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Robb Dorr
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20 mph


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Giant Vida E+ Low-Step Review: Takeaway

The Giant Vida E+ Low-Step is a no-fuss electric bike that will require little maintenance for many years to come thanks to its internal rear-hub gears. Looking great and packing all the range you need with its 500 Watt-hour battery, this is an ideal electric bike for dashing about town as a car replacement.

Ideal for...

Visiting friends
Family rides

About the Vida E+ Low-Step

Stopping power on the Vida E+ Low-Step comes from Tektro hydraulic brakes with 160 mm rotors that won’t overheat even on long downhill stretches.

Its 250 Watt motor will comfortably get you to 20 mph when you need it to, and with 60 Newton-meters of torque, it’ll also flatten out those hills. Offering five levels of pedal-assist power, the ANT+ controller will make riding a breeze, showing all the parameters you need for everyday riding. The higher you go, the less range you’ll get — but the more power you’ll receive.

Core to the low maintenance philosophy is the internal, seven-speed rear-hub drivetrain. Though you should regularly oil the chain, you won’t need to change it every 500 miles or so as you would with external gears on a derailleur. The battery is also integrated and removable, making it much easier to charge without bringing your entire bike inside.

The relatively fat 26″x2.35″ tires will compensate for not having suspension forks and will give a comfortable ride even on light off-road stretches, perhaps on family bike rides.

Reasons to Buy

If you want an electric bike that will be comfortable to ride and do many, many miles without needing to go into the bike shop for repair, the Vida E+ Low-Step is one to consider.

The 7-speed internal gears will require little maintenance if at all for the life of the bike. Do remember to oil the chain, though, as rusty chains break!

With its Selle Royal Essenza Relax Saddle and comfortable riding position, the Vida E+ is convenient to ride even for a long day visiting all your friends or getting about the city.

We also like the low-step frame. This makes it far easier for shorter riders to mount the bike without needing to be a gymnast. Three different frame sizes can accommodate riders between 4’9″ and 5’10” tall.

Things to Consider

We understand that for aesthetic reasons this e-bike lacks fenders, but on wet roads, this could mean that the rider gets dirty. This may mean that you should only ride it on dry spring or summer days, and perhaps leave it in the garage for the winter months.


Yamaha SyncDrive Life 60Nm torque, 250W motor
500Wh capacity Integrated Panasonic cell, partner with Panasonic, EnergyPak 500
Power delivery
Pedal assist, 5 levels
Selle Royal Essenza Relax A0A7
ALUXX aluminum
Fixed ALUXX aluminium
7-speed internal rear-hub
Tektro MD-275, hydraulic, 160mm front and rear rotors
CST Metropolitan Palm Bay, 26”x2.35”
Optional accessories
Lights, rack

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Limited to 20 mph, you won’t win races on this e-bike — but that’s not what it’s meant for. Thanks to a still-powerful 65 Newton meters of torque, the Bosch motor will offer plenty of help up even the steepest and longest climbs you’ll likely encounter riding this e-bike.

The tires offer a bit of rolling resistance that will in turn impede acceleration. Not being a racing bike, that shouldn’t matter, as you’ll get where you want to go quickly enough.


Should you ride this at full power at the bike’s top speed of 20 mph, you’ll get 40 miles before having to recharge the battery. Most riding isn’t at full speed — on average, you’ll travel around 15 mph. That would offer about 50 miles of riding.

Real-world riding isn’t on purely flat roads, and riders aren’t always a perfect weight. Weight, the route’s terrain, and even wind and cold can impact the range of e-bikes. On a hilly route carrying your books for school, you’ll get a lower distance than dashing about on the flat only carrying a light purse.


With a Selle Royale Essenza Comfort saddle and a classic, upright riding position, the Giant Vida E+ Low-Step is a relaxed and comfortable bike to ride. Lacking a high crossbar, this e-bike is easy for riders who are wearing a skirt or lacking mobility to mount.

There isn’t a suspension fork on the Vida E+ Low Step. That’s because the bike isn’t designed for off-road riding, but thanks to the mountain-bike-sized wheels and high volume, 2.35” road tires, it will handle road and cycle tracks perfectly comfortably.


The internal hub gearbox makes maintenance a breeze with this electric bike. Requiring almost no maintenance in its own right, it also leaves less strain on the chain that doesn’t need to jump between cogs on a cassette. Keep the chain oiled every week, and perhaps get it serviced annually.

Giant offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, wheels, and fork. The battery and motor are covered separately by Bosch, which is again a big company with a great reputation for quality components.


Thanks to its soft feminine color schemes and lightweight looks, the Giant Vida E+ Low Step speaks very much to those inclined to ride it. We like the proportions of it, from the nice-sized wheels to the low crossbar that saves your dignity when you mount and dismount. Add in the optional racks and fenders, and it’ll be almost perfectly suited to your needs in a bike — practical and pretty.

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