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SONDORS LX Review: Takeaway

A great attempt at a low-step overlanding e-bike, the Sondors LX has all the gear you need for off-road adventures (short of a rack to carry your gear).

Fun to ride and with a very powerful motor, this e-bike will widen the horizons for older riders and those with mobility issues. It’s very comfortable for riding around the city and will flatten hills like a boss.

Ideal for...

Overlanding for those with mobility issues
Fishing Camping — day rides
Getting about town with the odd excursion off road
Family rides with the grandchildren

E-Bike Overview

With a 1-kilowatt battery and 750-watt motor, the Sondors LX is an e-bike version of a big SUV. As with many SUVs on the road today, this is an (almost) go-anywhere electric bike thanks to its components. 

Able to do up to 28 mph with its powerful Bafang mid-drive motor, the LX has a very natural feel. This is supported by the large in-tube battery that keeps the weight low and adds to the sensation of riding a traditional bike. 

Unlike many electric bikes of this class, the Sondors LX is a low-step machine. This allows those with less mobility to ride it — perhaps heading into the backwoods for a bit of fishing away from where you may have only been able to reach on foot. You can also use the throttle to do the driving instead of pedaling if you’re too tired or feeling less energetic — though remember that it will use a lot more battery than when pedaling. 

For overlanding, it has an air-sprung fork and a suspension seatpost for maximum comfort. When in the urban jungle, the LX has integrated brake lights that will allow drivers to have an idea of your intentions as soon as you touch the brake levers.

Reasons to Buy

Though not built for blasting around the trails, the Sondors LX is a very capable off-road electric bike. As such, particularly for those who have difficulty flexing their leg over a crossbar, the Sondors LX will open up the backwoods to many who may have struggled previously. 

The realistic range of 30 miles is adequate for most e-bike use, both in city cycling and overlanding. Overall, it’s a true sport utility e-bike!

Things to Consider

Sondors doesn’t offer a rack as an accessory option and looking at the LX, it doesn’t appear to be very easy to retrofit one. That’s like an SUV without a trunk! That would mean that you would have to carry your gear on your back, and this can be uncomfortable after a few miles, particularly if you’re carrying fishing gear and your catch. 

Nevertheless, this is a very good attempt at a low-step sports utility e-bike.


750W Bafang mid drive
1,008 Wh in-tube
26 x 4.9” very fat tires
Air sprung
Suspension seatpost
Tektro hydraulic disc
7-speed, 12-34t cassette
Brake lights, 3A charger

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 750-watt mid-drive motor offers as much power as you need for the sort of riding you can do on this e-bike. It will handle tough inclines and accelerate well to its top speed of 28 mph.

The tires offer quite a bit of rolling resistance, so you won’t scream to top speed on road, but they’ll deliver a lot of grip on even thick mud and plowed fields.


The bike as a whole is big and heavy, which means the huge, 1.008 kWh battery won’t get you huge distances. The tires will use energy to make a hum on the road, with energy going into sound instead of forward motion.

Given that most rides in the U.S. are in the region of five miles, the 30-mile range is ample. Remember that using throttle, harder terrain, and higher rider weight can impact how far the e-bike will take you.


Three elements combine to make the Sondors LX a very comfortable ride. The very fat, 4.9” tires make for a feeling of floating over rough ground. It also has a suspension seatpost that, while not as comfortable as a dual-suspension bike, is going to help on rough ground. Finally, the air suspension front fork at the front will take pressure off your arms.

You will be sat in a forward-leaning, trekking position, but that’s great for shifting your weight on off-road tracks.


Built like a tank, there is every reason to believe that the SONDORS LX will handle almost anything you throw at it short of trail riding. Every thousand miles or so, you’ll need to replace the brake pads and possibly the chain and cassette. Keep it in good condition, and it will last many years.

SONDORS offers a one-year limited warranty to the original owner, excluding fair wear and tear.


Breaking new ground as a low-step sports utility e-bike, the SONDORS LX has great lines. With its very fat tires, it looks like it will handle almost anything you try on it, too. Coming in the choice of three color schemes — Carbon (gray), Arctic (white), or Aventador (blue) — it’s great to look at.

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Written by Richard Shrubb
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