In 2013, Woom spotted a gap in the market — the lack of kid’s bikes designed with the needs and proportions of children in mind. With nearly every component redesigned and engineered to meet the needs of our offspring, Woom has taken the children’s bike world by storm. Woom even has its own specific sizing guide for children, allowing kids to have the perfect bike for their age and size.

Recognizing that kids can benefit from an extra push on longer bike rides with their families, Woom launched the Woom Up electric mountain bike. Though admittedly more expensive (in the upper $3,000s) than its other non-electric models, it’s a pretty mid-tier price compared to other e-bike brands.

Our Review of Woom E-Bikes

Woom uses the Fazua motor and battery system in its e-bikes. This motor was originally designed to help injured riders get back into mountain biking, so it has the lowest friction of all e-bike motors on the market. This lightweight system can also be removed very easily when the rider just wants to have a blast on a regular mountain bike.

Another thing we like is that the Woom Up power systems are limited to just 12 mph. This vastly reduces the risk of injury on the road should an unsteady rider put too much energy into their e-bike fun. That said, as with all electric cycling, the bike can go much faster (downhill for instance), and this is controlled by Woom’s specially made disc brakes.  

Excepting the $3,000+ price tag on these electric bikes, we love the design and engineering that has gone into Woom Up range of e-bikes. These are great e-bikes for introducing a kid to the adventure and fun of exploring off-road routes by bike.

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