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45 mi


25 mph


4 hrs


65 lbs


Rear Hub


RadRunner 2 Review: Takeaway

Possibly the best affordable electric utility bike on the market, the Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2 has all the gear you need for a cross-city trek with the family. With the passenger seat or child seat option, the arguments to use the car have dropped significantly — why drive the kids when you can just ride?

Simple to operate and with a host of upgrade options, the RadRunner 2 is well-designed and very comfortable to ride.

Ideal for...

Taking a child to school or to activities
Delivering food or groceries
Running down to the store or to a business meeting

About the RadRunner 2

The basic RadRunner 2 has fat tires, a pannier rack, a single-speed pedal drivetrain, and a 750W rear hub motor. Its comfortable riding position, step-through frame, and big saddle make for a great ride, and you won’t feel uncomfortable after even 20 miles of riding around.

The optional extras are what make this electric bike exciting. If you have children and want to get rid of the car, this e-bike comes with a passenger or child seat option. The child seat option can hold up to 40 lbs and is rated for children 9 months to 6 years old. The passenger seat doesn’t have a weight limit, but the maximum payload of the bike is 300 lbs, so you don’t want your and your passenger’s weight to exceed that.

For those commuting or just delivering goods for stores and restaurants, the RadRunner 2 has options for a front basket, rear basket, and even a frame bag. These options allow you to carry a lot of gear or groceries.

Reason to Buy

The comfortable riding position and almost limitless optional extras upgrade this electric cargo bike from a very good machine into a market-leading machine.

We love the value of this electric cargo bike, which is going to be less than half of what you could pay for from a premium cargo bike manufacturer. If you bought a German Riese & Müller electric cargo bike that does anything like the RadRunner 2 in Daily Commuter configuration ($1,828), you would be paying out at least $5,000 — possibly even double that. You also have over 330 total configurations to choose from, offering you total customization of your ride.

Things to Consider

The big drawback for this electric bike, as with all Rad Power Bikes machines, is that it’s woefully inefficient when it comes to battery use. Even if you’re not maxing out the payload, the bike still needs a huge battery to go only a relatively short distance. On a premium-end European utility bike, a 672 Wh battery would get you double the range that this offers.


750W brushless rear hub
672 Wh
Rad Power Bikes controller, 48V, 750W
Power delivery
Handlebar throttle, pedal assist
Single speed
Mechanical disc
Exclusive Rad Power Bikes by Kenda K-Rad 20" x 3.3", 4-ply with K-Shield puncture-resistant liner
6061 aluminum
Rad Power Bikes custom LED display
Weight limit
300 lbs
Standard Accessories
Lights, pannier rack
Optional Accessories
Mudguards, child seat, adult passenger seat, front basket, rear basket, pannier bags, frame bag

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



A 750W rear-hub motor delivers all the power you need, both when using the throttle and pedal assist. It’ll accelerate quickly to the limited speed of 25 mph and hold that speed on all but the most difficult hills you face.

The Kenda tires are made for road use and have minimal rolling resistance. Should you end up on a muddy slope or track, this could be an issue, with the bike being primarily suited to hard-packed surfaces.


A quick calculation suggests you’ll get 54 minutes of riding time on full power from the 672 Wh battery. Given that hitting 20 mph is rare enough on an e-bike (much of the time you’ll cruise at around 15 mph), the 45-mile range suggested by RadPower is a bit of a stretch, too.

On throttle or pedal assist, a 30-mile range is feasible. That’s not great as electric bikes go. But, since few people live 15 miles from the nearest grocery store, the RadPower will serve its purpose well.


The RadRunner 2 has a specially designed moped-style seat (15 mm thicker than the previous model) so your rear end won’t feel worn down on bumpy stretches of road. You’ll sit in an upright riding position with your arms largely only controlling the handlebars with durable ergonomic rubber grips. Getting in position is easy thanks to the step-through frame.

The 3” wide, 20” wheels will handle even bumpy roads well, and the low weight means the bike is easy to maneuver. However, since this bike doesn’t come with suspension forks, you may not wish to go too far off the beaten track.


Being a single-speed e-bike with a rear-hub motor, there isn’t a lot to go wrong with this machine. Keep the chain oiled regularly and keep an eye on the brake pads from around 700 miles on, and it’ll keep on rolling for years to come. A water-resistant wiring harness and connectors also help with longevity.

For peace of mind, RadPower Bikes offers a one-year limited warranty on its electric bikes.


The term “utilitarian” describes this machine well. With its comfortable seat and straight, almost blockish likes, there’s no arguing that the RadRunner 2 is built as a utility bike and nothing else. It stands out with this style, but does that make it ugly? No. Funky is a word!

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