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Pedego founder Don DiConstanzo had difficulties riding an analog bike up the hill to his home around his 50th birthday. After learning about electric bikes and buying one, he was able to ride up that hill and was inspired to open his own e-bike store. 

Eventually, in 2008, he launched the Pedego brand of electric bikes, opening his first dedicated retail outlet in Huntingdon Beach, California. 

Initially, the brand focused on the Boomer generation of bike riders. But as demand from younger generations grew, the brand expanded its range to sell to leisure, professional, and commuter riders. 

Pedego makes its machines in the U.S. and has more than 200 retail outlets. Unlike many of its rivals, Pedego focuses on the lower to mid-range end of the market, with e-bikes retailing between $1,500-$6,000.

Our Two Cents on Pedego

Many of the components (such as batteries and motors) of the e-bikes made and sold by Pedego are from Southeast Asia. Notwithstanding, the machines themselves are assembled in the United States, making them a strong U.S. brand. 

Pedego doesn’t sell high-priced machines — you won’t spend $10,000 on e-bikes unless you’re buying more than one. Its modest machines put them in a nice price range for both entry-level and mid-tier riders.

A major selling point of the brand is the five-year warranty. This is a warranty that surpasses many of its rivals. All electric bikes also come with anti-theft protection. Again, this offers great peace of mind to customers and is a strong incentive for people to buy a Pedego machine.

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