Overview of Juiced E-Bikes

Founded in 2009 by Olympian Tora Harris, Juiced was among the first U.S. direct-to-consumer e-bikes brands. It has grown quickly due to its reputation for high-quality, fast, and long-range electric bikes that are sold for as little as $2,000.

Core to the current line of Juiced ebikes is the 52V architecture that’s much higher than many of the company’s rivals. A higher voltage system allows for more power to be released more quickly. Most e-bikes today go up to around a 48V system that releases power less quickly, allowing for slower and less powerful machines.

Along with the higher voltage, many Juiced e-bikes sport a larger battery of 13-19 Ah, which can mean a 700+ Wh battery that affords a range of 40+ miles.

These electronics are combined with great-looking machines like the Scrambler and Hyperscorpion which resemble mopeds more than e-bikes. Whether you’re looking for a commuter e-bike or an off-road e-bike, Juiced covers pretty much every sector of the market.

One downside is that with the electronics is that Juiced bikes can easily exceed traffic laws. Under most state laws, you’re only allowed to use the throttle up to 20 mph — Juiced e-bikes can reach 30 mph. If you’re aware of this and chill out in front of law enforcement, then this should be less of an issue.

Our Review of Juiced E-Bikes

We love this bold, direct-to-consumer, U.S.-based e-bike company due to the bang for your buck you get for these machines. Well made and durable, they also have superior technology which means you can ride a quick and torquey little e-bike for very little money compared to competitors.

The award-winning e-bike brand has gone from strength to strength since its first Juiced ODK Utility e-bike was launched in 2010, and there’s little sign of that coming to an end.

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