Overview of Giant E-Bikes

Founded in 1972 in Taiwan, Giant rapidly went on to challenge European and U.S. markets with its high-quality, innovative bikes. Giant was a pioneer in developing carbon fiber and aluminum-framed bicycles, and now, its e-bikes are being used to win top-class competitions.  

Giant now sells electric bikes in nearly every country, making the full range of electric bikes including adventure, enduro, fitness, trail, XC, and trekking models. 

One of the global cycling company’s genuine innovations is the Liv/Giant brand designed from the ground specifically for women’s bodies. This e-bike brand accounts for the female form in geometry and allows for a comfortable ride no matter where you’re going.

As with all other major bike brands, there are different Giant electric bikes to suit every budget from around $2,000 up to the sort of money you’d pay for a good used car.

Our Review of Giant E-Bikes

Giant stands out for its innovation that’s at least as outstanding as the U.S.-based Cannondale brand. For a Taiwanese company to break into the European market shows that Giant’s bikes appeal even to the most refined of tastes.

The company sells the full range of electric bikes, from everyday/utility electric bikes to $14,000 top-end specialist machines. Even its lower-end bikes are reliable, comfortable, and true ambassadors to the Giant brand. You will not find a sub-$1,500 Giant electric bike (that might compete on price with a Pedego, for example), but that is a question of taste and bike choice.

One potential issue to worry about — in 2020-21, Giant made e-bikes with a design flaw that allowed water to ingress into the battery and electrical compartments. This meant that rain or surface water would short the battery out. Luckily, there is a fix for this, and most older bikes that have run into trouble have had that fix done.

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