Townie Go! 7D Step-Over Review

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40 mi


20 mph


4 hrs


45 lbs


Rear Hub


Townie Go! 7D Step-Over Review: Takeaway

Ideal for someone returning to cycling or as a light utility e-bike, the Townie Go! 7D Step-Over has lots of great components that make it an ideal introduction to electric bikes. Ride it to meetings, for coffee with friends, or just for the heck of it!

Ideal for...

Beach Cruising on the Boardwalk
Utility Runs
Cafe Hopping
Light Shopping
Getting to Meetings
Family Rides
Simply Enjoying a Gorgeous Day on a Great Bike!

E-Bike Overview

One of Trek’s most affordable electric bikes at just $1,899, the Townie Go! 7D Step-Over is packed with great features that come together as a comfortable, cool e-bike.

Available as a Class 1 pedal-assist-only model, the Townie Go! 7D will get you up to 20 mph quickly and smoothly. It’s powered by a 250-watt rear hub motor that offers up to 40 Nm of torque — more than enough for hills in most cities.

The 40-mile range isn’t great with the integrated in-tube battery, but given most journeys by bike are six miles or fewer, this could represent a day’s getting about town. If you do want greater range, you can opt for the 250 Wh range extender battery that clips on the frame, potentially doubling your range.

Lacking things like a suspension fork, the Townie Go! 7D is very light as e-bikes go, tipping the scales at just 45 lbs. This’ll make it agile and quick to maneuver. Though not as light as a traditional bike of similar specs, it’s very light by comparison to many e-bikes in its class.

Reasons to Buy

Fun is the very DNA of this electric bike. It’s a good choice if you’re returning to cycling at the advice of a health professional or want to enjoy being outside. The LED display gives you full control over which of the three power levels you’re in, meaning you can turn up the power if you need a break from pedaling.

You could be looking for a good first electric bike to see what it’s all about — you’ll soon understand them riding this. The Shimano Revo Shifter is intuitive enough to use when changing gears, as it acts very similarly to a shifter on a traditional bike.

Things to Consider

The Townie Go! 7D lacks a rear rack, fenders, or lights. Though this might not be a problem for many, should you wish to go shopping, you’ll have to carry your goods home on your back. The lack of fenders could leave you with road dirt on you in wet weather — but these will detract from the aesthetic of the bike as a whole.


Rear hub, 250W
Integrates in-tube, 250 Wh
Power Delivery
Shimano Tourney 7-speed, 14-34t rear cassette, Shimano Revo shifter
Front & rear mechanical disc, 180mm rotors
27.5” x 2.35 balloon tires
Optional Extras
250 Wh range extender

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



As a Class 1 e-bike, this won’t win prizes for speed or power output. The most powerful mass-produced electric bikes pack up to four times the torque of the 40 Nm rear hub motor, but they’re much heavier, too. Sacrificing power for lightness and agility is a good move for an e-bike that has a great riding feel.


As with the relatively low-powered motor, the integrated in-tube battery doesn’t offer an earth-shattering range. The 30-mile range could equate to 4-5 shorter rides throughout the day.

Range is impacted by payload weight, weather conditions, and terrain. A larger rider on a hilly route will get fewer miles than a lighter rider on flatter terrain.


Trek’s Flat Foot Technology means keeps you in an upright, city bike position when riding this e-bike. That means minimal strain on your upper body. The swept-back handlebars facilitate this.

However, this bike lacks a suspension fork, so you’ll feel bumps in the road more. Also, the saddle isn’t sprung, so you may feel those bumps through your rear.

Balancing this though are the 2.35” balloon tires that’ll make for a more comfortable ride.


There’s not a lot to go wrong on this simply made electric bike. Keep the chain oiled regularly, and change the disc brake pads every 500-1,000 miles. You’ll have to get the cables adjusted for the brakes and gears at least once a year, too.

Trek offers a lifetime warranty on its frames and fixed forks.


With its beach cruiser-style curved frame and handlebars, this is quite a funky e-bike to look at. There are more appealing e-bikes to look at (made by Trek as well), but you’ll have to pay a lot more for them. The metallic green color scheme is also sleek and mod

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