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100 mi


28 mph


8 hrs


119 lbs


Rear Hub


Juiced HyperScrambler 2 Review: Takeaway

Buy it while you can — the last Juiced HyperScramblers will soon be gone. These cutting-edge, low-cost, and high-powered electric bikes have been canceled. We’ll be sorry to see the last of this e-bike with its 52V architecture, great range, and unique look.

Ideal for...

Commuting Long Distances
Utility Riding
Delivery Riding
Family Rides

E-Bike Overview

At the time of writing, Juiced just announced it’s canceling the HyperScrambler 2 classic utility e-bike. It isn’t a classic because it looks old, but more because of the technology that makes the e-bike a very low-cost yet high-range, high-quality, and high-powered commuter e-bike.

Core to the HyperScrambler technological architecture is its 52-volt electrical system and 1,000-Watt RetroBlade motor. This allows for fast charging and high discharge of power. Set in Race Mode, it’ll do 30 mph plus, though there are two other settings for Class 3 (throttle only, 28 mph) and Class 2 (20 mph with or without throttle).

Range is a selling point of this electric bike, too. If you go for the dual, 19.2 Ah battery, you’ll get close to 2 kWh of energy that could offer 100 miles of riding on a good day. The advanced torque and cadence pedal assistance sensors can also help you improve your range by measuring your pedal force 1,000 times a second and applying just the amount of power you need.

With its comfortable moped seat and dual suspension, as well as turning signals, front light, and fenders, the HyperScrambler is and was a modern classic through and through. We can’t wait to see what Juiced replaces it with — and it’ll be replaced, not wiped altogether. The only sad thing about its replacement is that it’ll always be #2 to the original.

Reasons to Buy

If you want a powerful and long-range electric bike that stands head and shoulders over its rivals, then hurry up and buy the HyperScrambler 2 before it’s gone. The HyperScramber 2 doesn’t have many bikes that match it dollar for dollar, especially when you look at all the included extras.

For example, it comes with a loud horn and alarm to warn other drivers and scare off thieves. It also comes with turn signals and brake lights, so other drivers always know your intentions. And the attached passenger seat means you can tote along little ones as long as your combined weight doesn’t exceed 275 lbs.

Things to Consider

Could Juiced offer a bigger payload capacity for their replacement for the HyperScrambler? At 275 lbs, this could limit the courier who wants to deliver a lot of parcels on a run or someone taking a load of books for college. Also, it lacks a rack for cargo.

This electric bike’s high tech comes at a sacrifice — it’s very heavy at 119 lbs. If you were to pay $5,000, you could get an e-bike like the Dōst Kope that’s 40 lbs lighter and will do 100 miles more easily. However, that’s a good $2,000 more than the HyperScrambler retailed for before cancellation.


Rear hub 1,000W Bafang Retroblade, 95 Nm torque
52V, 19.2 Ah frame mounted + optional 19 Ah Range extender — up to 1,998 Wh
LCD Display
Power Delivery
6061 Aluminum
Front and Rear
8-speed, 11-32t cassette
Hydraulic disc, 180mm rotors
20” x 4.25” fat road tires
Fenders, lights, turning signals, horn

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 1,000W motor offers speeds of more than 30 mph on Race Mode. For road legal riding, it can be set to Class 3 or Class 2 according to your requirements. It’s a very heavy e-bike, the motor churns out up to 95 Nm of torque to counteract this. It won’t accelerate explosively thanks to the weight and friction of the fat tires, but short of a gas-powered motorcycle, you won’t get much quicker.


With the dual battery option, you’ll have 1,998 Wh of battery capacity. In real-world riding with an average-weight rider on average terrain, this could be 60 miles of riding in a day. The combined weight of a full 275 lb load and the 119 lb e-bike will mean that the motor and battery are pushing close to 300 lbs. That’s considerably less efficient than lighter long-range e-bikes on the market, but you won’t get those for its stock clearance price of under $3,000.


You’ll be sat in an upright, city bike position riding the HyperScrambler, which should feel natural and comfortable. It has front and rear suspension like a moped, and also like a moped, it has a long, wide padded seat. The 4.25” fat tires on 20” wheels make riding feel like you’re floating on air.


Though the Bafang Retroblade motor is a well-known brand, many other components are of lesser-known makes. These are of lower quality than more expensive machines so may not last as long before major repairs are required. Used as intended and kept in good condition with regular maintenance, expect this e-bike to last for many years.


One of the major selling points of this e-bike is its unique looks. More redolent of a moped than a bicycle, it stands out in every way as a cool-looking electric bike. It’s definitely one you’ll want to be seen riding, whether as a commercial delivery bike or as a car-killing main mode of transport.

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