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Heybike Mars 2.0 Review

robb dorr
Robb Dorr,
Taylor Moon
Taylor Moon,
Contributing Editor
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45 mi


28 mph


5.99 hrs


75 lbs


Rear Hub


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Heybike Mars 2.0 Review: Takeaway

The Heybike Mars 2.0 is renowned for its unapologetic power. This bike is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a statement of bold adventure, where the roaring 750W motor hulk smashes trails and streets alike.

While its collapsible design adds a touch of convenience for storage, the bike’s weight may pose a challenge for those not into pumping iron on the regular.

Its tunable motor and settings accessible through the app is a standout and unique feature, offering the flexibility to unleash the full force of power or opt for a more laid-back experience.

If you crave a bike that mirrors your adventurous spirit and values customization, the Heybike Mars 2.0 stands tall, promising a thrilling ride every time.

Ideal for...

Camping + Outdoor Enthusiasts: Its utility trail bike features shine bright by effortlessly navigating trails and handling challenging landscapes.

Beach Adventures: The bike’s versatility extends to beach biking, where its robust design and fat tires provide the perfect blend of stability and control.

Off-grid Fun: Use the USB port on the Mars’ removable battery to charge your electronics while you’re away from a power source.

Heybike Mars 2.0: Overview

Brace yourself for the Heybike Mars 2.0 – your new foldable gateway to adventure, trips to the beach, or the great outdoors. This e-bike kicks like a mule and packs a punch that power-hungry riders crave.

The Mars 2.0 is the updated version of Heybike’s original Mars folding e-bike, and there have been some pretty massive improvements (and a few compromises). It seems like there always has to be some give-and-take, right?

Looking like a Mars space rover, the Mars 2.0 screams utility

Regardless, we were pleasantly surprised at what this model has brought to the table – and we’re betting you will be too.

That said, we will unfold the Mars 2.0’s assembly, dive into its personality-filled components, take it for a spin up the hills, check out its braking prowess, and everything in between.

Heybike Mars 2.0 Assembly

Putting the Mars 2.0 together is effortless, thanks to 90 percent of the assembly already done for you! After cutting those zip ties, unfolding the frame, airing up the tires, and inserting the seat post, sync up with the Heybike app, and you’re off to the races!

A quick once-over is always a good idea to ensure everything’s in top shape. While a mechanic check is recommended after some miles, the initial setup requires no professional touch, making your first ride quick and hassle-free.

Components of the Mars 2.0

Get ready to dig into the guts of the Mars 2.0 and learn what makes it so great!

Frame: Foldable Swagger

Crafted from hefty aluminum alloy, the Mars 2.0’s frame is your companion in the face of thrilling escapades. It’s not just a frame; it’s a foldable joyride that compacts down to 37x22x28 inches – the definition of unfold-and-ride simplicity that offers a whole new level of compactness that turns heads.

The mid-frame clasp keeps the Mars 2.0 frame from folding in half while you’re riding. That’s always good.

Although not the burliest, the folding hinge lock clasp handles the task with functional finesse, making the folding or unfolding process incredibly simple.

The Mars 2.0 flaunts its vibrant personality with three available colors and a load capacity of an impressive 330 lbs; the frame size is sleek, 15 inches. This isn’t just a bike; it’s a bold, stylish statement ready to conquer almost any terrain.

Integrated features include a removable external lithium-ion battery, a rear rack, fender mounts, and, of course, a kickstand mount. Unfold this beauty into its full glory of 67x25x49 inches and turn every ride into an adventure.

Motor: Release the Beast!

The unbranded rear hub motor of the Mars 2.0 is a juggernaut of power and performance. Boasting a peak 1200W (750W sustained), this motor completely eclipses its predecessor, the Mars, in sheer might.

750W at the hub and a 7-speed Shimano cassette means you’re never not conquering the trails.

The Mars 2.0’s motor delivers an immediate, formidable thrust, unleashing power, and torque that’s felt even at PAS 1. Inclines become mere bumps on the road, conquered even at low PAS levels.

There’s no need to be worried about noise. This motor operates with a typical e-bike hum, keeping your rides as peaceful as possible. Despite its power, the Mars 2.0 surprises with a commendable 45-mile range, though real-world conditions might trim that figure.

Battery: A Heavyweight Champion

With a 600Wh Li-ion battery, the Mars 2.0 flexes its muscles. While it may be heavy, it’s a certified beefcake, and the reason behind the 45-mile range.

Featured on the 600Wh battery is the USB charge port and power button to prevent phantom power loss.

The Mars 2.0’s battery, though undeniably robust, carries its weight with grace by not only fueling your rides, but adding an extra dimension of utility with a convenient USB port for on-the-go device charging.

Let’s say you’re out camping, and your devices crap out – the Mars 2.0 comes to the rescue! Its battery’s USB port transforms your e-bike into a portable charger. It’s not just an e-bike; it’s a power hub for all your adventures.

As you pedal through life, this battery will provide a reliable energy source, making the Heybike Mars 2.0 perfect if you crave exploration and staying connected.

LCD Display and Controller: The Command Center

The Mars 2.0’s multifunctional LCD screen lets you easily view and control the PAS levels, battery charge level, odometer, and even a horn that’s louder than your alarm clock at 6 in the morning.

Nothing fancy at the helm of this ship, but effective nonetheless. Control your PAS, headlight, and horn, as well as switch functions on the LCD display.

What sets apart the Mars 2.0 even more is the HeyBike app, which allows you to fine-tune the motor output at every PAS level – a level of customization unheard of in the Mars 1.0.

Dreaming of regulated PAS levels 1-4 but craving a turbo mode for PAS 5? The app can make it happen.

Connect to the Mars 2.0 via Bluetooth and realize a new realm of possibilities. Proximity unlock adds a personal touch – your bike wakes up as you approach. The auto-lock feature is like your bike’s personal bouncer that comes delivered with a default 30-second mode, securing your bike after a period of inactivity.

A word to the wise: tweak this setting if you’re going to be riding in traffic to avoid unintentional shutdowns at traffic lights.

Track and log your rides to gain deeper insights into your adventures. Name your bike for a personal touch, and even connect to multiple Heybike models. Imagine your stable filled with Heybikes!

Drivetrain: Gears for Days

The Mars 2.0’s drivetrain is a force to be reckoned with, blending power and precision for an unrivaled cycling experience. Anchored by a decent 7-speed Shimano derailleur and cassette, this e-bike can easily adapt to various terrains.

The Shimano setup will often be underutilized because the strength of the Mars 2.0’s motor will usually steal the show, rendering frequent gear shifts strictly optional. Including a substantial 42-tooth front cog ensures you won’t overpedal prematurely, a common pitfall with other high-powered e-bikes.

Folding pedals make sure the Mars 2.0 is folded up to a compact size. Riders with big feet may want to upgrade to a little large pedal though.

The foldable pedals add a unique touch of comfort, but it’s worth noting that those with larger feet might crave a broader platform. Meanwhile, the derailleur cage serves as a shield, deflecting rocks and branches, making the Mars 2.0 a true workhorse on any terrain.

So, whether navigating city streets or conquering rugged landscapes, the Mars 2.0’s drivetrain ensures you’re in control, pedal stroke by pedal stroke.

Brakes: Reliable Stops, Day or Night

The Mars 2.0’s braking system features Filel® brand mechanical disc brakes. While Filel® is a name new to us, these brakes bring solid stopping power to your rides. Though they needed a little initial tweaking, once dialed in, they performed admirably in our tests and provided a great balance of comfort and effectiveness.

Safety first. The taillight makes sure you’re seen whether you’re on the trail or ripping through traffic.

The added rear brake light makes sure you’re seen when slowing down, especially during after-dark shenanigans, or in heavily trafficked areas.

With great power comes the need for great stopping power. The Filel® brakes are up for the task.

Filel® brakes are dependable partners, adding a layer of safety to your adventures. After all, a high-performance e-bike like this deserves brakes that can keep up the pace with you.

Lights: Illuminate Your Path

The Mars 2.0 is equipped with front and rear lights, enhancing your visibility on the road. The rear brake light is noticeable even in broad daylight and ensures other motorists see you. But, if we’re being honest, it does little more than that – it’s not winning any brightness awards.

What’s better than one headlight? How about one headlight with four bulbs and a horn? Yeah you read that right.

While the front headlight does light up your immediate path, if you’re planning extended night rides, you might want to consider adding an additional front light.

An ingenious feature of the Mars 2.0 is the USB port in the battery, so you can connect an additional front headlight, ensuring your route is well-lit and more secure.

Wheels and Tires: Fat Tires, Big Grins

The Mars 2.0 rolls around on 20”x4” Chaoyang brand fat tires, and its stout aluminum rims feature stylish cutouts that reveal a red rim liner. Why is that part important? Well, it’s not – it just looks friggin’ awesome!

The knobby tire treads deliver outstanding traction on dirt paths and pavement, giving you confidence as you approach sandy areas without fear of slipping or sliding.

Beefy 4 inch Chao Yang puncture resistant tires give the Mars 2.0 its stocky look. Ride these tires fully inflated for a smooth ride, or let the air way down for more grip in sandy or snowy conditions.

The fenders on both tires effectively shield you from road debris and mud, and while they’re made of lightweight plastic, they excel in their duty on this sturdy ride.

Suspension: Smooth Travels Ahead

The Mars 2.0 boasts a 65 mm travel spring fork and softens the ride with its plush responsiveness; this front fork delivers an exceptional cycling experience.

Whether you need the extra comfort or not, the Mars 2.0 has it with 65 mm of travel in the front fork. Lock it out if you are looking for a stiffer ride.

If you’re seeking a stiffer ride or going on a hill-climbing adventure, the lockout knob on the right side of the shock provides customized control over the suspension stiffness.

While the unbranded fork occasionally bottomed out during testing, its overall performance remained respectable.

Utility Rack: Leave Nothing Behind

The Mars 2.0 boasts a robust 120-lb capacity utility rack, making it the Swiss Army knife of e-bikes. Secure anything from tools to trail repair gear with its slatted sides. Sturdy and reliable, this rack can handle the toughest tasks.

There’s nothing you can’t do with this utility rack. Look at all of those slots and holes that you can strap your gear to. Try to overload this thing. Bet you can’t.

Need more space? Opt for a front rack, easily mounted with four sturdy bolts. Heybike offers all sorts of rack and bag options, so you can tailor your bike to your cargo-carrying desires. Get a fully decked-out bike delivered to your house!

Heybike Mars 2.0 Hill Climb Test

Strapping in a 200 lb rider, the Mars 2.0 took on hills like a mountaineer on Red Bull.
In a hilly terrain covering 3/10 of a mile, climbing without pedal assist (PAS 0) proved tough. The casual seated riding posture hindered efficiency and would demand a more aggressive riding position for optimal climbing while in PAS Level 0.

However, with its peak 1200W output, the powerhouse rear hub motor effortlessly propelled the bike up inclines and gave immediate power delivery even at low PAS levels.

Sure, steep inclines might make it huff and puff a bit, but that motor power is like having a personal Mt. Everest Sherpa.

Attempt #Pedal Assist LevelAvg. Speed (mph)

Heybike Mars 2.0 Braking Test

We skipped the usual brake test because hills were our playground during this round of testing. Rapid descents at high speeds? The Mars 2.0’s brakes held their ground. With a 200 lb rider hurtling down, there was no white-knuckle fear.

Although we deviated from our usual brake test due to the challenging terrain, the bike’s brakes performed exceptionally well on hills. The rider never felt out of control and was able to swiftly slow down the bike on command.

With an impressive 330 lbs payload capacity, great brakes are vital, and the Mars 2.0’s brakes are sure to not disappoint.

Reasons to Buy the HeyBike Mars 2.0

Buckle up for an exhilarating ride where every pedal is a burst of raw power. The Heybike Mars 2.0 is a force to be reckoned with.

For those with a thirst for adventure, the Mars 2.0 is a rugged utility beast. With its beefy fat tires and an unapologetically bold demeanor, it’s made for the daring explorer who craves off-road escapades and urban conquering.

This electric bike is not for the faint-hearted; it’s for those who like their rides mean and their journeys wild.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a USB port in the detachable battery is perfect for trailblazers venturing into the wilderness or setting up camp at a remote site.
When power meets attitude, the Heybike Mars 2.0 is your trailblazing accomplice.

Things to Consider

The first significant consideration is the Mars 2.0’s weight of 75lbs. While its foldable design adds convenience, lifting it might pose a challenge.

Another point to note is the Mars 2.0’s powerful motor, a feature that defines its robust character. However, this strength comes with a caveat – the bike tends to exhibit a notable “buck” when the PAS kicks in. This surge of power can be startling if you’re unprepared for the sudden acceleration.

Lastly, it’s essential to acknowledge that the Heybike Mars 2.0 falls on the lower end in terms of overall quality. While it’s a great budget-friendly option, you should approach it with a degree of caution, understanding that it prioritizes affordability over a premium build.

Specs & Components

Li-ion 12.5Ah, 48V 600Wh
Max load
330 lbs
Frame size
Aluminum Alloy, external removable lithium-ion battery, rear rack included, fender mounts, front & rear mount mechanical disc, kickstand mount
Folded dimensions
37.4*21.7*27.95 inch
Unfolded dimensions
67*25*49 inch
Rear Derailleur
Shimano(ARDTY200GSLD) 7 speed
LED display
2A, 54.6V output, 100V-220V AC input
Rear hub 750W (1200W peak)
Front fork
Spring Fork, 65 mm travel with preload adjustment and lock-out

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The Heybike Mars 2.0 earns a stellar 5-star power rating, and for good reason – it’s a total dominator. With a strong 750W motor (peaking at 1200W), this e-bike delivers insane performance. The sheer force of the motor gives an adrenaline-pumping ride, lurching into action with unmatched power. If you’re seeking an e-bike that sweats strength, the Mars 2.0 is a top-tier choice.


The Heybike Mars 2.0 earns a 3-star rating for range, reflecting its decent but not outstanding performance. While the claimed 45-mile range is achievable under optimal conditions, the bike’s substantial weight may impact actual mileage, particularly when going off-road or carrying heavy gear. Consider this factor when evaluating the Mars 2.0 for your specific riding needs.


The Heybike Mars 2.0 provides a generally comfortable ride. The e-bike’s design promotes an upright trekking position, and both the seat post and handlebar height are adjustable to cater to diverse rider heights. However, taller riders might find the geometry less accommodating, potentially impacting their comfiness. But overall, it provides a comfortable experience for most riders.


Although the Heybike Mars 2.0’s frame demonstrates solid construction, certain components influenced by the bike’s affordability, such as the folding clasp, do not match the durability of higher-end counterparts. Nevertheless, the Mars 2.0 is designed to withstand the rigors of a workhorse, ensuring a good level of resilience despite its mid-grade components.


Awarding the Heybike Mars 2.0 a 3-star style rating acknowledges a more utility-focused design. While prioritizing functionality over flashy aesthetics, the bike flaunts its personality through distinctive features like stubby 20-inch fat tires and a range of vibrant frame color options. The Mars 2.0 embraces its identity as a utilitarian, setting it apart from sleeker models and underlining its adventurous character.

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