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Robb Dorr
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40 mi


20 mph


4 hrs


46 lbs


Rear Hub


Lectric XP Lite Review: Takeaway

A lightweight, foldable electric bike that is fun to ride, the Lectric XP Lite could be just the thing for a runabout while on vacation. Though it’s Lectric’s base model, it still has great range (up to 40 miles on the lowest pedal assist level). And thanks to its geometry and smaller tires, it can turn on a dime, meaning you can zip around tight corners of the trail.


Ideal for...

Commuting where you use the bus or train as part of the journey
Use while camping or RVing
Keeping in an apartment or smaller living space
Riding through cities with slow traffic

E-Bike Overview

With its funky looks and great riding geometry, the Lectric XP Lite is among the best affordable foldable e-bikes on the market. Its 300-watt electric motor can get you up to 20 mph on the throttle (and faster downhill if pedaling!).

Though the lighter 48-volt battery provides less range than Lectric’s other models, you can still cover a big distance in a day’s riding when pedaling. And recharging the battery without removing it is easy thanks to the external charging port.

Reasons to Buy

The thinner profile tires allow you to wheel through traffic and around other street obstacles with ease. Being able to turn on a dime makes the bike ideal for city riding when you have to navigate sudden pedestrians in your path.

Another thing we like about this machine is its weight. At just 46 pounds, this e-bike could be used as part of a multi-modal commute between buses, trains, and cabs without putting too much strain on your arms. If you live or work in an office block, you might even feel comfortable taking it off the street away from potential bike thieves.

The XP Lite’s integrated lights and disc brakes are great for safety in bad weather and after dark. The disc brakes on 160mm rotors will slow you down safely in heavy rain, while the lights will enable others to see you when the skies aren’t sunny.

Things to Consider

Unlike many of the other models in the Lectric range, the XP Lite lacks a pannier rack. This could be problematic for someone who’s after a utility electric bike that can carry shopping or other loads without using a backpack.

When it comes to power delivery, the bike has no gears — that means hills will require you to adjust the motor power setting if you’re using pedal assist. Overall, this puts a lot of drain on the battery in hillier areas. This is not a bike for riding in San Francisco!

That said, this is a compact and fun little folding e-bike that will suit your needs in rain or shine.


Single Speed
300W rear hub
Power Control
Throttle and pedal assist
20”x2.4” or 20”x2.6”
IP-65 rated waterproof LCD display
Integrated front and rear lights

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Thanks to its 300-watt rear hub motor, the Lectric XP Lite will handle most hills — but don’t rely too much on the throttle, as it may struggle. This is a single-speed bike so you won’t have gears to help you pedal on hills. As such, for a hilly or mountainous area, this might not be the ideal electric bike for the task. The fatter, 2.6” tire will reduce the maximum speed you can achieve, as it’ll have more friction with the surface.



Being a single-speed pedal drivetrain, this bike requires to you to rely on the battery to get up most hills, even on pedal assist. This takes away from the overall range significantly. For throttle-only use, Lectric says this e-bike has a range of just 15 miles, and we believe this will be on flat routes. Knock five miles off that figure with any real hills on your route!

Where it comes to pedal-assist riding, it’ll achieve 40 miles on the lowest setting. On the highest power setting, you’ll get 15 miles. In typical pedal-assist riding, you’ll switch between power settings according to the hills and wind conditions, so expect somewhere in between there.



Sitting in an upright, city bike position, you’ll find this a comfortable ride on paved roads and bicycle tracks. All the bumps of rough terrain will go through your arms with the rigid forks, making for a tiring ride unless you’re on a short and sweet blast such as a BMX track or around the campsite while RVing.

If you choose the narrower 2.4” profile tires, it’ll be a less comfortable ride for off-road sections of your route. This will, however, be better for commuting or road use. For RVing or as a runabout on a family holiday, the 2.6” wheels are the better option, as they’ll handle sand or dirt better.



With only the chain and mechanical disc brakes to worry about, this is an electric bike that doesn’t require lots of maintenance. The brake pads will need replacing every 500-700 miles, and the chain the same. Every 1,000 miles, you may need to replace the cables that will stretch over time.

Other than these maintenance issues, you’ll get several thousand miles of riding out of this electric folding bike with ease.



Not a showy, stylish electric bike, the Lectric XP Lite certainly won’t get stares for being ugly, either. Quite cute and BMX-like with its chunky frame and smaller tires, this is an electric bike that won’t go out of fashion or look “dated” for quite some time to come. Plus, you have four color options to choose from, helping you further customize this bike to your liking.


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Written by Robb Dorr
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