TREK Fetch+ 4 Review

TREK Fetch+ 4
Written by Alex Boyce
E-Bike Reviewer
TREK Fetch+ 4
Edited by Taylor Moon
Managing Editor

30 mi


20 mph


4 hrs


165 lbs




TREK Fetch+ 4 Review: Takeaway

We really enjoyed our time riding this bike. We completed all our tasks and got home with zero fuss, pulling up directly in front of the locations we needed to get to.

We have tried a few high-end cargo bikes, and the Fetch+ 4 from Trek is one of our favorite solutions. It’s very well made, quiet, and fun. And price wise, considering the amount of materials and design, it is competitive compared to the rest of the bike market.

TREK Fetch+ 4 Review: Overview

TREK offers a full range of electric bikes, and their cargo bike offerings are worth noting.

Transport is slowly changing in cities worldwide, and the cargo box e-bike is becoming increasingly popular. This type of bike has yet to become widespread and known by everyone, mostly because people haven’t had the opportunity to try it. Also, it’s a very new category of e-bike that is not easy to transport around to show everyone as it almost has the presence of a small car.

We headed to a TREK test center in Florence, Italy, to try out and test the TREK Fetch + 4. What we did not tell them was how we would test it. We had a real challenge in our mind to see what was possible with this bike, so we took another test bike we had to give back to another shop across the other side of town. To get there, we were going to use the TREK Fetch+ 4.
In total, we needed to carry about 80 lbs with us to the other side of town, pushing the bike’s limit in traffic and pedestrian zones.


The key components of the Fetch+ 4 include its aluminum frame that is bolted together and the large container “box” on the front.

Jump on in! The big bucket in front and a hauling capacity of 160lbs means the more the merrier. Photo: Alex Boyce

This box can be configured in different ways, including with specially designed seats for transporting small children. These seats have a four-point harness that keeps a 55 lb child secure. Children should also wear a cycle helmet when being carried.

A cargo bike‘s handlebars are separated from the front wheel by a precise and progressive cable system that gives very good control at speed and also in tight spaces when moving the bike around. The bars also have comfortable grips to reduce vibration.

Shifting is controlled via a twist grip that adjusts the Enviolo internal gear rear hub. Photo: Alex Boyce

The gears are hub gears that can be adjusted according to the need to start from a dead stop or ride slowly or faster according to traffic conditions. These are driven by a Carbon Gates belt drive, which is silent and clean in operation. These are known for a long life.

Tektro provides the hydraulic brakes, and they have a slightly thicker rotor fitted to them. They are very powerful and have good modulation for gentle control.

The Suntour front suspension fork and the special Trans-x hydraulic suspension seat post offer comfort for riders and cargo on rough urban surfaces. Even potholes are dealt with well.

A Suntour front fork softens the bumps, or in our case, the cobblestones. Photo: Alex Boyce

This e-bike uses a large rear wheel and a smaller front wheel to improve maneuverability. Although it’s not possible to see the front wheel when in motion, the rider can feel where it is through the bar.

An integrated rear rack provides even more space for what you’re hauling. Photo: Alex Boyce

The bike includes lights and fenders front and rear for extra visibility and damp running. There is also a small wheel lock for immobilizing the bike for short periods when stopping while in use if left unattended.

Safety first – The integrated Abus tire lock ensures nobody rides off with your bike or cargo. Photo: Alex Boyce

The finish on this e-bike is top quality with good-looking welds, a nice fit of all components, and a silent ride with no rattles, bangs, or creaks.

It’s quite a heavy e-bike, but remember, it can carry 160 lbs of stuff plus a rider. With this in mind, it also has a very strong kickstand mounted underneath the box, which the bike sits on when parked. We found it easy to operate.

Bosch Motor, Battery, and Display

The Bosch Performance Cargoline motor worked efficiently and silently. We never felt it was strained or in difficulty. It has a completely different software tune compared to an offroad motor. It supports up to 460% and can be tuned in the Bosch Flow app.

The Bosch controller makes controlling the Bosch Performance Cargoline motor a sinch. Photo: Alex Boyce

The range also surprised us with the 750Wh battery as it was efficient considering the weight we were carrying. Weight is the most considerable influence on e-bike range, and this bike was excellent considering you are moving up to 450 lbs in weight around, including up gentle hills.

Accelerating away from a stop was easy. It was similar to riding a traditional bike, except it was quieter as the drive system is a carbon belt drive with zero oil and dirt.

The range of this e-bike for us was good, and we think on a gentle up and down, you could have a 15-mile range in each direction with a substantial load. Obviously, the range is greater the lighter the load you carry and the flatter the route you ride.

The motor can be tuned via the smart system app. Your phone holder can charge your phone on the bike when used, and the app also provides mapping and dashboard data, including speed, mode, and range. It was an excellent idea as the phone also acts as a digital lock for the bike. On the left are the power switch and battery levels, which are easy to operate and color-coded according to which mode you are in.


We would class this as more of ride comfort and handling, as the Fetch+ 4 is meant to be ridden by everyone. It has an upright riding position and a long wheelbase. The long wheelbase gives a lot of stability at all speeds and allows cornering just by leaning the bike.

The load is held low to the ground, increasing stability when riding. The suspension is surprising because the bike rolls well through rough ground and does not feel like it is stopping.

Riding In The City

Our test aimed to determine how useful this e-bike could be. We rode about 10 miles across town carrying a bulky load and consumed about 40% of the battery in this distance.

The bike was stable even at low speeds and was very easy to start with the hub gears, which could be changed even when stopped. This is an essential system to have on a heavy cargo bike.

Braking was surprisingly strong with or without a load; we stopped quickly on all surfaces and remained stable. It was easy to keep the bike upright with a heavy load, and with walk mode active, it was effortless to move the bike about. It comes with a small lock that allows us to block the bike, plus the digital lock of the motor. It is hard to steal this bike if you stop for a few minutes outside a shop.

The Fetch+ 4 is a natural fit in the city, even in Florence Italy. Photo by: Alex Boyce

We rode the bike through the middle of Florence, where there was lots of traffic of all types and cars and people. We rode on a mix of cycle paths, ordinary roads, and some gravel streets in parks. The bike handled all of these surfaces and locations well. You must pay attention to road position on narrow cycle paths to avoid smaller bikes coming the other way. Cornering, including in alleys, was easy, and riding on rough pavè was comfortable as the seat had suspension, and the front fork provided suspension comfort.

We found ourselves moving at the speed of the city traffic and very safe. We noticed because this e-bike was very large, everyone could see us. Also, drivers gave us space and were considerate, even in a frenetic city like Florence, where drivers can be very aggressive.

We found the gears and motor ideal starting from a dead stop, even up hills. When steep, we recommended pushing the bike using the walk mode, which worked well. Getting the bike on and off the stand was easy, although a smaller individual might struggle with the bigger weights.

We had to follow a diversion at one point for a road closure through the middle of Florence and were in the middle of an area with many people for a short time. We found that experience surprising, with no one being scared of the cargo bike near them and people moving calmly out of the way; it was a more pleasant experience than using a traditional bike. We pushed the bike at certain points at walking pace. Respect is the most crucial factor concerning other road users.

The pedaling experience is smooth, and the motor takes up much of the effort in Turbo mode. The power is also delivered smoothly, with the bike accelerating up to the limit quickly and maintaining speed with minimal effort.


Trek High-performance hydroformed alloy, low-step
SR Suntour Mobie A32, 50mm travel
Cargo Box
Quality reinforced plastic Cargo box with Trek logo details. Small passenger seats with four point harness and head supports.
Bosch Performance Line Cargo, 250 W, 85 Nm
Bosch PowerTube 750Wh
Bosch BSP3200 smart phone grip
Tektro HD-T737 4-piston hydraulic disc
Front: Tektro wave, 6-bolt, 180mm; Rear: Tektro wave, 6-bolt, 203mm
Gates CDX, 50T
Gates CDX, 22T, steel
Alloy, 31.8mm clamp, 25mm rise, 630mm width
Front light
Herrmans MR8, 180 lumen, 60 lux LED
Rear light
Trelock LS614 with brake light
Seat post
TranzX, 200mm travel, 31.6mm

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The Bosch Cargoline motors are expertly designed for cargo transportation, offering a unique power application setup. They can provide an impressive 460% of the rider’s effort, delivering this power smoothly without any abrupt surges. As a result, starting and accelerating feels gentle on the legs. Additionally, riders have the flexibility to adjust power modes, allowing them to dial back assistance if they’re in the mood for a more intensive workout while riding.


The bike’s range varies depending on the load, making it tricky to state a definitive number. From our experience, a fully loaded ride can cover up to 30 miles, more than ample for city commutes. This ensures you can navigate the city, run errands, and return home without concerns about battery life. For those rare extended journeys beyond 50 miles, the battery can be quickly swapped out in just 10 seconds. Plus, a brief 1-hour charge significantly boosts the battery life.


The bike boasts an ergonomic design that positions the rider upright, ensuring optimum comfort. The highlight is the innovative suspended seat post, which, when paired with the front “comfort” fork, guarantees a buttery-smooth ride for both the rider and any cargo. Every aspect of this bike exudes premium quality, ensuring every ride feels gentle and refined.


These bikes, robustly constructed and backed by Trek’s full warranty, are built to last. The carbon gates drive is a standout feature, which requires no maintenance and promises longevity. With Bosch’s stellar global service for their systems, it’s evident that investing in this bike means investing in quality and durability. However, the bike’s lifespan and maintenance needs will naturally depend on the conditions in which it’s ridden.


Box cargo bikes are garnering attention, even among fellow bike journalists we spot on social media. Giving them a try can be a game-changer, making cars seem cumbersome in comparison. Trek’s design is not only visually striking but also reaffirms its reputation as a top-tier bike manufacturer, extending its excellence to the cargo category.

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