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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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50 mi


20 mph


5 hrs


59 lbs


Rear Hub


Pedego Comfort Cruiser Review: Takeaway

Pedego’s Comfort Cruiser serves as an incredibly comfortable beach cruiser with a wide range that allows riders to reach up to 20 mph with pedal assist. Its beautiful vintage design, eye-catching colors, and supreme paintwork make it the perfect ride for those more interested in aesthetics than speed. Best of all, its versatility in sizing and frame type means that riders under 5’4” and over 5’8” needn’t miss out on a comfortable ride.

With its wide, swept-back handlebars and comfortable, upright riding position, this model really puts the “cruise” in cruiser. It’s the perfect electric bike for all of your weekend leisure needs, whether you’re roaming the city, hitting the beach, or enjoying a ride at the park.


Ideal for...

Beach Cruising
Urban Biking
Family Riding
Weekend Leisure

E-Bike Overview

The Comfort Cruiser comes with the option of two frame styles (step-thru and classic), two wheel sizes (24” and 26”), and three color choices (red, coral, or midnight blue) to provide each rider with an e-bike that feels like it was individually crafted to their needs. It has a top-grade seven-speed drivetrain that enables smooth shifting and comfortable pedaling, plus it’s equipped with PedalSense® for twist-and-go throttle and five levels of pedal assist.

The 36-volt brushless geared rear hub motor packs ample power for the more casual nature of this electric bike, while its range of 30–50 miles is impressive for its class. Each model also comes with a fixed and adjustable grayscale backlit LCD, which is great for showcasing and recording key information during your ride.

Reasons to Buy

Many fall in love with the Comfort Cruiser’s good looks, yet its impressive lineup of features is what makes this model a true standout in the beach cruiser category. Its sizable rear rack is perfect for storing your riding essentials, while the model’s LCD even contains a handy USB port built into its base. This added feature is great for charging your device while on the go — particularly if you like to activate your GPS or listen to music while cruising.

The model’s versatility in size and frame type is also a huge plus, as it means riders of a wide range of heights can still enjoy this e-bike. The added convenience of a step-thru model is also a huge advantage to shorter riders who would otherwise struggle to mount a classic frame.

While Pedego’s Comfort Cruiser isn’t the most affordable beach cruiser available (nor is it the most expensive, however), its superior comfort and use of high-quality, trusted Pedego products is what gives it excellent value for money.

The Pedego Comfort Cruiser also isn’t without its safety features. These include standard reflectors, an integrated three-LED rear light, and tires containing white sidewalls for extra visibility. The brand’s five-year-limited warranty is also a rarity and will give you added peace of mind.

Things to Consider

Keep in mind that this electric bike is for cruising, so don’t expect it to handle mountainous terrain or reach high speeds. If the maximum speed of 20 mph is sounding too slow for your needs, then consider upgrading to a more powerful beach cruiser, such as the Juiced Scambler, which can reach top speeds of 28 mph.

Despite having a few solid safety features, the Pedego Comfort Cruiser may make riding at night difficult without a front headlight. Thankfully, Pedego does sell an optional headlight that you can add on, and the model is already pre-wired for it.


Available Colors
Red, Coral, Midnight Blue
36V brushless geared rear hub motor with 350-watt nominal power rating
36-volt 10- or 15-amp hour with premium lithium ion 18650 cells
Battery weight
7.6 lb (36V/15AH) or 7 lb (36V/10AH)
3-AMP smart charger with internal fan and charge indicator light
36-volt 18-amp sine wave controller with custom PedalSense® software and waterproof connections
6061-T6 aluminum alloy; integrated reinforced rear rack for battery and storage; internal cable and wire routing
Load capacity
250 lbs
Kenda White Wall 24” x 2.125” OR 26” x 2.3”
Silver Pedego aluminum platform pedal with 9/16” spindle, polymer DU bushing, and integrated pedal reflectors
Mechanical disc with 180 mm rotors
BigStone C300U, fixed, adjustable angle, 2.5" grayscale backlit LCD
Center kickstand, rear LED light, integrated bell, and custom Pedego tool kit included

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



A 350-watt rear hub motor offers 35Nm of torque. This is around half of that offered by the top end mid-drive motors from Bosch and Yamaha. As such, there will be hills that may leave you out of breath as you pedal up them, and we would not recommend pulling away on throttle power, as this will drain the battery. The bike’s weight of around 58 pounds with the battery installed certainly isn’t massive, but it can drag you down a bit.



The lower spec, 36V/10Ah model offers just 360Wh of stored energy. At 20 mph, you won’t get big distances out of this e-bike — expect no more than 25 miles between charges on throttle alone.

The higher spec, 36V/15Ah battery offers over 540Wh of stored energy. That will allow 30-40 miles of riding between charges. As a fairly heavy, steel-framed bike, the Pedego Comfort Cruiser has a heavier weight that will impact range too, making even the upgraded model with the bigger battery less efficient than one made of aluminum or carbon.



With an upright, comfortable riding position with its swept handlebars, the Pedego Comfort Cruiser is a great bike for long, gentle rides. Its large, 24-inch or 26-inch wheels allow the bike to roll over bumps with minimal impact on your arms. Finally, this electric bike comes with a large, comfortable saddle (that has the option of a memory foam upgrade) that will prevent saddle-soreness even from a longer bike ride.



With a 5-year warranty, the Pedego Comfort Cruiser can provide you with peace of mind if anything goes wrong. That said, it should give you many miles without any of its non-consumable components breaking down, as they’re all name brand pieces. As with all electric bikes, you’ll need to change things like the chain, cassette, and brakes every so often.



With its classic beach cruiser looks, the Comfort Cruiser has a timeless look that has only changed from its analog predecessors with the addition of a pannier battery and rear-hub motor. As such, if you’re after a good quality beach cruiser without having to pedal much, then this could well be the e-bike for you. It comes in bright, happy colors like coral, red, and blue so you can rock that summer vibe all year round.


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Written by Robb Dorr
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