Founded in 2015, Rambo has set out to change the way outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen enjoy the wilderness. Its brawny machines can act as a replacement for ATVs and trucks, as they all have fat tires and a minimum 750-watt motor on board.

Unlike some overlanding e-bike brands, Rambo recognizes that women and children want to access the backwoods as well as their menfolk. For many years, it’s made step-through e-bikes for leading lines like the Nomad. And now in 2022, the company released two children’s overlanding e-bikes. This means when heading out into the boondocks, you can take the whole family!

As overlanding specialists, Rambo has a range of e-bikes that suit different wallets, from an entry-level machine of around $1,600 to its top-of-the-range Venom for $8,299. All have fat tires, girder-like frames, and big-ass batteries that can offer a fair amount of range off-road in the sticks.

Our Review of Rambo E-Bikes

One thing that stands out about Rambo is its eye for families. Perhaps recognizing that kids will want to head into the wilderness with their parents, its two children’s e-bikes offer a great introduction to riding far from the road.

We also like that a number of its best-selling lines come as step-through versions, too. Step-through can appeal to women and older men who may lack the mobility to get their legs over the crossbar.

Both of these aspects show that a serious overlanding/hunting/fishing e-bike brand can appeal to all segments of society. Rambo’s slogan is that it will “take you to places you have never been,” and we believe that’s possible with its e-bikes.

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