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20 mi


12 mph


1.5 hrs


35.6 lbs




Woom UP 5 Review: Takeaway

If your kid wants to come with you on rides out in the sticks, or you’re watching them blossom as a mountain bike rider, the Woom UP 5 could be a necessary upgrade.

With the Evation electric motor and battery system, it feels like you’re not riding an electric mountain bike at all, even if the motor is switched off. And when they don’t want the motor/battery unit, this comes out with a quick click — impossible with any other electric bike power system — and they can ride it as an analog MTB.

The high specs and price on this would make most parents sweat a bit if their child was allowed to commute to school on it as Woom suggests. That said, for getting into competitive mountain bike riding or enjoying a big ride, this is an excellent machine as a step up from a child’s bike.

Ideal for...

Getting your kids into mountain biking
Family rides if you’re a serious mountain bike rider yourself

E-Bike Overview

We love the Fazua drive system on this electric mountain bike. Originally developed for pro and competitive amateur riders who were returning from injury, this is a low-range, lightweight, and almost friction-free electric drive system. It means that should your child want to accelerate beyond the limited 12 mph (uphill or down), they won’t feel like they’re pedaling through molasses. 

The other components on this machine will put a smile on most knowledgeable kids’ faces, too. The high-quality analog drivetrain with an 11-42 tooth cassette enables them to blast uphill and get exactly the right ratios, even without the motor helping them. 

Speed control is important when mountain biking, too. High-quality Promax hydraulic disc brakes with a larger rotor on the front and a smaller one on the rear prevent overheating and fade from use on the trail so you can slow quickly in all conditions.

As a mountain bike that would please even the most discerning of 7-11-year-olds, you won’t get much better than this.

Reasons to Buy

Most kids will have the energy to handle big hills and embarrass their parents on shorter rides. This is why we love the Fazua drive system for this particular machine — it will help them later in the day when they are getting tired and cranky.

The other components are as high quality as you’re going to get for an older child’s electric mountain bike before their legs get long enough for adults’ bikes. Everything’s customized for smaller bodies, from the ergonomic brake levers to the non-toxic saddle.

For the precocious competition mountain biker, the control system can connect to a smartphone or tablet app so they can analyze their riding after a day on the hill.

Things to Consider

Woom suggests that this is a machine you could let your child commute to school on. Unless you can find almost $3,600 without a worry, the risk of having it stolen as they head to school or while left unlocked at the school itself is too great. As such, this idea of the electric mountain bike as a commuter bike is a little far-fetched.

There’s also a 160-pound weight limit — so if your kid has a massive growth spurt, they may suddenly be too heavy to safely ride.


Removable, Fazua Evation
Removable, Fazua, 250Wh
Suntour NX 11 speed
24” x 2.35 Schwalbe Rocket Ron
Promax hydraulic disc brakes on 160mm front and 140mm rear rotors

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Though less powerful than adult electric mountain bikes, the Woom UP 5 still works when teaching your little one to conserve energy over a longer ride. The 250-watt motor is designed to cut out at 12 mph, so they won’t go too quickly in traffic. The bike weighs just 35.6 pounds, so it isn’t dragged down too much. As with all elements of this electric bike, less is more.


We drop a half point for the distance, as on rides with their parents, a child may want to have a little more range available. Range will be impacted by rider size, terrain, and how much power is used by the rider on the rider. Essentially, an older child using a higher power setting on a mountainous route will use a lot more power than a younger child using lower power settings on a flatter route. If they come back after 15 miles saying they’ve only used 75% of the battery, they’ll soon see the benefit of economical riding.


This electric bike is built from the ground up specifically around the frame and ergonomics of a 7-year-old and is designed to grow with them. Even the brake handles and gear trigger are designed for small hands! As such, you won’t get a more comfortable electric mountain bike for a child of this age range.

The posture of the rider is in a trekking position — ideal for mountain biking. Their arms might get a bit tired when street cycling, but that’s acceptable for riding on the mountainside where they’ll have to shift position uphill and down and maintain balance using all of their body. There’s also a hydraulic air suspension fork with 90mm travel for a smoother ride.


Part of learning to ride a serious mountain bike is learning about maintenance. The Woom UP 5 is an ideal machine to start teaching them pre-ride and post-ride maintenance, from oiling the chain to handling issues like punctures and so forth. The quality components, including the Fazua drive unit and battery, Shimano gears, brakes, forks, and handlebar controls will allow the bike to maintain good resale value.


Designed from the ground up as a quality electric mountain bike for kids, the Woom Up 5 has great proportions that go with its compact overall size. It looks like an adult’s eMTB in miniature thanks to its specially developed components. As such, this achieves high marks for being a small but perfectly formed electric mountain bike.

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