Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 Review

Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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65 mi


28 mph


4 hrs


64 lbs


Rear Hub


Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 Review: Takeaway

The Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 is a small but perfectly formed foldable electric bike with a range of up to 65 miles and, where Class 3 e-bikes are permitted, can do up to 28 mph. With its powerful rear-hub motor and big battery, this is a little machine that packs a big punch.

Ideal for RV-ing and camping, this is an electric bike that has a lot of features that make it useful as a runabout with your RV or truck as a base while you go out exploring.

Almost unique among foldable electric bikes is the passenger carrying option. The extra seat allows you and a friend to leave the RV at your home base for evening out. Because it can be a little wobbly riding a bike with a friend, this clever machine has a limiter so you will only travel at 10 mph with a passenger.


Ideal for...

Camping/RV use
Getting around to the local stores
Evening use, such as getting back from the bar to the campsite
Passenger carrying
Off-road use

E-Bike Overview

Though not a machine you would want to carry any long distance thanks to its hefty 64-lb weight, the Lectric XP Step Thru 3.0 is a great machine in a lot of different ways.

This e-bike’s lights are wired into the main battery. This is good when you want to venture from your RV or campsite after dark, making the bike safe and legal while you go exploring.

For off-road runs (perhaps heading into a national park or woods near your base), the 3-inch-wide tires can offer quite good cross-country capability. Though for serious mud or major trips into the sticks, you may do better with a 29-inch wheeled mountain bike. Still, the XP Step Thru 3.0 certainly won’t let you down on lighter off-road forays.

Reasons to Buy

We love the speed and range for a start — you can get big miles out of even the standard 500Wh battery, let alone the optional 672Wh battery!

Not everyone rides an electric bike to get fit! As such, a major draw to the Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 is the throttle that allows you to ride it without pedaling.

With its fat tires, this is a machine that will go almost anywhere, too. You may have parked your RV in the wilderness and want to go exploring, for example. Thanks to the power of the rear hub motor and range, a 10–15 mile radius on hard sand or dirt is very much within reach.

As a foldable electric bike, the XP 3.0 Step Thru easily fits in your trunk or RV away from potential thieves, making it the perfect accessory to bring along on all of your adventures.

Things to Consider

Packed with great gadgets, the Lectric XP Step Thru 3.0 comes out at quite a hefty weight. This takes it away from being something you could use as a commuter bike, as it’d be too heavy to carry it between trains and buses on your route. That’s why it’s best used as a folding e-bike for leisure like camping and hanging out at the beach where you wouldn’t carry it far.

Finally, be aware of the local laws on electric bikes. If you get a Class 3 version and your state only permits Class 2 (20 mph max speed), please do obey the speed limit. It’s not much fun being given a speeding ticket at the best of times. And if you put too much throttle on, the rear hub motor could make you wheelie or spin the wheel — not something you want to do at a busy junction!


500Wh - upgrade to 672Wh
Rear hub 500W
Power System
Pedal assist and throttle
Control System
LCD display
Upgrade available to carry a passenger up to 150 lbs
Integrated, front and rear
7-speed, 11-28t rear cassette
20” x 3”

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Thanks to its punchy, 500-watt rear hub motor, this folding e-bike won’t find much stands in its way from big hills to large payloads. Too much throttle without sitting on the saddle could even bring about a wheel spin, but you’ll learn to put on power gently at first to prevent this.

Its 3″ tires will impact the speed you can achieve on the road or track thanks to friction — narrower tires will hit higher speeds more quickly. That trade-off will, however, mean better traction on dirt, gravel and sand.



With the base model’s 500-watt-hour battery, this e-bike offers a lot of range even without the 672Wh battery upgrade. Expect to get a good 40-50 miles of range if using pedal assist, making for a portable electric bike that can be used for longer adventures.

How much you weigh, how much cargo you’re carrying, the terrain on which you’ll ride, and how much effort you put into pedaling all impact the final range of the battery. For example, a larger person carrying shopping over hilly terrain on a higher power setting can expect fewer miles than a lighter person with no cargo on a flat route.



Sitting in an upright, city bike position, you’ll be able to ride the Lectric Step-Through comfortably for many miles. Its 20” x 3” fat tires will absorb a lot of bumps on the road or track, and with the 50mm front suspension forks, your arms won’t get tired even from some off-road riding.



Having a chain and cassette pedal powertrain, this bike will require you to oil the chain regularly and change it every 500 or so miles. Do be aware of cable stretch on the mechanical disc brakes. You’ll be able to tighten the cables up at the handlebars, but every couple of thousand miles, they’ll need replacing.

The brake pads will need changing at a similar distance, but other than this, the non-consumable parts will last for several thousand miles without much maintenance. For heavier users, it may make sense to have the bike serviced at least once a year.



Well proportioned with its 20” wheels, this is a folding electric bike that’s easy on the eye. Though not something that would turn heads, this is no ugly duckling. Its overall appearance suggests this is a go-anywhere bike, and with the components, this is largely true — the bike certainly wouldn’t look out of place on a campsite or a city street alike.

We love the crisp color schemes of blue and white or black and blue. For frequent off-road use, we highly recommend the black version, as the mud won’t show so much!


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Written by Robb Dorr
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