Overview of Lectric E-Bikes

Founded by old school friends Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel in Arizona, Lectric claims to make the best-selling electric bike model on the U.S. market. 

The two friends — who hold degrees in business entrepreneurship and mechanical engineering — started out by building an affordable e-bike for Levi’s dad, Brent. 

At the time, Brent Conlow couldn’t find an electric bike at a price point that suited his needs. He delayed his retirement to become the two friends’ lead investor, and after they (in their words) made a poor first attempt, they went on to design and build the Lectric XP series of folding e-bikes — named after “experience points” as a nod to their love of video games. 

Since this success, the company has gone on to develop and sell a range of other electric bikes, including lightweight, folding, long-range, and step-through models.

Our Review of Lectric E-Bikes

A brand that emerged from a Phoenix garage, Lectric has stormed the market and become a leading U.S. electric bike brand. 

It specializes in designing and building compact, affordable electric bikes with reliable components. In fact, all of its bikes have folding capabilities, making them an excellent choice for riders constantly on the go. 

Unlike many electric bike brands, all Lectric’s machines have a similar appearance with smaller wheels and a compact form. All are easily transported in a car trunk. This stick-to-what-you-do-well approach has allowed the company to succeed in its niche — even if it hasn’t expanded to racing or mountain e-bikes.

If price is a major concern, Lectric has you covered. Its most expensive e-bike is just under $2,000, while lower-end models are comfortably priced under $900 — a steal compared to some other e-bike brands. This makes Lectric a good choice for entry-level bikers testing the electric bike waters.

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