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43 mi


36 mph


8 hrs


70 lbs




Savannah ULTRA CC Review: Takeaway

One of the few dual-suspension step-through electric bikes on the U.S. market today, the Frey Savannah ULTRA CC has high-quality components and a lot of power from its Bafang M620 mid-drive motor. Great for utility rides and some off-road use, it opens the doors to freer riding for older people and those who wish to wear a dress while riding.

Ideal for...

Occasional off-road use
Family rides
Utility use

E-Bike Overview

The Frey Savannah is one of very few e-bikes on the U.S. market with dual suspension and a step-through frame. This makes it ideal for riders who may not have the mobility to get their leg over a crossbar yet want to venture off-road.

Powered by a Bafang M620 mid-drive motor, it’ll get to 36 mph on throttle or pedal assist. Offering up to 160 Nm of torque, the motor is up there among the most powerful commercially available on the road today. Along with the motor comes a huge, 840 Wh battery that gives you a lot of range if you use it economically.

The Schwalbe road tires make this e-bike one for mostly road use, though, on dry surfaces, they’ll handle off-roading. You can always retrofit mud tires if you’re planning to overland regularly.

With high-quality name-branded disc brakes, suspension, and other components, the Frey Savannah ULTRA should last many years of use with minimal maintenance.

Reasons to Buy

If you have limited mobility and still want the comfort of a dual-suspension electric bike for off-road use, the Savannah Frey CC is a good choice. It even allows you to ride an e-bike off-road while wearing a dress. This e-bike suits both types of buyers, and with its high-quality components like the RockShox suspension and Bafang electrical system, it should be roadworthy even after many years of use.

Things to Consider

The speed is limited to 36 mph. That’s well over most state laws on e-bikes. A Class 3, for example, can only go up to 28 mph on pedal assist and 20 mph on throttle. This exceeds both. If you do buy, remember the laws where you live, and don’t exceed the speed limits.


Power Delivery
Rockshox Recon Boost
Rockshox Monarch
Shimano Alvio 9-speed
Magura MT5 4-piston hydraulic
27.5" x 2.4" Schwalbe Super Moto
Rack, fenders, lights

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 1,000W Bafang M620 mid-drive motor is limited to 36 mph, which is over e-bike speed limits in the U.S. It offers an industry-leading 160 Nm of torque that’ll flatten out almost any hill you face on your travels. You might not break a sweat in San Francisco, but don’t hold us to that!


With an 840 Wh in-tube battery, the Frey Savannah ULTRA CC offers up to 43 miles of range on pedal assist. This’ll be considerably less using the throttle alone.

All e-bikes offer a shorter range on hilly terrain and with higher payloads. A larger rider on a very hilly route will get fewer miles than a smaller rider on a flatter route.


Thanks to its dual suspension, the Frey Savannah ULTRA CC prevents even a heavier rider from feeling too many bumps in the road while riding. The RockShox fork and suspension are further supported by 2.4” Schwalbe Super Moto road tires that’ll absorb even more inconsistencies in the road surface.

You’ll be sat forward in a leaned-forward, trekking position, so you’ll be using your upper body to help steer and balance the bike. This could lead to your upper body getting tired.


Though the components are all well-known brand names in cycling, we have deducted a half point because it has a mid-drive motor and a throttle. Throttles can put a lot of strain on the chain, and without careful maintenance, you could end up breaking it. Chains on throttle-powered mid-drive motors may last 500 miles, whereas on PAS-only or rear-hub motors, they usually last 1,000+ miles.


Breaking new ground when it comes to step-through dual-suspension electric bikes, the Frey Savannah CC e-bike looks unique. You can choose just the color for your needs, as the bike is available in red, blue, white, or black color schemes.

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