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Robb Dorr
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20 mph


4 hrs


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Pedego City Commuter Review: Takeaway

For those who seek to ride a machine made by an up-and-coming U.S. brand of e-bikes built, the Pedego City Commuter has got to be it! This e-bike is a very sound commuter machine that’s ideal for longer runs to work or a day out visiting friends around town.

We like the top-spec version with its 720Wh battery. With just an extra half a pound of weight, it almost doubles the available range of the machine. Delivering a whopping 95 Nm of torque, the mid-drive motor is ideal for extremely hilly cities. You’ll hardly notice the incline with this industry-leading level of power for a mid-range commuter bike.

Ideal for...

Visiting friends
Urban utility
Cycle touring

E-Bike Overview

Pedego has a bit of a reputation for making heavyweight, low-efficiency electric bikes. Here, it’s created a very competitive electric bike that goes head to head with European machines like those made by Raleigh and Haibike.

The Pedego City Commuter’s main selling point is its powerful, mid-drive motor. Not for those who use the throttle most of the time, this is a pedal-assist (PAS) machine first and foremost designed for you to ride with power assistance. It comes with five levels of assist so you can choose how much help you need.

And when it comes time to use the throttle, all you have to do is twist and go. The 7-speed Shimano drivetrain also offers great ratios for economical riding even on hilly city streets like Portland, Oregon.

This e-bike even offers three frame options so you can find your perfect fit, no matter your size or height.

Reasons to Buy

Delivering 95 Nm of torque, the motor beats the tar out of equivalent-priced electric bikes using Bosch or Yamaha motors that only offer around 50-60 Nm for bikes. What this means is it kicks like a mule on hills, allowing even the least fit and energetic riders to feel no fear when it comes to a climb.

The next point to consider is that all of the bikes in this range come with Slime innertube sealant as standard. Slime sealant will save you from having to do anything more than pump the tire up after most punctures.

Another selling point for this electric bike is the included toolkit for those moments when you find yourself in need of a repair. This means you shouldn’t be stuck if you break down on the road.

Things to Consider

Though the weight penalty for the extra large battery is just 0.4 lbs, the price penalty is far higher. The machine with the 48V, 15Ah battery is $700 more than the entry-level model with the 48V, 10Ah battery.

The lower-end model will not get you more than 46 miles on a day’s riding. The higher model does get you up to 76 miles, but for $3,695, there may well be better European machines out there with in-tube batteries and a lower relative cost.


500W, 48V brushless mid-drive
480Wh or 720Wh mounted on rear pannier
Power delivery
Pedal assist (PAS) and throttle
3.5” backlit LCD screen
6061-T6 aluminum alloy
Shimano Acera 7-speed with 12-32 tooth cassette
Star Union 2-piston hydraulic disc with 180mm front and rear rotors
28” wheels with 2.0” wide tires and Slime anti-puncture sealant
Integrated lights, kickstand, toolkit and mudguards

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Offering up to 95 Newton meters of torque, the mid-drive motor will handle even the nastiest hills of San Francisco without you breaking a sweat. The Pedego City Commuter will be able to take you to your destination without the need to pedal thanks to the throttle.

As with all Class 2 e-bikes, it is limited to 20 mph, but with the sheer power of the 500W motor, you’ll quickly get up to speed. The road tires have minimal rolling resistance, so little of the power will be wasted in friction with the road or track surface.


The lower-end model has a 10-amp-hour battery, and the higher-end model has a 15-amp-hour battery. Thanks to having a mid-drive motor and torque sensors, the setup is one of the most efficient Pedego makes across its entire line of e-bikes.

Expect to get a realistic 40 miles of range from the smaller battery on pedal assist mode and 60+ from the larger battery option. You’ll get fewer miles using the throttle, as this is far less efficient than pedal assist. Range will also be impacted by things like terrain, weather conditions, and cargo/rider weight.


With its swept-back, adjustable-height handlebars and upright, classic riding position, the Pedego City Commuter is comfortable even after a long ride. There’s even an extra soft saddle and faux leather stitched grips to minimize soreness.

Thanks to the 28” wheels and 2” wide balloon Kevlar-belted tires, the bike will roll over many of the lumps and bumps in the road or track. However, since it lacks suspension forks, it’s best ridden on paved roads or cycle tracks only.


Relative to the e-bikes made by Pedego with rear-hub motors, this e-bike will require a lot more regular maintenance. This is compounded by having a throttle on the mid-drive motor.

Mid-drive motors transmit their power through the chain and cassette pedal drivetrain, which causes wear and stretch more quickly. Keep an eye on these, and expect to replace the chain every 500-700 miles. Oil regularly to maintain the condition of the drivetrain. Brake pads and cables should also be checked regularly and replaced every 700-1000 miles.

Pedego offers a lifetime warranty on its frames and five years on its forks and wheels.



With its Anvil Blue color scheme and upright style, this e-bike is a refinement of a classic style. It’s the sort of machine that doesn’t shout its presence but instead quietly proves its worth, hill by hill and mile by mile.

Not for the brash and shouty type of rider, the Pedego City Commuter is more suited to someone who appreciates style as opposed to fashion. We love its refined and muted looks from frame to wheel size.

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