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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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60 mi


28 mph



79 lbs


Rear Hub


SONDORS Cruiser Review: Takeaway

The SONDORS Cruiser is part of the brand’s signature e-bike collection. With this in mind, the SONDORS Cruiser certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for those wanting an e-bike for their daily travels — whether that’s commuting to work, cruising around the city streets, or enjoying a ride along the beach.

With a range of 40-60 miles, the ability to reach a top speed of 28 mph, and 750 watts of continuous power, however, this e-bike is anything but boring. It’ll smoothly, yet swiftly, get you to where you want to go. Plus, additional features like integrated LED lighting, a color LCD display, and premium ergonomic handlebars and seat ensure it’s your most comfortable journey yet — making it worth every dollar.

Ideal for...

Comfort riding
Long biking trips
Beach Cruising
Urban biking

E-Bike Overview

One of the most notable features in the SONDORS Cruiser is its inclusion of a 48-volt, 21-amp-hour, Lithium-ion battery. This is the largest battery SONDORS offers in its e-bikes, providing riders with a longer range than the brand has offered in the past.

The e-bike’s custom-forged and machined aluminum frame also allows this humble cruiser to have a larger load capacity (300 lbs) than most within its category. A strong and sturdy frame also indicates a smoother, more comfortable ride — especially when teamed with features such as an integrated custom fork and intelligent torque-limiting gear sensor.

The Cruiser’s step-thru frame is also convenient for shorter riders, as it makes mounting and dismounting the e-bike easier.

Reasons to Buy

One advantage of this electric bike is its powerful mid-drive motor with thumb throttle. The vast majority of mid-drives don’t include a throttle, so this is a notable feature. The motor’s climbing capabilities will particularly come in handy if you’re traveling around a hilly city such as San Francisco, Seattle, or Portland.

SONDORS has always prided itself on including as many safety features in its products as possible, and the Cruiser is no exception. The integrated LED headlight, brake-activated taillight, and reflective striping on the side of the tires all provide excellent visibility, while the high-quality Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and torque-limiting feature increase your safety at higher speeds.

Finally, it’s hard to go past the aesthetics of the SONDORS Cruiser compared to other models within its category and price range. SONDORS might not be the most affordable e-bike brand for all, but its stylish and modern designs are a cut above the rest.

Things to Consider

Weighing in at around 79 lbs, the Cruiser isn’t the lightest e-bike on the market. While superior features such as a large battery and custom-forged and machined aluminum frame make this understandable, it’s something to keep in mind for those who have a smaller stature or will need to take their e-bike up stairs.

The Cruiser is designed for urban biking and commuting, yet it lacks a front rack and fenders — both of which can be helpful in these scenarios.


Matte black or platinum
SONDORS Mid-drive system, 750 Watts continuous power, 1152 Watts peak
New, 48 Volt, 21 Amp Hour, Lithium-ion battery with genuine LG 3500 cells
3A Smart Charger included
Integrated 25 Am
Custom forged and machined aluminum, with integrated custom fork
Load capacity
300 lbs
Vee Rubber 27.5 x 3.0"
Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
Color LCD display with daylight visibility and includes USB port
Integrated LED headlight and tail light

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Sondors has installed a 750W mid-drive motor on this model. It’ll accelerate quickly on pedal assist mode and throttle mode (where permitted) thanks to the wide, road tires with low rolling resistance. Unlike many other electric bikes, it’ll handle even steeper hills without slowing down, though this will make high demands on the battery. 

If there’s one complaint to be made about the power, it’s that the motor will not cut out until 28 mph. Your legs will be spinning hard on the pedals at that speed, and in many ways, this is a waste of energy. 


Few rival e-bikes have such a large battery because of weight concerns. Unfortunately, you can see why on the Sondors Cruiser — the bike weighs just under 80 lbs! This immediately impacts the potential range. Another thing that limits range is the energy-thirsty throttle. 

A final issue affecting overall range is that the motor will not cut out until 28 mph. That’s the sort of speed most riders will hit on downhill stretches with their brakes off. If it cut out at 20 mph, there is every reason to believe that the bike would achieve better distances.


Your upper body won’t get tired when going for a ride on the Sondors Cruiser with the comfortable upright city bike position. Thanks to having rigid forks, the e-bike doesn’t offer great protection for your arms, which take a bit of a pounding on rougher surfaces. 

Where it comes to sizing, Sondors has taken a one-size-fits-all approach to the Cruiser. This could mean that the taller rider with a 36” inseam will be hunched over the handlebars. Ideally, you’d be between 5’8” to 6’0” to ride this machine very comfortably.  


Unlike many other e-bike manufacturers, Sondors only offers a one-year warranty on its e-bikes and components. This means that if the frame fails 366 days after purchase, you won’t be covered. 

Many of the components such as the battery and motor are made in-house by Sondors, unlike many other companies that rely on Yamaha, Bosch, and Fazua to make their motors. Until we have seen how long these machines last in the wild, we can’t say how durable Sondors bikes are — especially since its own warranty doesn’t show much faith in its bikes.   


This is undoubtedly an electric bike that stands out from the crowd. With its crossbar-less frame and stand-out color schemes with white sidewall tires, the Cruiser helps others notice you while riding out and about. Does funky mean beautiful? If you’re the sort to dye your hair wild colors and wear colorful, whacky clothing, then this may well be the electric bike for you. If, however, you prefer to blend into the background, then maybe this isn’t the right machine.

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Written by Robb Dorr
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