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Robb Dorr
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22 mi


16 mph


4 hrs


43 lbs


Rear Hub


Jetson Journey Review: Takeaway

An electric bike that won’t break the bank and will comfortably get where you where you’re going, the newly updated Jetson Journey 2.0 is a great, basic e-bike.

We think it’s best for older people or those who don’t need an electric bike that will do crazy distances in a day at high speeds — its top speed of 16 mph is fine for a quick spin. Its low-step geometry makes it easier to mount, making for an accessible machine that will replace the car in many instances.

Ideal for...

Getting around town
Shorter distance commuting
Grocery shopping
Visiting family and friends
Running errands

E-Bike Overview

The Jetson Journey costs a little under $1,500, making it quite affordable for an e-bike of this category. While it won’t break any ground with its technology, it’s a comfortable and good-looking machine perfect for many people’s needs.

The e-bike delivers speeds of up to 16 mph and offers a comfortable range of around 20 miles with its 36V, 7.8Ah battery. It comes with lights for low light riding, and the mudguards will keep the worst of road dirt from your clothes.

For those days when the rider does do a few more miles than the battery can manage, the electric bike has a 21-speed drivetrain. This allows you to ride uphill and down without asking for too much support from the motor, extending the range you can ride.

The 16 mph top speed on this electric bike is good enough for the Jetson Journey’s target market of older adults. It’s just the right speed for a journey on cycle paths with the family. But if you ever felt the need for more adventure, the Jetson Journey 2.0 can also tackle forest paths thanks to its suspension forks and decent mechanical disc brakes.

Reasons to Buy

A great bike for those who might want to get about without using the car for shorter journeys, the Jetson Journey 2.0 does just enough while looking great.

With its lights, panniers, and mudguards it can be ridden after dark and in inclement weather, as well as allowing the rider to carry their groceries from the store to their home.

We also like the included LCD display that offers data on your remaining battery life, current speed, and distance traveled.

Finally, the 21-speed gear selection is a bit of a rarity with e-bikes. This gives you more control over how much you pedal up and down hills.

Things to Consider

The battery cannot be removed for charging. This will mean that you will have to have a spot in your garage or home to take it inside to plug in. If the battery could be removed, this would allow the bike to be kept outdoors while being charged.

The max weight limit is also 220 lbs, which isn’t very much if you’re a bigger rider. That also doesn’t leave a ton of room for cargo. However, lighter riders will have no issues.


Rear hub, 250W
36V, 7.8Ah rechargeable lithium-ion
Aluminum alloy
Power delivery
Pedal assist
LCD display
Front & rear lights, mudguards, rear pannier
21 speed
Mechanical disc
Weight limit
220 lbs

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 250-watt motor isn’t designed to win races. Its top speed is 16 mph, which is as low as Class 1 e-bikes go. However, for the bike’s intended purpose — fun runs out with the kids or to do a little shopping — the power is ample.

Acceleration is helped with the narrow road tires. As long as you’re not on any surface rougher than lawns or a bike path, the power is ample.

This probably isn’t the right e-bike if you live in a very hilly city like Portland or San Francisco because such riding will drain the battery very quickly. For flatter terrain, it will be in its element.


A 7.8Ah battery won’t deliver great range on an electric bike like this. The battery can’t be removed from the frame either, which prevents you from having a spare in your backpack. Expect to get up to 22 miles max per charge. For its intended purpose, though, the range is adequate.

It’s relatively low in weight, too, which allows for a better power-to-weight ratio, and therefore, greater efficiency.


Sat in an upright position with minimal strain on the upper body, the Jetson Journey is designed for you to enjoy relaxed, leisurely riding. Thanks to its low-step frame, the bike is ideal for older riders and those with limited mobility.

Fixed forks and narrow road tires mean that the bike won’t like rough terrain beyond a gravel bike path, but the 27” wheels will roll over the lumps and bumps comfortably. You may wish to invest in a wider and more comfortable saddle should the supplied one be uncomfortable.


Being pedal assist only, this is an electric bike that will thank you for regularly oiling its chain. If you ride daily, do this weekly or after riding in the wet. If you have the technical skill, check the chain for stretch every 700-900 miles.

Jetson offers a one-year, limited warranty on all its electric bikes — which isn’t very long. Get it serviced annually, as Jetson won’t help if anything goes wrong after the first 12 months.


The feminine, low-step frame makes the Jetson Journey a pretty bike. You can ride it wearing a skirt with no issues. The appearance will make you look good as you ride it.

The soft blue color scheme makes the bike ideal for summer riding, and we like the fenders being in the same color, too. With the 27” wheels, the e-bike is in good proportions and has a very classic, traditional look that almost hides the fact that it’s electric.

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