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Robb Dorr
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20 mi


12 mph


3 hrs


37.3 lbs




Woom UP 6 Review: Takeaway

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Do you like serious cross-country mountain bike riding? Are you ready to take your offspring out in the hills? The Woom Up 6 is the machine for you. Not an expensive electric bike, this is a machine that will blow open a kid’s horizons.

For you, you’ll be able to get some miles in with your fast-growing little one. For them, it means they can learn why getting up in the mountains and countryside is so compelling for you — and hopefully get the buzz you had learning on analog bikes way back when.

Ideal for...

Introducing your offspring to mountain biking
Teaching them about fine-tuning an eMTB
Family rides in the mountains
Hanging out with friends

About the UP 6

Woom specializes in making kid’s bikes from the ground up. Most of the components are built with a smaller geometry in mind, including the Woom UP 6. The saddle is made to accommodate the anatomy of smaller bodies, and the handlebars are invertible if your kid goes through a growth spurt. And if your kid ever has to drag their bike upstairs or into the car, the relatively light weight of 37.3 lbs makes that easy.

Another selling point is the Fazua Evation motor and battery. It’s designed to offer the least friction of any e-bike motor. It’s also removable with a few clicks and no tools to allow the eMTB to become a pure MTB.

Designed to be ridden with other mountain bike enthusiasts, the Woom UP 6 can be fine-tuned for the rider and for different terrains. The fork, for example, can be tuned to the rider’s weight and the terrain of the day. You can also use the lock-out function for both flat roads or climbs.

Reasons to Buy

Offering around 20 miles of range (less on big terrain), the Woom UP 6 allows kids to build their stamina and start getting the taste of spending time in the countryside. It’s perfect for little ones between 10 to 14 years old and 55″ to 65″ tall. And even though it’s a kids’ bike, it still comes with standard 26″ tires so they can handle all the same obstacles as you.

This e-bike is also limited to 12 mph — a great child-friendly aspect. You can rest assured that your child won’t zoom away too quickly when using the three levels of pedal assist. Do be aware that downhill, only their nerves will dictate their maximum speed! Just in case they ever do need to bail quickly, the curved top tube makes it easy.

Things to Consider

This machine would be under-used by a kid who doesn’t understand the finer points of electric mountain bikes with a parent who has no knowledge or experience in the same. If both you and your child lack knowledge of eMTBs and how to use them, there are cheaper bikes out there that would be better to start with.


Fazua Evation 250W mid-drive - removable with battery
250 Wh
LCD, frame-mounted
6061 aluminum
Pedal assist
Three levels
26” x 2.35” Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires
SRAM NX 11 speed with 11-42 tooth cassette.
Gear trigger
SRAM NX trigger shifter
Promax hydraulic gears with 160mm front rotor and 140mm rear
Hydraulic air suspension with 90mm travel
160 lbs

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 250W Fazua Evation system has been engineered into the Woom UP 6. Producing far less resistance to the pedal when the motor is off than Bosch or Yamaha’s e-bike motors, it can be ridden both analog and as an e-bike without unnecessary drag on the rider’s legs.

Limited to 12 mph, this will allow your offspring to have fun on climbs yet be safe should they be allowed out on the streets with it.


Little legs would soon be in trouble on a planned 30-mile e-bike trek in the wilderness. A paper calculation shows you’ll have a 12-mile range on full power. As your little one comes to understand that they don’t need to go 100% all of the time, they’ll learn to adjust power settings according to the terrain. This will soon bring about the 20-mile suggested range made by Woom — perfect for that day-long trek.

Terrain, rider weight, and weather conditions can impact range. On a mountain trek to the top and back carrying gear like a repair kit and water, you may only get 10 miles. That’s well within the stamina of a kid whose parents are into eMTB!


We give a rare 5 for this e-bike’s comfort because it’s ergonomically designed around the kids who use it. Short of a top-end machine made to measure around the buyer’s anatomy, you’ll find few bikes so carefully thought out in regard to sizing and comfort.

The frame, crossbar height, and wheel size are carefully considered so shorter riders can mount and dismount with ease. Riders sit in a trekking riding position so they can shift their body weight around for curves and climbs. Even the saddle is made for smaller behinds!

Other details like brake levers and trigger switches are designed to suit smaller hands, too. From end to end, Woom has made the perfect-fit bike for a 10-14-year-old.


Being a mid-drive system, the chain will stretch to the point it needs replacing every 700 miles or so. Brake pads will need changing at a similar time (more often if they encounter rain/wet conditions regularly). The cassette may go between 500-1,000 miles depending on how your child changes gear.


For a 10-14-year-old boy or girl, this is cycling perfection. Could there be a red or more girly color option? It’s not just young boys who like to carve up mountains! As such, the blue color scheme is a little gender-biased, but that isn’t a killer as this otherwise small but perfectly formed eMTB is concerned.

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