Why You Should Buy A Folding Electric Bike

Looking for an e-bike but don't have a lot of room to store it? Enter the folding electric bike. Here's how these space-conscious e-bikes might be the perfect fit for you.
Written by Rob Latham
Contributing Author
robb dorr
Edited by Robb Dorr

Folding bikes are gaining popularity as people realize their flexible and practical benefits. But folding electric bikes offer plenty more in addition to being easily transportable and making it simple to navigate busy city streets. A folding bike is ideal for people who need more space at home or in their office or want to be able to cycle everywhere they go. Need more convincing? Don’t fret. Below, we’ll discuss some reasons to consider purchasing a folding electric bike.

Reasons to Consider a Folding Electric Bike

Folding e-bikes offer many advantages for people needing a convenient bicycle that fits their busy lifestyle. Reasons for purchasing a folding electric bike include:

Easy to transport

The number one reason to own a folding electric bike may be its outstanding practicality. The bike can be folded up and transported in a car, on a bus or train, or even on a boat or plane.

Folding electric bikes are also lightweight, often weighing between 20 and 30 pounds. It’s simple to fold the bike and carry it around without worrying about straining your back while carrying it upstairs or through town. Even better, many folding e-bikes can simply be rolled along by your side rather than having to be lifted.

This practicality means you can take a folding electric bike wherever you go. So folding e-bikes are ideal for commuting to work, taking a business trip, or bringing along on your next vacation or weekend adventure.

The XP Lite 3 folds down to a very compact size. Credit: Lectric Bikes

Simple storage options

Another major plus in folding e-bikes’ favor is that they take up much less space than traditional bikes. It can be a real fad trying to store your bike, as its clunky handlebars, wheels, and pedals take up a significant amount of space.

But folding e-bikes change all that, as they can be stored away in a closet, by the coat stand, under your desk, or even under your bed. The compact nature of folding e-bikes is ideal for anyone with limited space, enabling you to make cycling a vital part of your day regardless of storage options.

Hidden cost-savings

The flexibility and simple transportation of folding e-bikes make it possible to cycle everywhere you go. A hidden benefit of this is significant cost savings. For example, many commuters will drive to their nearest train station and jump on a train into the city, which typically means they have to pay expensive parking fees and fuel costs. However, a folding e-bike allows you to leave the car at home by cycling to the train station. From there, you can easily take your bike on the train and then cycle into the office on the other end.

Peace of mind

Another critical benefit of a folding electric bike is the ability to keep it with you at all times. Many cyclists’ biggest concern is letting their bike out of sight when they leave it in a parking bay, locked up outside at night, or chained to a rack. But with a folding bike, there’s no need to leave it in an insecure location. Instead, you can take it anywhere, from a cafe to inside your home or office.

Top-quality builds

It could be easy to assume when looking at a folding electric bike that its design skips on the quality. However, this is now a long way from the truth. Leading manufacturers like Brompton, Dahon, Kespor, Montague, Polygon, and others have developed folding bikes that boast top-of-the-range quality, including vehicles made from aluminum, chrome, and titanium.

Rapid acceleration

Furthermore, you might assume that folding bikes are slower than other electric bikes. But that’s also not necessarily true.

The design of folding e-bikes makes them quick over a short distance, as the small wheels give you a rapid burst of acceleration off the line. That said, the upright position of the rider, small tires, and wide gear ranges mean they’re not ideal for hitting top speeds.

Environmentally friendly

Folding electric bikes epitomize the environmental benefits of e-bikes. Taking your folding e-bike on the morning commute, grocery shopping, or trip to the gym helps you cut down your car or motorbike usage, which helps to save greenhouse emissions. As more people use e-bikes, it will reduce the congestion and noise pollution effects of combustible engine vehicles, helping to make roads safer for all users.
The practical nature and ease of use of folding e-bikes make it possible to swap a car or motorbike for an e-bike more regularly.

Electric bikes for everyone

Some e-bikes, including bigger mountain bikes or road bikes, come with height restrictions that limit their usage by people of smaller or larger stature. But folding e-bikes offer fittings for riders of all sizes and ages, along with designs featuring adjustable steams and seat posts, which makes cycling an option for everyone.

Health and fitness benefits

Riding a folding e-bike can have significant effects on your health and fitness. People with busy lifestyles and work schedules may struggle to find the time to get out for a bike ride or go to the gym. But taking the e-bike to work and back, instead of driving or taking the bus or train, gives you a couple of daily workouts. This can help you become more active, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and feel better about yourself.

Improve Your Life With A Folding e-Bike

Folding electric bikes are practical, easily transportable, and open up new cycling adventures for people of all ages. As cities are increasingly blighted by noise and pollution levels, more and more people are looking to e-bikes to escape the traffic chaos. And even better, folding e-bikes are an excellent option for all commuters.

Easily ride to work or fold your bike to take on the bus or train with you. Stowing away your bike is no longer a worry or burden to your day. A folding e-bike could be a great option to revolutionize your daily commute and improve your lifestyle.

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