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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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56 mi


28 mph


6 hrs


54.4 lbs


Rear Hub


Pedego Ridge Rider Review: Takeaway

As you’d expect from a high-quality mountain e-bike, the Pedego Ridge Rider tackles any terrain you throw at it. Features such as responsive torque sensing assist, hydraulic disc brakes, and puncture-protected wheels create a powerful, durable, and safe ride. This is especially important for riders who love to push their limits on more advanced trails with steep climbs and descents.

The beauty of this electric mountain bike, however, is that it also contains some inclusions (like a sturdy kickstand, rear rack mounting points, and a streamlined battery-integrated frame) to make it suitable as an urban or commuter e-bike. Therefore, the Pedego Ridge Rider is perfect for those looking for a product that effortlessly blends work and play — all for under $5,000.

While the higher price point of the Pedego Ridge Rider can be a deterrent to some, keep in mind that you do get what you pay for. If you’re after a premium e-bike capable of scaling even the toughest of hills and taking you on thrilling adventures off the beaten track, look no further.


Ideal for...

Off-road trails
Mountain biking
Urban biking

E-Bike Overview

The Ridge Rider is full of features that contribute to its sturdy build and smooth riding ability. These include the heavy-duty 6061 Aluminum Alloy frame, as well as the RockShox Recon suspension fork with 120mm of travel for ultimate traction. 

Impressively, Pedego’s advanced 48V battery uses the same cutting-edge lithium-ion cells as an electric vehicle. Even though it only weighs 8.2 lbs, it can take you up to 56 miles on a single charge.

The model’s 27.5” wheels also offer the ideal balance between swift, sturdy 29″ wheels and responsive, lightweight 26″ wheels. Additional enhancements such as puncture protection also give the Ridge Rider the necessary durability you would hope for in a more premium mountain e-bike.

Reasons to Buy

If you assume a powerful mountain e-bike needs to have a heavy, large, or rattling motor, the Ridge Rider is here to prove you wrong. Its innovative electronics, lightweight battery, and whisper-quiet motor work together to provide a superior riding experience — minus the bulk.

The brand’s five-year “no excuses” warranty provides the ultimate peace of mind, especially for an e-bike that isn’t afraid to be put to its limits on mountain rides.

Finally, the Ridge Rider’s versatility is second-to-none. If you only want to add one e-bike to your collection, yet desire a product that can be used for both commuting during the week and hitting the trails on the weekend, then this is the one.

Things to Consider

While the model does include a quick-release feature on the front wheel, it’s lacking this for the rear. This can make changing the rear tire more troublesome if a puncture were to occur — especially while you’re out on the trails. 

The Ridge Rider may also be subject to low visibility and safety at night, as the model lacks integrated lighting on the front and rear, as well as reflective sidewalls on the tires.


Black 48V brushless geared rear hub motor; 749-watt nominal power rating; 60NM torque
48V 14 AMP hour with premium lithium ion 18650 cells
Pedego fanless 2 AMP smart charger
6061 Aluminum Alloy, available in both classic or step-thru
Load capacity
250 lbs
Maxxis Ardent 27.5” X 2.25”; single rubber compound; 60 TPI casing / folding bead; silk shield puncture protection
Black Wellgo aluminum platform pedal
Magura hydraulic disc brakes
3.5” Backlit LCD screen with Canbus Communication
Custom Pedego toolkit and center kickstand included

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 750-watt motor offers only 65 Newton meters of torque which really isn’t competitive with similarly priced eMTBs made by Specialized or Giant for example. With a rear-hub motor, the Ridge Rider has more pedal lag than mid-drive motors that give power in a heartbeat compared to this setup. The bike’s weight of 46 lbs (plus an 8-lb battery) also slows things down a bit — as does carrying around a heavier load.



Pedego’s claimed 56-mile range would likely be achieved with a very slim rider riding on flat terrain on a very smooth surface. Even with the 672Wh battery, you’re not going to see big mileage from this battery. On a typical cross-country ride with 100 ft of climb per mile, you’ll see considerably less than that — a good range on this e-bike will be closer to 35-40 miles.



Sitting in a comfortable trekking position, you’ll be able to use your upper body to shift your weight around for the optimum riding position while off-road. This doesn’t necessarily make the Pedego Ridge Rider ideal for long-distance road riding — it’s better suited to getting about off the beaten track. With high quality, puncture-resistant mountain bike tires and 100mm travel RockShox air sprung forks, the e-bike will be comfortable on all your long off-road rides.



As standard, Pedego offers a limited five-year guarantee on all its e-bikes. This guarantee will cover things like the motor, battery, and other components that would otherwise be very expensive to replace. As with all e-bikes, you’ll still need to replace the chain, cassette, brake pads, and even rotors periodically through the first five years of use. These are all subject to wear and tear from normal use and won’t be covered under the Pedego warranty. The 10-speed drivetrain will give you easy shifting on your rides, but it does require a little more care than, say, a 7-speed system.



While not extremely beautiful as far as eMTBs are concerned, the Pedego Ridge Rider is nice enough to look at thanks to its well-shaped downtube and sturdy looks. Form and function work hand in hand to achieve a perfectly nice electric bike. The color scheme — dark gray — suits its purpose for off-roading. While no classic, it’s certainly not a machine you’d be embarrassed to be seen on the road riding.


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