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Robb Dorr
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15 mi


15.5 mph


5 hrs


48 lbs


Rear Hub


Jetson Haze Review: Takeaway

A lightweight, foldable electric bike that can do shorter journeys, the Jetson Haze has a number of cool features that make it great for multi-modal commuting or traveling.

At just 48 lbs (less with the battery removed), this bike has a small and light profile when folded down. This can mean you can put the battery in your backpack and carry the machine under your arm when getting between the train platform and the road.

Another good use for this e-bike is as a runabout when traveling, perhaps while camping or yachting. Folding small, it will pack in the trunk of your car or boat’s hold with all the other gear you need.

Ideal for...

Taking sailing on a yacht as a runabout
Taking on holiday
Multi-modal commuting
Occasional casual rides

About the Jetson Haze

The Jetson Haze is a relatively light, affordable folding electric bike that will suit your needs if traveling or commuting. The bike has a small range of 12-15 miles — but it’s more than enough for someone who may commute to work or school from the outskirts of town. For longer rides, you could buy a spare battery to extend the range.

With its small dimensions when folded down (30″x 18″x 28″), it can be kept in a cupboard or in the trunk of your car. The handlebars, frame, and pedals all fold down, as does the seat post.

For occasional use and as an affordable electric bike, the Haze does the job well. Folding small and giving a reasonable range for its size, this is a great machine for its price point and size.

Reasons to Buy

With its great price, the Jetson Haze is a bargain. Similar bikes can cost over $1,000, so the Haze is a great way to test the e-bike waters before jumping in on a more expensive model.

Another important feature of this electric bike is that the battery can be removed. This is useful in reducing the weight of the bike when being carried. It also allows battery charging without the machine being right next to the power socket.

It also comes with a lockable rear wheel that will prevent thieves from riding it — though if it isn’t locked to a secure post, it could still be carried away.

Things to Consider

A bigger battery could offer the rider more range. Having pointed this out, the Haze isn’t comfortable for long-distance rides, and together with the range, this makes it a good occasional-use electric bike.

While Jetson offers you the chance to purchase a second battery to improve range, this costs $129.99. Riders who don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing their battery on the go might be better off putting that money toward a bike with better range, such as the J8 Electric Bike. It comes with double the range — and a lower weight — for just $400 more.


Rear hub, 350W
UL 100-240V
48V, 7.5AH lithium-ion
Power delivery
3 levels of pedal assist
Weight limit
265 lbs
Folded dimensions
Rear-wheel anti-theft locking device

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



With its 350-watt motor and maximum speed of 15.5 mph, the Jetson Haze isn’t made for fast journeys. However, 15.5 mph is about right for a fast cruise on the flat. Having a rear-hub motor, it may struggle on big hills without any gears. When using the throttle, you may find yourself pedaling on some inclines.

If the tires are pumped up to recommended levels, then acceleration will be quick, and overall, it should be a fun little bike to ride.


The 48V battery will run for just over an hour with the motor at full power. This would put the maximum range on flat terrain at about 16-17 miles.

One of the advantages of a rear-hub motor is that it offers little or no resistance should you just switch the motor off and pedal. This could allow you to conserve the battery for the ride home when you’re tired at the end of the day. Be aware that hills, poor weather, and rider weight will impact the range you can achieve on any electric bike.


For shorter rides, perhaps from the marina/RV park to the grocery store or restaurant, the Jetson Haze is comfortable enough. You’ll be in an upright position and only really use your arms for steering. Thanks to the throttle, you can sit back and cruise with minimal discomfort.

On longer runs, however, its basic design could be uncomfortable. The small wheels won’t take rough terrain well, and without suspension forks, this bike will let you feel every lump and bump you encounter.


Lacking a pedal gear system and having a rear-hub motor, the Jetson Haze is a low-maintenance machine. Keep the chain oiled and check the brake pads every 700 or so miles, and there’s every reason to believe this e-bike will last you many years.

Jetson offers a one-year limited warranty on all of its electric bikes, but by keeping the bike well-maintained, it should outlast the warranty by some margin.


This is an unarguably funky little bike. Utilitarian to look at, its overall design suggests it’s fun to ride. We like the matte black color scheme and overall appearance. The brake rotors look large on the dinky little wheels, and this adds to the funky look. It’s definitely a bike no one would laugh at you riding, and one suited both to older and younger riders alike.

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