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30 mi


20 mph


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63 lbs




Rambo Pursuit Review: Takeaway

Almost identical in every way short of the color scheme to the more expensive Rambo Roamer 750 XC, The Pursuit is a workmanlike overlanding electric bike. It has a powerful motor with 120 Nm of grunt and a 672 Wh battery.

Ideal for...

Shorter Overlanding Expeditions
Hunting for Smaller Game (Turkeys/Pheasant)
Family Trail Rides
Cruising the City Streets

E-Bike Overview

The Rambo Electric Bikes Pursuit is almost identical to the $200 more expensive Roamer 750 XC. For $3,299, you get the same wheels, motor, fork, gears, brakes, battery, and display. The chief difference is the color scheme — The Pursuit comes in an orange and black or blue and black scheme, whereas the Roamer is forest camouflage.

So what do you get for just under $3,300? You have 26” x 4” tires with puncture-resistant lining and un-drilled rims for protection from the top. There’s also a 750W, Bafang mid-drive motor that offers up to 120 Nm or torque, ideal for getting those wheels up steep, slippery slopes.

The battery is 672 Wh (48V, 14 Ah), which doesn’t offer great range for an overlander. The electric power assembly has to push a fairly heavy, 63 lb bike along, and it has a payload capacity of just 300 lbs. A big rider and his gun couldn’t get a brace of wild turkeys home, for example.

When it comes to pedal assist, The Pursuit has an eight-speed, 11-34t cassette gear system for riding to maximize range. The thumb throttle can be used for those moments when pedaling is difficult or not required.

Reasons to Buy

Though not suited for hardcore downhill or enduro riding, The Pursuit is a relatively lightweight and fun overlanding e-bike. If you want to do 20 miles in the backwoods, it’ll get you home, though do be aware that on severe terrain, this range could be a lot less.

We also like all of the add-on accessories you can purchase for this e-bike as well. For example, the extra large rear luggage rack could hold all of your camping gear, while the triple accessory bag can store fishing supplies.

Things to Consider

Range is an issue, particularly if you use the thumb throttle in preference to pedal assist. This could halve your range on a ride out into the boondocks. If you’re a true wilderness explorer, you might want to choose an e-bike with more mileage in it.

Without a rack standard, this electric bike requires you to carry your gear on your back as you explore. The add-on rack costs $99.9



The 750W mid-drive motor offers quick acceleration thanks to the 120 Nm of torque it can produce. Off-road, this bike will be able to deal with most gradients.

The pedal gear system won’t help much when it comes to pedal assist on steep gradients. It has a relatively small 34t big rear cog on the cassette.

For cruising the city streets, The Pursuit will do all you need. Do be aware that with the fat tires and relatively high weight of the bike, a lot of the power will be pushing its own weight and dealing with the friction of tires on the road as opposed to pure speed.


Rambo Electric Bikes claims you can get 35 miles out of this e-bike. You would have to be a pretty small-framed person riding on the flat to achieve this. If you’re going into the boonies on this, prepare for a 7.5-mile trip radius with a little battery to spare for eventualities.

Range is affected by terrain, payload/rider weight, whether pedal-assist or throttle is used, and the weather conditions. A heavier rider using throttle only will get far fewer miles than a lighter rider pedaling on the flat.


Sat in a forward-leaning trekking position, you’ll be able to maneuver comfortably using your upper body to get through tricky sections of the backwoods. The GT MRK fork will make your ride easier through your arms and upper body. Finally, the puncture resistant 4” tires will absorb much of the rough terrain.


“Rambo tough” is a tagline used by the makers of this e-bike. With the right maintenance of the chain, gears, and brake pads, it could well do several thousand miles of riding.


The style is reminiscent of the first fat tire electric mountain bikes in the mid-2010s thanks to the on-tube battery. This lets down what is otherwise a beefy sports SUV of an electric bike. If you choose this bike over the near-identical Roamer, you’ll have the choice of an orange or blue color scheme. That’s a little less “tough” than the camo colors of the other e-bike but can still be cool.

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