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Written by Robb Dorr
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15 mi


15 mph


4 hrs


36 lbs


Rear Hub


Jetson LX10 Folding Ride On Review: Takeaway

With a compact, foldable design and no foot pedals, the Jetson LX10 Folding Ride On isn’t your average e-bike. Instead, it’s designed for those looking for a convenient, affordable, and motorized ride that’ll get them from A to B — whether that’s the office, a friend’s house, or exploring the city.

The smaller size of this e-bike makes it most suitable for small-statured riders aged 12 and over. The inclusion of footrests, as opposed to pedals, also means this e-bike is designed for those who don’t want to break a sweat while riding. This makes the product comparable to a motorized scooter, as riders can sit back and let the 250-watt motor do the work.

Finally, the Jetson LX10’s minimal range and low top speed mean it’s not one for hitting the trails or embarking on a day trip. Instead, it’s designed with convenience, ease of storage, and short daily commutes in mind.



Ideal For...

Urban Biking

E-Bike Overview

Features such as footrests, twist throttle acceleration, and a cruise control setting mean the Jetson LX10 is built for ease of use. There’s no need to pedal to speed up, nor do you have to apply pressure to the throttle constantly to maintain your speed.

Measuring just 38”×19”×36”, this e-bike is one of the smallest on the market. It can be folded down even further for easy stowing in your trunk or compact spaces (like underneath your bed). This folding design also makes it easy to take with you on public transport.

An LED headlight and rear light provide good illumination when riding at night, along with extra visibility to keep you safe. The front and rear fenders prevent the spray of mud and grime, not only keeping you clean while you ride but also lessening the chances of grit working its way into critical components of your bike.

Reasons to buy

There are two major selling points to the Jetson LX10: the price and the convenience of its foldable, compact design.

Retailing for just $399.99, the product provides an incredibly affordable, entry-level e-bike for those wanting the thrill of a motorized ride.

Additionally, the easy folding mechanism makes the storage and transportation of this e-bike a breeze, meaning it can easily be carried up or down stairs, tucked away underneath your work desk, or stored in a small apartment without any hassles.

It’s also one of the more adolescent-friendly e-bike designs on the market, giving riders aged 12 and over a great little product to ride around on without speed presenting too much of a risk.

Things to Consider

The Jetson LX10’s small and compact design means it isn’t well-suited to tall riders. For a larger Jetson e-bike that still provides the convenience of a foldable design, taller adults may wish to consider the Haze Folding Electric Bike, which costs $899.99 and offers greater length, width, and height.

This e-bike provides good value for those just wanting a simple commute, however, it isn’t for the more serious rider or anyone wanting off-road capabilities. A lack of pedals and suspension, as well as small wheels, means it’s only suited to smooth terrain.


Red, blue, black, graphite
Folded Dimensions
38" x 9" x 27"
Unfolded Dimensions
38” × 19” × 36”
250-watt rear wheel motor
36V, 6Ah lithium-ion battery
Aluminum frame with easy folding mechanism
Load capacity
260 lb
No pedals (footrest only)
Hand and disc brake
Small LED display on handlebar
Kickstand, LED headlight and rear light, front and rear fenders

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 250-watt rear hub motor delivers just enough power to get to a maximum speed of 15.5mph. Without pedals, however, this will mean a lot of battery drain to get up to speed. Its small 10” wheels will add to this issue of power delivery, as it’ll struggle on hilly terrain.

Thanks to having slick road tires, more power from the motor is transmitted to the road as speed and acceleration. That’s a plus side to its basic design. Another plus is with the relatively small battery in terms of weight, it’ll accelerate quicker if the load is lower.




The Jetson LX10’s 216-watt-hour battery won’t offer a great amount of range. Lacking pedals, it doesn’t offer a way of minimizing battery use, and if you’re a heavier rider, you won’t get great distances. However, as a runabout when RVing or boating, or just getting from your apartment to work, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The 15-mile range promoted by Jetson shouldn’t be taken too literally. Add in some hills, and this electric bike would struggle to get 10 on a good day. If you push the maximum payload of 260 lbs, don’t expect great battery performance — you may only get 5-7 miles on hills with this sort of load.




With an upright, city bike position, the Jetson LX10 is comfortable for shorter runs. Without a suspension and with its basic handlebars, it’s only suitable for road use. The tiny 10” wheels add to this aspect, making the Jetson LX10 really only for occasional use — perhaps getting around a town with your car or RV as a base.

Taller riders may find this an uncomfortable ride, as they may have to lean over and put weight into their upper bodies. Comfort is a sacrifice made for its basic design.




With fewer working parts than chain driven electric bike equivalents, this electric bike has decent durability. Rear hub motors require little maintenance. Regular use may impact battery life, and therefore its overall longevity, thanks to lacking a pedal drivetrain.

If you do get to 700 miles of riding on this bike before anything serious goes wrong, you’ll need to replace the brake pads — the only consumable parts it has. This can be done for around $20, and since this is the only regular maintenance other than charging, is no great effort as electric bikes go.




This is an unarguably quirky-looking electric bike that some might love and others might hate. If you like riding around with people staring while trying to make their minds up whether they love or hate it, then this might be the electric bike for you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so they say. At the very least, the bright red or blue body is a pleasing color.



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