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40 mi


20 mph


4.5 hrs


68 lbs


Rear Hub


Aventon Sinch Review: Takeaway

The Aventon Sinch folding electric bike is a great e-bike for getting about the city. And as a bonus, it folds up compactly so you can store it in tight spaces.

When you’re riding between your RV or apartment to town or work and don’t have to do much carrying, the Sinch is a great little e-bike thanks to its power and compact size. The machine is quick and powerful, and even for larger framed individuals, a comfortable ride. Easy to fold and unfold ready for riding, the Sinch really is a cinch to use!

Ideal for...

RV holidays
City riding/commuting where space is a premium
Light off-roading
Utility riding with cargo

About the Aventon Sinch

Ideal as a commuter e-bike for people who don’t have lots of space at home or the office, the Aventon Sinch is a cinch to fold and store away.

It’s very easy to get it set up to ride from fully folded. It takes just a couple of minutes to clip and clamp into the ride setup. When it comes to folding, you just drop the saddle and handlebars, undo the crossbar clamp, and as required, fold the pedals up.

It can carry a good load, too, with a maximum payload of 300 lbs. That means a 200-lb rider could carry roughly 100 lbs of shopping or work equipment on a commute.

This e-bike comes as a Class 2 e-bike limited to 20 mph but can be upgraded to a Class 3 by adjusting the controller’s settings, giving you an extra 4 mph top speed. Just be aware that the added speed will impact the range.

It can also be ridden with throttle or pedal assist, depending on local regulations.

Reasons to Buy

Folding electric bikes are ideal for carrying in your car trunk or RV. They’re also good when you lack space to store them in your apartment. If you don’t plan to carry it any great distance, the Aventon Sinch is very good for these scenarios.

For those moments where you have to store it outside, the electronics are IP4 rated, meaning that in all but the heaviest tropical downpours, the Sinch won’t let you down in the rain.

The 4” fat tires will take some off-road use. While these tires are fatter than a standard BMX tire, we really don’t recommend riding it on a BMX track because of its weight! That said, if you are at a national park and want a run into the woods, this is a bike that will handle most surfaces from mud to moderately dry sand.

Things to Consider

The chief weakness of this e-bike is its weight, which comes in at a heavy 68 lbs. Folding electric bikes are usually on the heavier side, as they can’t use the triangle downtube and crossbar for rigidity. To offset this, their folding crossbars need to be quite heavy-duty. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend this as an electric bike for multi-modal commuting where you ride a bus or train as part of your journey to work.

There are lighter folding electric bikes out there, but you’ll pay considerably more for them. As such, for the price point, the Aventon Sinch is quite reasonable.


Throttle/Pedal Assist
Rear hub, 500W
6061 double-butted folding aluminum alloy, with internal battery
Mechanical disc, 180mm rotors
20" x 4" with puncture resistance
45mm travel with lock-out
BC280 LCD smart easy read display with backlight
Maximum payload (including rider)
300 lbs

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



The 500W motor can reach a top speed of 20 mph — perfectly adequate for most needs. Because the motor is a rear-hub system, you’ll struggle on hills. This is because it is a direct drive on the rear wheel, whereas a mid-drive system would put the power through the bike’s pedal gears.

Acceleration will be relatively slow owing to the rolling resistance of the small, fat tires. However, the added grip will mean it can handle off-road routes better on muddy and loose substrate.


At full power, the Aventon Sinch can run for just under an hour. Since most riders won’t power at the top 20 mph speed for a full hour at a time, we’re inclined to accept the range claims by Aventon (average 40 miles per charge on throttle alone). Expect even more miles on pedal assist, as most riders move up and down the power settings as part of normal riding.

Aventon’s measurements are based on a 160-lb rider on a flat surface. Unless you’re in the Mojave Desert, you’re unlikely to be able to travel on the flat for 40 miles! Hills, headwinds, rider weight, surface conditions, and bike condition will all impact range.



Being a one-size-fits-all bike, the Aventon Sinch Foldable e-bike may not be comfortable for smaller or larger riders. Though Aventon says a 6’3” rider can ride it, they may be a little bunched up with their knees bent and shoulders leaned over, even after raising the handlebar and saddle heights.

With a 42 mm travel front fork and fat, 4” tires, this bike will handle rough terrain well. It won’t be much fun for a BMX track due to its weight (despite its appearance), but it could certainly be taken into the woods on an RV vacation.


Thanks to the rear-hub motor, this e-bike will have minimal maintenance issues. Chain maintenance will be sometimes less frequent than on a traditional bike, especially if you use the throttle most of the time.

If pedal assist is your preferred riding style, check for chain stretch and replace the brake pads every 800 miles or so. Oil the chain regularly. The good news — Aventon offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and a year on all other parts.


With the interesting upward curve of the main frame, you could almost call the style idiosyncratic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while this bike isn’t ugly, it wouldn’t win design awards.

The gray and black color scheme is nice enough, and its BMX-style appearance adds to a certain cuteness. Otherwise, it’s a well-proportioned and good little electric bike.

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