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30 mi


14 mph


5 hrs


80 lbs


Front Hub


Rad Power RadTrike Review: Takeaway

Ideal for those with mobility issues, the Rad Power RadTrike is a low-cost and very comfortable e-bike for a variety of uses. From getting to your local stores to visiting friends or doing a bit of boardwalk cruising on a sunny evening, the RadTrike should significantly expand your horizons.

Ideal for...

Getting into town to see friends
If taken by car, as a mobility scooter
Family rides
Camping or RVing

E-Bike Overview

When it comes to electric bikes, not everyone can ride them. They may not have the power in their legs to keep balance, or they may be unable to get their legs over a crossbar. The Rad Power Bikes RadTrike is a low-priced, highly effective answer to both of these issues.

With its three wheels, it can come to a complete stop without falling over. Thanks to its low-step design, you only need to lift your feet eight inches or so to mount it. And for heavier riders, the RadTrike can comfortably transport 325 lbs of rider weight.

Ideal for getting into town and exploring the world around you, the RadTrike could well be a car killer thanks to its relatively low price ($2,726). The powerful, 750W front-hub motor and half-twist throttle allow it to be ridden over most hills you’ll likely encounter with minimal effort.

It can be ridden in fair and foul weather thanks to its foot pedal rear brakes, fenders, and lights. Short of not being able to carry a companion, there is very little this e-trike can’t do that a car can.

Reasons to Buy

You may have mobility issues or health problems that prevent you from riding a two-wheeled e-bike. The stability and comfort of the RadTrike make it ideal for someone in this situation. It’ll be great for shopping thanks to its payload capacity of over 400 lbs (60 lbs on the rear rack). Even if you don’t pedal at all, it will get you out in the fresh air.

The RadTrike also folds down, allowing you to put it in the trunk of an SUV. This adds to the potential things you can enjoy on this machine, as it can act as a mobility scooter.

Things to Consider

Due to the inherent design of the electric trike, it’ll try to lean into curves at speed. To get around this, you’ll find yourself leaning outward on higher-speed turns to maintain stability. There are e-trikes out there with articulated frames that allow this maneuver and will prevent you from lifting a rear wheel for a higher price.

A second issue is that if you put the throttle on full power too quickly, the front wheel may spin. This could impact the longevity of the front tire.


Front hub, 750W
480 Wh
LED Display
Power delivery
Half twist throttle, Pedal assist
Front Brake
Mechanical disc
Rear Brake
Coaster Brake
Wheels / Tires
18” x 2.25” Kenda road tires
Rack, fenders, lights, bell

The specs above come from the manufacturer and may vary from what you’ve experienced. Notice something that needs correcting? Let us know.



With up to 750 watts of peak power, the motor is as powerful as you can get legally in the U.S. The speed is limited to 14 mph — six miles an hour less than most Rad Power’s e-bikes — but for its designed use, this is an ample speed.

The e-trike lacks a pedal gear system, which will mean you’re reliant on the motor to get up hills. On steeper ones and with a heavier load, you may find yourself trundling very slowly by the top unless you pedal.


On throttle alone, we believe that Rad Power’s advertised 20-mile range is a little generous. Heavier riders and those living in cities with bigger hills will find that you can get far less.

Range is impacted by how much you pedal. You can double the range using pedal assist instead of throttle. The gradient of hills will demand more power, as will the weight of the rider and adverse weather conditions.


With its big, comfortable saddle and backrest, you’ll soon find that you can ride the RadTrike for miles and miles with minimal discomfort. The upright, city bike riding position will mean minimal pressure on your arms. Lacking suspension of any kind, the saddle and 18” x 2.25” Kenda tires will handle most lumps and bumps in the road.


Used for its designed purpose, there’s every reason to believe this is an e-bike that’ll require minimal maintenance. Keep the chain oiled and check the brake pads twice a year if in regular use. Rad Power offers a one-year warranty on all its e-bikes. This is subject to fair wear and tear.


With its funky looks, the RadTrike differs from mobility scooters, and as such, could be an option for a rider who doesn’t quite feel ready for one of those. We like the color scheme and lines that make for a great-looking electric trike.

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