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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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48 mi


28 mph


5.5 hrs


52 lbs


Rear Hub


Aventon Pace 500.2 Review: Takeaway

With features like integrated brake lights and an adjustable stem for optimal rider comfort, the Aventon Oace 500.2 is a great electric bike for the price. These features make riding on busy roads much more enjoyable, as you’ll feel more confident and relaxed. You’ll have difficulty finding a better all-around e-bike at this price point.

Ideal for...

Utility runs
Beach cruising
Family rides on a rail trail
RVing in the countryside
Getting to business/social events

E-Bike Overview

Aventon’s Pace 500 was a well-received model, and in 2022, it was updated to the Aventon Pace 500.2. Featuring integrated brake lights for safety in traffic, the Pace 500.2 is a comfortable all-rounder that’ll handle gentle off-road and paved-road use. 

Comfort and safety are important design concepts in the Pace 500.2. You’re sat in an upright, cruiser position on an Italian-made Aventon Selle saddle. For better posture, this bike features an adjustable handlebar stem so you can find just the right riding position. 

With mountain bike-sized, 27.5” wheels, the bike will roll over most lumps and bumps in the road comfortably and will handle mixed-use paths and even light overlanding well. The 2.2” road tires will absorb much of the unevenness in the road. 

Though technically a Class 2 e-bike thanks to the throttle, it’ll get up to 28 mph on pedal assist. This isn’t quite legal based on the three-class e-bike system, but if you need to do a quick sprint, the rear-hub motor will support you all the way.

Reasons to Buy

Car and truck drivers can’t always tell if a cyclist is planning to brake for a turn or an unseen obstacle. This is why we love the integrated brake lights on the Pace 500.2 — just like a car, the brakes will light up as soon as you apply pressure. The lights also work as rear lights in low light, supporting the front, 40 lux headlight. 

We also like the ability to adjust the stem to your ideal riding position — unique among Aventon e-bikes, it helps you adjust your riding position perfectly.

Things to Consider

Even though riding on pedal assist over 20 mph isn’t legal in some states, the pedal assist speed limiter cutting out at 28 mph isn’t great with the smallest cog on the cassette. With 12 teeth, to get to 28 mph, you’ll be pedaling at a very high cadence. Perhaps if Aventon is to develop the Pace to a third edition, it might include a 10-tooth “turbo” cog on the cassette.


500W rear hub
614 Wh in-tube
Color LCD
8-speed, 12-32t cassette
Hydraulic discs
27.5” x 2.2” road tires
Integrated front and rear lights, kickstand
Optional extras
Suspension seatpost, rack, rear fender, electric tire pump

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 500-watt, rear hub motor offers plenty of power when you need it. On pedal assist, it’s limited to 28 mph, allowing you to have plenty of power on all but the steepest downhill sections. On throttle only, it is limited to 20 mph — ample for most riding.

The tires are made for road use and not overlanding. That said, it’ll handle grass and mixed-use paths comfortably thanks to the size of the wheels and the thickness of the tires.


The range is about average for an electric bike at this price point. The friction of the tires with the surface (rolling resistance) will take some range away, but the 614 Watt-hour battery will get you as far as most are likely to ride in a day.

Do remember that terrain, weather conditions, and payload can impact how far you will actually be able to go. A 160 lb rider with a tailwind on a flat route will manage 48 miles, but a heavier rider with office stuff riding into the wind on a hilly route will be closer to 25 miles.


The Pace 500.2 makes up for the lack of a suspension fork in a few ways. Sat in an upright riding position, you won’t have too much strain on your upper body. Being able to adjust the handlebars to just the right height for your size will also help with this. The large, 2.5” wheels and 2.2” wide tires will further absorb the bumps in the road, and the Aventon Selle saddle will prevent your rump from getting too sore.


Cycling on throttle alone, you’ll rarely have to do much maintenance on the Aventon Pace 500.2 — just get the brakes looked at every 1,000 miles or so. Using pedal assist, you’ll need to service the chain regularly and likely have to replace it every 500-1,000 miles.

Aventon offers a lifetime warranty on this e-bike’s frame and a one-year warranty on all other components, subject to fair wear and tear.


With its beach cruiser looks and comfortable riding style, few riders would be embarrassed being seen on the Pace 500.2. Thanks to the brake lights, you’ll be seen more in traffic as well. We like the large, 27.5” wheels that make for nice, mountain-bike-like proportions on the bike. Offered in a modest black or tan color scheme, the Pace 500.2 isn’t bad on the eye.

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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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