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28 mph


6 hrs


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Trek Allant+ 8S Stagger Review: Takeaway

If you’re after a powerful electric road bike that will deliver power up to 28 mph, the Trek Allant 8+ Stagger could well be it. For an electric bike with a price of just under $4,500, you won’t find a much speedier option.

We love the range on this — even in a mid-power setting, you’ll get up to 60 miles, which is more than enough for a day in the saddle. For those considering the odd day’s trekking on your electric bike, the 500Wh range extender can give you a total distance of 100 miles of economical riding.

Ideal for...

Navigating new routes
Riding around your town
Trekking holidays with 75+ mile legs

E-Bike Overview

Could the Trek Allant 8+ Stagger be the new king of electric utility bikes? With its COBI.Bike smartphone control system, great range, and Bosch Performance Speed mid-drive motor, this is the apex machine where city cycling is concerned.

The COBI.Bike app acts as an onboard computer, letting you see your distance, speed, and other stats. Many riders end up clipping their phone to the handlebars anyway, so the ability to control the electric bike through the smartphone is a breath of fresh air. The e-bike can even act as a charger, allowing you to navigate big rides without killing the phone’s battery.

Reasons to Buy

As with many Trek e-bikes, you have the choice of three frame sizes: S, M, and L. This lets you enjoy a nice ride no matter your height.

We also like the Bosch Performance Speed motor. Light and powerful, it will keep on pushing even as you get up to 28 mph.

Finally, another unique feature is the Removable Integrated Battery compartment. You can store your battery directly in the frame and remove it without any extra tools.

Things to Consider

Pedaling at close to 30 mph will make you break a sweat! Your legs will pump so hard at those speeds with the 11-tooth highest gear that it might be uncomfortable. Reaching 20-25 mph is a fast cruise on any electric bike, so this may just be too powerful.

While the Allant 8+ Stagger doesn’t come with a throttle, we don’t think it needs one. Given that it has such a large battery and great power output on pedal assist, you won’t break a sweat on a normal ride.

The Trek Allant 8+ Stagger is light and efficient compared to other e-bikes with big power and long range, but this comes at the sacrifice of its hefty price tag.


Bosch Performance Speed, 85Nm
625Wh in-tube with optional 500Wh range extender
Pedal assist/ throttle
Pedal assist only
Smartphone via COBI.Bike app
Allant+ rigid alloy fork, 1-1/8" steel steerer, 100x15mm thru axle, post mount disc brake
Bontrager E6 Hard-Case Lite 27.5 x 2.40" w/reflective stripe
10-speed Shimano Deore M4100 11-42T rear cassette
Kickstand, front and rear lights, panniers

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The Alliant+ 8S Stagger is a Class-3 e-bike that’ll take you up to 28 mph. Given that the smallest sprocket on the cassette has 11 teeth, you’ll find yourself pedaling hard to achieve this speed. Reaching the top speed will require power support on all but the fastest downhill stretches, and though that can be fun, it’s a little beyond the needs of most riders since typical riding is at 15-20 mph on the flat.

The 2.4” tires will offer a lot of rolling resistance, too, meaning you’ll drain the battery fairly quickly on a 28 mph sprint. Other factors that can impact riding speed are hills, weather conditions, and rider/cargo weight.



Because it’s too powerful, the Alliant+ 8S Stagger also goes through battery quite quickly at higher speeds. However, if ridden sensibly at speeds of 15-20 mph on lower power settings, you’ll get 50 miles out of the 625 Wh battery without too much worry.

Remember that with hilly terrain and higher rider weight/cargo loads as well as inclement weather conditions, you’ll get fewer miles per charge. Rider style (and responsibility toward other road users) is another factor.


Sat in an upright, classic position, you’ll find the Alliant+ 8S Stagger a comfortable ride on the road. The e-bike has rigid alloy forks meant specifically for road use. It also comes with quite wide, 2.4” tires on 27.5” wheels that will handle most uneven surfaces.

One piece of technology that adds to your comfort is the ability to use your phone as the main controller. You’ll only have to look in one spot for all the parameters of your ride. On other e-bikes, you’ll be looking away from the road for longer as you look at different screens.

This bike isn’t ideal for riders under 5’1” or over 6’1”, but it’s comfortable for those in the most common adult height range.


If ridden hard, this e-bike will require regular maintenance. One of the key factors affecting chain and cassette life is the wattage put through the pedals. Ridden normally, the chain may stretch beyond tolerance every 750 miles or so. Ridden at the max 28 mph speed regularly, these components will last fewer miles.

Trek offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and a two-year warranty on things like the forks. Meanwhile, motor and battery supplier Bosch offers five years on its motors.


Offered in a light gray or black color scheme, the Allant+ 8S Stagger is a stylish and modern electric bike you’ll love to be seen riding on. Its shape is very much of the current style with its slightly square tubes and comfortable geometry. The 27.5” wheels and comfortably wide road tires make for an electric bike that’s pleasing to the eye.

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Written by Robb Dorr
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