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What Makes A Good E-Bike For Small Spaces And Storage?

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Folding e-bikes are perfect for anyone who needs a small storage bike option. Here's what defines an excellent small e-bike so you can make the best decision for you.
Written by Rob Latham
Contributing Author
Taylor Moon
Edited by Taylor Moon
Managing Editor

As people lead increasingly busy city lives, giving up a bicycle for a car or motorbike or using the bus, subway, or train can be easy. However, the growth in popularity of electric bikes is also seeing a rise in foldable e-bikes in cities worldwide. These easy-to-store e-bikes can be kept in the smallest spaces at home or in the office or taken on public transportation, making them ideal for commuting around the city.

So if you need a bike that fits in with your busy city lifestyle or can be taken on vacation, this guide will help you discover what makes the best folding e-bike for small spaces.

Benefits of Folding E-Bikes

Folding e-bikes are ideal for people who live in small apartments as they’re easy to fold down and stow away in small spaces, such as under a desk, in a wardrobe, or under the coatstand.

These practical vehicles are increasingly popular with travelers. They can easily be carried onto public transportation, such as buses or trains, taken onto some airplanes, and packed away in a car trunk.

Folding e-bikes also offer security advantages. Leaving your e-bike in public bike parking stations or outside your apartment block can be risky, but a folding e-bike can be taken into the office or house, meaning it never leaves your sight.

Key Features Of An Ideal Folding E-Bike

As folding e-bikes become available from more manufacturers, it’s vital to understand the key features that guide your purchase decision. For example:

Size and weight: Folding e-bikes are lightweight by design, often weighing as little as 20 pounds. So look out for an e-bike that folds down small and isn’t too heavy to walk around with.

Simple portability: Folding e-bikes are also designed to be easy to carry around and stored in small spaces. The bike needs to be quick and simple to fold down and easily carry upstairs, through town, or on public transport. Some folding e-bikes can also be rolled by your side as opposed to being carried by hand.

Performance vs. compact design: Folding e-bikes are great if you want a portable, highly practical bike that’s easy to carry around and transport. However, while they tend to have good initial acceleration over a short distance, they tend to lack riding performance, such as handling, power, and speed, compared to full-size e-bikes.

What Are The Leading Folding E-Bikes?

A wide range of manufacturers offer folding e-bikes that are ideal for busy city living or taking away on vacation. But the leading folding e-bikes include:

Lectric XP Lite: The Lectric XP Lite is a leading folding e-bike that offers a solid range of 40 miles per charge. It also has a top speed of 20 mph and is pretty lightweight at 46lbs.

Engwe EP2-Pro: If speed is your objective, then the Engwe EP2-Pro may be the e-bike for you. This Class 3 folding e-bike will have you flying along at up to 28 mph but weighs in a little heavy at 75 lbs.

Fiido L3 Long Range: If you’re looking for a folding e-bike that’ll take you long distances, look no further than the Fiido L3 Long Range. Fiido’s e-bike offers an impressive range of 120 miles, costs less than $1,000, weighs 52 lbs, and offers a top speed of 16mph.

Nakto Folding OX: Folding e-bikes aren’t typically associated with off-roading, but the Nakto Folding OX offers plenty of power and small fat tires ideal for rugged terrains. It offers a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 22 miles but weighs in at 66 lbs.

Safely Storing Your Folding E-Bike In Small Spaces

A folding e-bike can be stored away in small spaces, but keeping it in a cool, dry location ensures the bike remains safe and retains its performance level. Avoid storing the bike outside, where extreme weather conditions could damage components like the battery, brakes, drivetrain, and motor. And avoid storing it in locations where it could be knocked over, overheat, or get wet.

Balance Functionality and Practicality With A Folding E-Bike

Folding e-bikes are ideal for people living in the hustle and bustle of city life or are frequently on the road to replace their car or motorbike. The vehicles are lightweight and compact, meaning they can be easily carried around, taken on public transport, and stored away in small spaces.

Feeling inspired to get yourself an easily portable electric bike? Check out our guide to the best folding e-bikes on the market.

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