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Robb Dorr
Written by Robb Dorr
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41 mi


20 mph


4 hrs


43 lbs


Rear Hub


Soltera Step-Through Review: Takeaway

A lightweight, feminine electric bike that’s fun to ride and comes in at a great price, the Aventon Soltera will suit most urban riding needs.

Agile to ride and light (as far as electric bikes go), this is a nice e-bike for getting about when you really don’t want to spend money at the fuel pump for shorter journeys.

With a price toward the lower end for electric bikes, this machine offers impressive specifications compared to competitors. If you choose the 7-speed version ($1,399), it’ll enable you to ride over most hills without breaking a sweat.

Ideal for...

Family rides with the kids
Seeing friends
Going to business meetings
Utility runs

E-Bike Overview

Designed for a lady rider to travel around town or commute, the Aventon Soltera Step-Through offers both lightness and looks. The e-bike weighs between 41 and 43 lbs depending on the configuration, while the pastel shades and step-through frame make for a nice appearance. Plus, having a step-through frame makes mounting the bike far easier for shorter riders.

Though the range isn’t amazing, this isn’t an electric bike you’d use for extensive long-distance riding. While Aventon estimates an average range of 41 miles using the pedal assist on the 7-speed version, we think that adding on the optional extra fenders, suspension seat post, and pannier/basket, would offer a real-world 20 miles per charge.

Reasons to Buy

If you want to get riding on an e-bike to help with the hills and perhaps reduce your car use, then the Aventon Soltera is an electric bike worth your consideration. It’s lightweight, will get you to its top speed of 20 mph quickly, and looks good, too.

The colors seafoam green, salmon pink, and moonrock grey and overall appearance should appeal to most women riders. The in-tube battery is low down, keeping the center of gravity nice and low, adding to the nimbleness and maneuverability of the e-bike.

With the optional extras like a pannier rack, fender, and basket, you can carry your shopping and perhaps a laptop and other equipment as you go. For cycle paths and other light off-road routes, we especially recommend the suspension seat post that will soften the bumps on your rear end.

You can also ride this bike in any weather thanks to the IPX4 water resistance. This means the Soltera is resistant to water in any direction, so rain, mud, and snow won’t pose cause damage.

Things to Consider

The essential items that would make this an ideal utility electric bike are sold as extras. For a pannier rack and fenders, for example, this will add about $90 to the final price. If these were included in the basic price, then this would be a much better deal.


36V, 350W (Nominal) brushless rear hub motor
Removable Integrated Lithium-Ion 36V, 9.6Ah with LG cells
BC280 LCD Easy Read Color Display with Backlight and app sync functionality
Single speed or Shimano 7-speed
Power delivery
Pedal assist, throttle where permitted
Single speed: Tektro Caliper 7-speed: Tektro mechanical discs
700c*35c Kenda K193
6061 double-butted aluminum alloy with internal battery
Optional Extras
Fenders, lights, pannier, front rack, basket, suspension seat post

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



This electric bike is offered in two options. The single-speed bike is better for flatter areas where you want the rear-hub motor to get up inclines. The 7-speed option is ideal for people living in hilly cities as you can pedal up hills more easily. The 350-watt motor will handle most inclines on pedal assist, though the single-speed version may struggle on bigger inclines on throttle alone.

Thanks to the low rolling resistance of the narrow tires, most of the power will be transmitted into the road. Finally, this is a low-weight electric bike, so it’ll accelerate well, making the traffic at junctions or hill starts easier to manage.


This electric bike sacrifices range for weight savings. That said, a 41-mile average range is adequate for most commutes or city rides. Since the throttle is far less efficient than pedal assist, you may only get 20 miles on throttle alone. On harsher terrain, the single-speed model will demand more battery energy than the 7-speed version, lowering the range.

As a final tip, rider weight, cargo weight, terrain, and weather will impact the overall range. A heavier rider cycling into strong headwinds will get fewer miles than a lighter rider in no wind.


Sat in a slightly forward, trekking position, you’ll largely be using your upper body to steer the handlebars — keeping you fresh even after miles in the SelleRoyal saddle. Ergonomic comfort grips also reduce soreness.

The 700c wheels and 35c tires are ideal for road use and will absorb many of the bumps on the road. Lacking shock absorbers on the forks, the Solterra Step-Through can be tiring on rougher terrain, which is why this is best for road use only.


This is a relatively low-maintenance e-bike thanks to the rear-hub motor. The power is transmitted directly through the wheel, and as such, the pedal drivetrain won’t face the strain of a mid-drive e-bike system. Keep the chain oiled regularly, especially after being out in the rain, and get the bike serviced by your local bike shop every year.

The brake pads on the 7-speed version may need replacing less frequently than on the single-speed version. Another difference between the single-speed and 7-speed is that the single-speed will require less chain maintenance. This is because it doesn’t move between the cogs on the cassette.

Aventon offers a lifetime warranty on the frame of the bike, and all other components are warrantied against manufacturing faults for one year.


Coming in a powder blue or soft pink, the Soltera Step-Through is an undeniably pretty bike. We love its proportions with the wheels and frame working together in concert. With its feminine feel, it’s a bike that you’ll love to be seen on.


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