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15 mi


15.5 mph


5 hrs


34 lbs


Rear Hub


Jetson Bolt Review: Takeaway

The Jetson Bolt is the perfect product for those who want the thrill and convenience of an electric ride without committing to an actual e-bike. This is because the Jetson Bolt doesn’t actually contain pedals or gears, meaning riders can hop on, give the throttle a twist, and be on their way. Many compare it to more of a scooter than an e-bike.

The small yet mighty bike has a very affordable price of just $399.99, making it very appealing to those looking to enter the electric mobility market. It also makes it particularly appealing to younger riders, like teens, who are looking for a product that’s fun, convenient, and built for cruising around town.

Ideal for...

Urban Biking
Compact design

E-Bike Overview

The Jetson Bolt’s simplicity is reflected in its design. A straightforward twist throttle directly regulates how much power the 250-watt motor produces, while an uncomplicated four-bar LED display shows how much battery life remains.

The compact aluminum frame has natural weather-resistant properties (unlike steel), while the handlebars fold down, making the e-bike easier to both store and transport.

Despite its smaller frame size, the Jetson Bolt is surprisingly strong. It has a maximum load capacity of 265 lbs, which is on par with some larger and more expensive e-bike models. It also comes with some great features, such as front and rear fenders for preventing tire spray-off, as well as a front LED headlight for visibility at night.

Reasons to Buy

With its lightweight frame, compact body, foldable handlebars, and built-in carrying handle, the Jetson Bolt is the perfect budget-friendly commuter. It weighs just 34 lbs, meaning it won’t be a hassle to tote it up stairs or on public transit.

Unlike a lot of other e-bike products, the Jetson Bolt arrives mostly assembled and takes just 10 minutes on average to set up. You won’t need an engineering degree to put it all together.

The Bolt also offers buyers additional peace of mind with a one-year limited warranty and 30-day return policy. At less than $400, it provides riders with a simple way to commute to work, school, or around the city — all without breaking the bank.

Things to Consider

With a 36V and 6.0Ah battery, the Jetson Bolt isn’t designed to be a long-distance e-bike. For those wanting a similar style e-bike that comes with a longer range, consider the slightly more beefed-up Bolt Pro for $599.99.

While the compact frame is convenient, it does have its drawbacks — especially for taller individuals. The frame, seat, and handlebars aren’t able to be adjusted, so consider a larger-framed e-bike if height may be an issue.


250-watt hub motor
36V, 6.0Ah lithium-ion
Aluminum alloy
Load capacity
265 lbs
12 1/2" x 2 1/4" rubber tires
Rear disc brake
LCD display
Front and rear fenders, front LED headlight and kickstand

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



Designed to handle a slope of up to 15 degrees, the Jetson Bolt won’t get you around San Francisco unless you’re just pottering about the seafront. Its maximum speed is 15 mph, and it lacks pedals to get beyond that. The 250W motor is ample for the bike’s relatively small size, but if you’re anything approaching its maximum payload weight of 265 lbs, don’t expect speed records on any decent slope.

Where younger riders are concerned, low speed is a good safety measure. The slower they ride, the smaller the injury they’re likely to face. This may comfort the parent considering buying one for their offspring.


With a maximum range of 15 miles (on the flat), the Jetson Bolt is no long-range e-bike. Hills and rider/cargo weight will further impact the range. And once the battery runs out on this bike, you have to either charge it or carry it home thanks to the lack of pedals. However, for the younger rider, the 15-mile range may well be all they ever need


The Jetson Bolt is designed to be comfortable enough, but nothing luxurious. The one-size-fits-all approach definitely reduces comfort for some. If young teenagers are comfortable riding it, then a 6’2” adult may find themselves a bit hunched up on this bike.

The saddle is adjustable, but the handlebars aren’t, so even if you were to get a seat post that’s longer than the one provided, you’ll still end up leaning forward uncomfortably. This e-bike also lacks suspension forks and decent-sized wheels, so the rider will feel every undulation of the road or track.


This e-bike comes with a one-year warranty. Though a very simple design with few moving parts to break, the battery can’t be removed. Batteries degrade at a rate of 20% every 1,000 charging cycles or so, so with hard daily use (full charge and discharge daily, 365 days a year), this e-bike may lose range after two years.

Few would put anything like that much use into this e-bike. Assuming two full charges/discharges a week (still quite heavy use), this will last almost 10 years before you see such degradation.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this e-bike is no supermodel. Its jet-black and red color scheme is appealing enough, and its dinky form is pleasant with its tiny wheels and overall profile.

Jetson has dared to be different with its ultra-low pricing and very basic electric bikes for those with the smallest budgets. As such, for what you pay, this isn’t a bad-looking machine.

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