Overview of SONDORS E-Bikes

SONDORS philosophy is simple: “radical design and total commitment to creating a more sustainable future”. Established in 2015, the premium electric transportation company has now delivered its award-winning SONDORS Electric Bike to a staggering 72 countries worldwide.

SONDORS is named after its founder, Storm Sondors, who has an impressive talent for design and manufacturing. Every SONDORS product combines Storm’s love of fun design with his passion for sustainability — in particular, his desire to inspire the world to convert to zero-emission vehicles.

SONDORS Electric Bikes are developed and constructed from the ground up and aim to be the most thrilling, eye-catching, and inexpensive electric bikes on the market. The brand’s unique manufacturing process involves the meticulous production of premium SONDORS components, along with rigorous product testing.

Our Review of SONDORS E-Bikes

Many passionate cyclists see SONDORS as the go-to brand for fat tire electric bikes — and we agree. Although the brand specializes in fat tire e-bikes capable of traversing snow, sand, mud, and some mountain bike trails, it also offers versatile folding bikes for commuting, lighter-weight cruisers, beginner-friendly step-thrus, and heavier-duty mountain bikes.

The SONDORS e-bike range varies in price from $1,699 to $3,499 for its top-of-the-range signature e-bikes. This places the brand toward the lower-middle range of the market, with value for money that’s hard to beat.

You won’t find any bells or whistles on the brand’s e-bikes. However, that’s what allows SONDORS to produce products that are — in its own words — “affordable, durable, economical, and fun”. And with each SONDORS e-bike coming with a one-year limited warranty, riders can have additional peace of mind with their purchase.

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