the CVT transmission will defeat almost any hill or mountain you try on it. Finally, this is available as a Class 3, 28 mph speed pedelec version that’ll allow fast commutes.


With the dual battery, there’s every reason to believe you can get 80 miles of riding out of this per charge. That’s among the best in this price range. You can also use the CVT transmission to minimize battery use and make every electron count on a longer ride.

Even so, range will be affected on a hilly route or carrying a full load on a bike-packing trip.


Sat in a slightly forward, trekking position, you’ll be able to use your body weight to help maneuver this e-bike. Your arms and upper body might get tired from riding longer distances due to this position, but this is par for the course for this style of e-bike.

The easy-to-use shifters on the ergonomic grips keep your hands relaxed, while the DŌST Air Fork with hydraulic lockout has 100mm of travel to smooth out bumps in the road. There’s even a wide saddle to provide extra cushioning for your bottom.


Thanks to the carbon belt drive and sealed CVT rear hub transmission, there’s very little in the way of everyday maintenance you’ll need to do compared to a traditional bike. You’ll need to change the disc brake pads every 700-1,000 miles or so, but unless the electronics go wrong, there’s very little that needs looking at on this e-bike.

Dost offers a two-year manufacturing warranty on its e-bikes.


As a trekking electric bike goes, this is a nice machine to look at. Its modest appearance doesn’t scream that this is a high-powered, long-distance machine, though people may stop to talk to you if you’re loaded up for a bike-packing trip!

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