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150 mi


20 mph


8 hrs


68 lbs


Rear Hub


Lectric XPedition Cargo Review: Takeaway

At the affordable end of the e-cargo bike vertical, the XPedition Cargo is a solid e-bike that will carry up to 450 lbs of gear or even just your little one and the week’s shopping! Ideal for replacing a minivan or car and far cheaper to run, this is a brilliant machine to stop pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere while carrying out your everyday business.

This e-bike is a game-changer in the electric cargo bike space and a wake-up call for the company’s rivals.

Ideal for...

Family Car Alternative
Delivery Bikes for Shops or Couriers
Long-Distance Touring
Utility Bike Riding

Product Review

The first super competitive thing about the Lectric Xpedition is the price. Even if you shelled out the full $1,699 for the dual battery version, you’d still not come close to the equivalent cost of the leaders in the e-cargo-bike world like Tern.

For the $1,699, you get a long-wheelbase electric cargo bike that can carry similar payloads to the Tern’s best cargo bikes, never mind the far more expensive Riese & Müller machines that can do similar things.

The dual battery offers a claimed range of 150 miles. But let’s face it, you’re never doing 150 miles on the flat unless you’re running downwind in a hurricane with a full 450 lb payload, including the rider. If you are a local delivery company or successful store that sends your goods to local customers, the dual battery will do a complete shift for the delivery rider.

If you’re looking to become a one-car household, the Lectric Xpedition will happily remove the second car with its payload and running costs. Fix the optional child seat or, for older children, a barrow bar, running boards, and extra rear seat, there goes the need to drive the kids everywhere. Thanks to the long rack and payload capacity, you can drop the kids at school and hit the supermarket to feed them this week.

We will touch on some weaknesses below, but at this price, you’re going to think hard before getting a new minivan or second car with this as an option. No compulsory insurance, small fuel bills, zero tax? A similar cost to four months car lease as well? Lectric is threatening to leave Detroit-made motor vehicles unmade in the factory!

Reasons to Buy

As a car or minivan killer, the Lectric Xpedition can be an excellent delivery vehicle for your shop or restaurant. The payload capacity and long wheelbase can eliminate the need for a family car. Being a Class II e-bike, it can be ridden on throttle perfectly legal in most states. Finally, the price makes it an absolute steal compared to any EV or gas-powered vehicle — costing just cents per mile. It won’t hurt the bottom line by any means.

Regarding delivery riders, the stem can be adjusted almost instantly according to rider size. The saddle can be raised or dropped, so running two riders per bike won’t hurt either rider, regardless of size.

Things to Consider

The XPedition Cargo is best not used on throttle alone as it will chew through the battery on most inclines. The components aren’t of big-name brands, so it may not be as durable as industry rival Tern, which offers a 5-year warranty on its electric bikes. As we indicated in the review above, it won’t get anywhere near the 150-mile claimed range at full payload capacity. That said, the rider should be able to do an entire, eight-hour shift riding it doing deliveries across your immediate area.


750W rear hub
672 Wh or 1394 Wh dual battery versions
Power Delivery
Throttle or PAS
7-speed, 11-28t casette
Hydraulic, 180mm front and rear rotors
20” x 3” road tires
Rear rack, dual kickstand, lights, fenders
Battery, child’s seat, dual seat/running boards, barrow bars, pannier bags, comfort saddle

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 750W rear hub motor delivers up to 85 Nm of torque. This means you can ride up even very steep hills with a full cargo payload. The motor cuts out at 20 mph, legal where a Class II e-bike with the throttle is permitted. It will slow down on hills on throttle alone, so pedal assist is recommended for most uses.


The dual-battery version has a claimed range of 150 miles. This would be with a light rider and no payload on a flat route. The 1345 Wh battery in this configuration will allow for a full day’s (eight hours) riding for deliveries, even with large payloads.

Remember that hilly terrain, higher payload, and weather conditions will affect the overall range.


You will be comfortable for many miles in the saddle in an upright, city bike position. We recommend you upgrade to the wider, more comfortable saddle. The seat post and stem can be quickly and easily adjusted for multiple riders.

The 20” x 3” wheels and tires will absorb most lumps and bumps and provide grip even on loose surfaces.


Regular servicing and maintenance should keep this e-cargo bike on the road for many years to come. If used commercially, we recommend a standard six-month service or an annual service as a family machine.


With its classic, long-wheelbase cargo bike style, this machine doesn’t break new ground regarding styling and looks. However, in almost every other respect, it looks like a unique electric cargo bike. Very much a rival to its more expensive competitors in the e-cargo bike space.

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