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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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99 mi


20 mph


4 hrs


55 lbs




Giant Revolt E+ Review: Takeaway

A premium gravel and road electric bike for those who like to blast around in the countryside, the Giant Revolt E+ is unapologetically expensive with top-end specifications.

Everything about this electric gravel bike is about speed and comfort on terrains from roads to harsh gravel paths. If you ever take this to Europe to cobbled roads like those on the Paris-Roubaix “Hell of the North,” this is just the machine for such a ride!

With the powerful, 85Nm SyncDrive motor and decent-sized 500Wh battery, this all comes together as a go-anywhere electric racing bike that will put a foot-wide grin on your face after a blast out on the roads and tracks.


Ideal for...

Gravel racing
Road riding
Day touring
Older riders who want to keep up with their friends
Exploring forest and mountain tracks

E-Bike Overview

Costing around the price of a used car, the Revolt E+ electric gravel bike is not the sort of bike you’d buy to head down to the shops. Instead, this is for more serious riders who want to have lots of fun in the saddle, perhaps keeping up with their friends after injury or as they get a bit older.

Though it lacks shocks on the forks, the D-Fuse handlebars will absorb much of the hammering that would normally turn your arms to jelly. Being rigid-forked also means more power can be transmitted through the bike frame into the wheels. To add to this go-anywhere attitude, the Revolt E+ comes with tubeless tires that are all but puncture-proof.

The in-crossbar RideControl Go control system is deceptively simple. Just one button controls the power output. It doesn’t show loads of parameters to overwhelm you — for those, you can hook up a smartphone or cycle computer via an app.

Reasons to Buy

Ideal for someone who wants a premium end Giant electric gravel bike, the Revolt E+ is a lightweight, fast, and fun machine for gravel and road riding. In ideal conditions, it can get you up to 99 miles in a single charge — much more than some competing brands.

The technology on this bike is just awesome. The D-Fuse handlebars make it lighter while also offering shock absorption. The powerful SyncDrive motor will get you up even the nastiest inclines from a standing start, and the deceptively simple RideControl system makes for a top-class gravel bike.

We also love a host of features on this premium-end road bike, from its streamlined riding position to its tubeless tires that allow for worry-free riding.

Things to Consider

We note that only the Class 3 version of the Revolt E+ is available on the U.S. market, meaning that you need to buy a Class 2 model of this electric bike from Canada. In many U.S. states, Class 3 is not legal, meaning you might not be able to ride it everywhere.

Other than that, for a $5,000+ specialist electric, there isn’t much to fault!


Mid drive Shimano SyncDrive Pro 85Nm
EnergyPak 500Wh
Power control
RideControl Go in-crossbar control system
Maxxis Receptor 700X40c tubeless
Giant Contact XR D-Fuse shock absorbing
Shimano C-M5100-11 11 speed, 11-42t cassette
Shimano Br-RX810, hydraulic, 160mm rotors
Tubeless kit (liquid, valves, levers, manual, tool)

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



As a Class 3 e-bike, the Revolt E+ can reach up to 28 mph. You may feel that the SyncDrive Pro, 85Nm motor isn’t enough for riding in a peloton at speed, but thanks to the 11t small cog on the cassette, you can pedal at a high cadence to go faster.

One of the advantages of having rigid forks is that little of the power you put through the pedals will be lost. However, the handlebars will bounce a bit compared to a thoroughbred road bike.

The Maxxis Receptor 40c tires are narrow but grippy, meaning some power will be lost through rolling resistance — but nothing compared to the wide tires of a trekking bike, for example.


Can you really get 99 miles out of a 500 Wh battery? If you’re at a high level of fitness and never go above Eco mode while riding on a flat, smooth surface, you might. Riding this bike on mountain passes and along forest tracks at speed will more realistically get you 75 miles, but be ready for a hot bath to soothe your legs after.

As indicated above, terrain and substrate will impact range as well as rider/payload weight and weather conditions.


The Revolt E+ rides in a trekking or tucked racing position. Because of this, you could easily do a 100-mile ride and feel as comfortable as on any other gravel or road bike.

Lacking suspension forks to save on weight, the e-bike features back-sweep flared-drop handlebars that will absorb much of the undulations on the road or track surface. With the quite wide 700x40c tires, it’ll grip rough surfaces and roll over any holes/rocks you encounter. And the comfortable D-Fuse seatpost with a Giant Approach saddle flattens bumps.


While the Revolt E+’s frame is guaranteed for the lifetime of the owner, you’ll need to keep an eye on the chain. It should be changed at least every 750 miles, and the cassette may well be ready to be replaced then, too. Jockey wheels could go at the same time as the cassette, so be ready to replace the derailleur every 1,000-1,500 miles.

These maintenance issues are par for the course for eMTBs. They’re higher maintenance than bikes that don’t have speed pedelec motors.


Sitting comfortably between a lightweight racing machine and a trekking bike, the Giant Revolt E+ is a chunky yet serious off-road electric bike. We love its sleek and solid looks that show the potential to kick some butt on a fast descent and bounce over rocks on a hard climb.

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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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