Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru Review

Robb Dorr
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40 mi


20 mph


4 hrs


44 lbs


Rear Hub


Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru Review: Takeaway

The Trek Townie Go! 7D is only serious about one thing — being fun to ride! It’s a fun, pretty-looking electric bike for dashing into town with a little extra push from a 250-watt motor.

With a torquey yet discreet rear hub motor, this e-bike keeps you from breaking a sweat on your rides between friends’ houses or to the farmer’s market. The weight is kept low down with the battery in the lower tube, making for a low center of gravity and a fun, agile riding feel.

Ideal for...

Dashing about town
Seeing friends for coffee
Getting to work in summer months
Visiting the farmer’s market and local stores
Having fun on a ride out of town!

About the Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru

This step-thru electric bike is pretty as well as very practical. Ideal for dashing about town running errands or just riding to work, the Townie Go! 7D nails its job — to look good while doing a good job — perfectly.

It achieves this with its powerful, 250-watt motor that offers the rider up to 20 mph while giving assistance. This is a pedal-assist-only electric bike, so if you’re in need of a throttle, then a different machine might be your thing.

Being pedal assist, the Townie Go! needs a good pedal drivetrain. It comes with a Shimano Tourney, 7-speed system that is well-proven as far as town bikes go. It allows you to ride economically and without placing too much demand on the battery — giving you 40 miles of typical riding. As important as the drivetrain is the brakes — these mechanical disc brakes will handle almost anything you throw at them, even braking hard in the rain.

Control of the electrical power system comes from a simple-to-read LED display and three buttons — on/off, power up, and power down. It’s fully waterproof so you won’t have problems when the rain comes down.

Reasons to Buy

The Trek Townie Go! 7D is a brilliant electric bike for what it’s designed to do — dashing about your town or city. We love its pretty looks and the pastel color schemes offered for the bike including pink, yellow, aquamarine, and gray. With its low center of gravity and powerful, 250-watt motor, this all comes together as a perfect package for its price point of just under $2,000.

It’s also a great pick if you’re on the shorter side, as the step-thru frame makes it easy to mount.

Things to Consider

The battery on the Townie Go! 7D is fully integrated and cannot be easily taken out. This does mean that you’ll need to be close to a power socket when it’s time to charge up. If you have a garage, then that’s likely fine, but if you have to take the bike into your house, this could be a bit of a problem to consider.


Hyena rear hub motor, 250 watts
Hyena 250Wh, includes 2 AMP charger
Hyena LED
6061-T6 aluminum w/patented Flat Foot Technology
Shimano Tourney, 7-speed, 14-34T cassette
Mechanical disc brakes, 180mm rotors
26” with 2.35” tires
Max capacity
300 lbs
Painted chain guard, ring lock mounts, internal cable routing, anti-rust hardware

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



A 250-watt rear-hub motor is ideal on most hills, and the 7-speed drivetrain will help you pedal up them as if they were flat. With the motor limited to 20 mph, you’ll be able to ride comfortably in most traffic with plenty of extra power. The 2.35” wide road tires have little rolling resistance and will allow for a quick start should you need it.

Keep in mind, this is a Class 1 e-bike that can only be ridden with pedal assist — it doesn’t have a throttle.


The Townie Go! 7D isn’t designed for epic rides across mountain ranges and wild countryside, but more for active travel around town. As such, the low-weight and low-capacity 250-watt-hour battery suits the bike’s design. For example, you might ride 5-7 miles around town a few times a day — the battery’s 40-mile range is perfectly good for that.

Remember that rider/payload weight, the route terrain, and weather conditions can impact the overall range. Cycling into a 30 mph headwind, for example, will require higher power settings, and this will reduce the amount of range you have overall.


Sitting in a classic upright position, you’ll be comfortable riding the Townie Go! 7D for hours at a time. It uses Flat Foot Technology® to optimize your pedaling without the need to lean over at all. It’s better ridden on hard surfaces like cycle tracks and roads thanks to its rigid forks and 26” road wheels. The ergonomic saddle with shock-absorbing elastomers and swept-back handlebars with comfort Kraton grips make for a good all-around riding experience.

If you’re 6’ tall or over, your knees may be too bunched up and shoulders hunched over to feel comfortable.


Having a rear-hub motor means that the KMC Z7 chain will require less maintenance over time. Oil it once a week (if ridden daily), and check the brake pads every 700 or so miles. It may pay to get an annual service (as you should your car) to keep it in good working order. Internal cable routing and anti-rust hardware also help to keep fragile components lasting longer.


With its funky choice of colors from fluorescent yellow to muted gray, this e-bike lets you get the color that suits your preferences. We love the curves of the frame that make this e-bike stand out from the crowd, and the wheels are in just the right proportion. The swept-back handlebars add to the fun and generally good looks.

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