Aventon Sinch Electric Fat Bike Review

Robb Dorr
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40 mi


20 mph


5 hrs


68 lbs


Rear Hub


Aventon Sinch Electric Fat Bike Review: Takeaway

The Aventon Sinch isn’t your average folding e-bike. With its 4” fat tires, a sturdy frame, and a suspension fork, this model can be stored under your desk as well as taken on adventures. This makes it a popular choice among those who want a hardy and powerful e-bike to take camping or on their RV road trips.

At $1,799, the Sinch provides great value for the money. Aventon has packed a number of features into this folding fat tire bike, from a colorful and easy-to-read LCD display to five levels of pedal assist and a stealthy, integrated battery. For those looking for a fat tire e-bike that’s portable and ready for anything, the Sinch won’t disappoint.


Ideal for...

Urban biking
Off-road biking

E-Bike Overview

When choosing an e-bike for off-road use, it’s helpful to have features such as an aluminum frame, suspension fork, and heavily threaded fat tires. These help the Sinch absorb most of the bumps it encounters, giving you a smoother ride even on the roughest terrain.

Foldable e-bikes are often marketed toward smaller riders, such as teens or shorter adults. However, the Sinch can comfortably accommodate riders up to 6’3” tall. The model is also available in a step-thru frame for shorter riders.

The Sinch’s frame-integrated battery is highly beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it protects the battery from the elements (such as rain or dust) while also distributing the weight more evenly for a smoother ride. Additionally, this stealthy placement of the battery can decrease your risk of battery theft — although the e-bike’s foldable nature means you’re less likely to have to store it in public, anyway.

The e-bike’s five levels of pedal assist allow you to cater your riding experience to your preferences, whether you’re looking to cruise over hills or put in some hard work.

Reasons to Buy

Since 2021, Aventon has converted all its bikes to an on-demand throttle, including the Sinch. That means instead of needing to pedal at least a quarter rotation, you can start the throttle from a dead stop, making it easier to climb hills from a standstill.

It’s hard to look past the versatile, foldable, and portable nature of this e-bike. The model is perfect for commuting, urban biking, or hitting the trails and can be folded up afterward for easier and more compact storage. The Aventon Sinch is also one of the only foldable fat-tire e-bikes featuring a fully integrated battery.

The model’s inclusion of a backlit, full-color LCD display is also a huge benefit. Not only is it easy to read at a glance, but it contains helpful information about your trip, such as speed, battery health, level of pedal assist, and distance traveled.

Things to Consider

Despite its convenient folding frame, the model doesn’t have a latch function for keeping it securely in a folded position. While this isn’t too inconvenient if you’re only folding your Sinch for storage, it may impact those folding their e-bike for traveling on public transport.

Rear hub motors are known to be slightly noisier than other motor types. While the noise isn’t particularly loud, it is noticeable when the Sinch is riding at slower speeds.


750W (peak) 500W (sustained) 48V brushless rear hub motor
Removable lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah (672 Wh)
48V 3 amp fast charger
6061 double-butted folding aluminum alloy, with internal battery
RST suspension, 45mm travel, with lockout
Shimano Acera 7 Speed
Load capacity
300 lbs
Kenda Krusade 20" x 4" with puncture resistance
Tektro MD-M810 mechanical disc brakes, 180mm rotors
BC280 LCD smart easy read display with backlight

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



A 500W rear-hub motor will help you handle all but the steepest hills with minimal effort. Topping out at 20 mph before the speed limiter cuts the motor, this e-bike lets you ride in traffic with fewer cars trying to pass you.

Unfortunately, the large puncture-resistant tires will slow you down with the friction of the rubber on the road. That said, for RVing when you want to go into the backwoods, those tires will be able to grip loose dirt, sand, and mud, allowing you to go further off the beaten track.


The Sinch’s 672 Watt-hour battery will get a decent range, though nowhere near that of a bike with a mid-drive motor. The 40-mile stated range by Aventon will likely only be achievable on flatter terrain with a lighter payload. With a 250-lb rider on a fairly hilly route, the range could be 25 miles or fewer. Throttle use will almost halve the overall range compared to riding it with pedal assist. As such, expect just 20 miles on throttle alone.

One advantage of a rear-hub motor is that you can switch it off with minimal impact on the riding quality, as the motor won’t resist your pedaling like a mid-drive. This could mean you can ride it home like an analog bike if you run out of juice.


An average-size rider on the Aventon Sinch will be in an upright, city bike position. Since it’s a one-size-fits-all ride, this bike might force taller riders to bend forward a bit to reach the aluminum handlebars, and this could be tiring over a longer distance ride.

The 20” wheels with 4” wide tires will take rougher terrain with ease. Also softening your ride are the 40 mm travel front forks.


Thanks to having a rear-hub motor, this electric bike offers maintenance similar to that of a traditional bike. Keep an eye on the mechanical disc brakes, cables, and 7-speed chain, and the Sinch On Demand will last a long time.

Aventon offers a lifetime warranty on its frames, and for all other parts, the warranty is one year. Geared hub motors will last many years with almost no maintenance, so there’s every reason to believe you could end up using this bike regularly even 5-7 years from now.


With its funky, curved crossbar and BMX-like looks, this little e-bike looks quite fun. The fat, 4” tires add to this small but punchy appearance. Combined with its black or white color scheme, this makes for a nice little folding e-bike.


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